A Breath of French Air (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0247
Barcode 9781781980019
Release date 3/11/2016
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Reader Franks, Philip
Disc: 1
A Breath of French Air (Unabridged)04:25:26
1 A Breath of French Air 00:11:15 Franks, Philip
2 It was less than a week after Mariette and Charley 00:11:54 Franks, Philip
3 Pop, feeling suddenly proud, started preening hims 00:13:34 Franks, Philip
4 Chapter 2 00:09:43 Franks, Philip
5 At this moment Victoria started crying. 00:10:00 Franks, Philip
6 Chapter 3 00:11:34 Franks, Philip
7 A moment later a waitress, arriving with a fourth 00:10:49 Franks, Philip
Disc: 2
A Breath of French Air (Unabridged)04:25:26
1 Chapter 4 00:09:53 Franks, Philip
2 Pop, smiling, looked Mademoiselle Dupont straight 00:09:16 Franks, Philip
3 'I have been thinking,' she said. 00:08:21 Franks, Philip
4 Chapter 5 00:09:38 Franks, Philip
5 On the morning of the 8th Pop lay alone on the pla 00:11:11 Franks, Philip
6 She laughed again in her high ringing fashion… 00:09:18 Franks, Philip
7 Watching those pellucid olive eyes… 00:09:00 Franks, Philip
Disc: 3
A Breath of French Air (Unabridged)04:25:26
1 Chapter 6 00:10:25 Franks, Philip
2 The Captain, like Pop, looked positively startled… 00:09:58 Franks, Philip
3 He was too astonished even to wink back again. 00:09:20 Franks, Philip
4 Chapter 7 00:11:58 Franks, Philip
5 Pop, feeling rather flattered by this… 00:11:46 Franks, Philip
Disc: 4
A Breath of French Air (Unabridged)04:25:26
1 Chapter 8 00:11:56 Franks, Philip
2 Pop, with happy restraint, merely smiled… 00:10:27 Franks, Philip
3 Charley-boy was lucky all right and Pop could… 00:11:37 Franks, Philip
4 And again, as if sensing his thoughts… 00:09:31 Franks, Philip
5 Under the long extremely well-directed pressure… 00:08:28 Franks, Philip
6 Chapter 9 00:08:10 Franks, Philip
7 Mr. Charlton treated these exchanges with silence… 00:06:24 Franks, Philip
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