A Little of What You Fancy (Unabridged)

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In the final book of the series that began wtih The Darling Buds of May, the fun-loving Pop Larkin finds himself confined to a bed following a mild heart attack - caused by a little too much of what he fancied. Ma battles with the doctors as she attempts to find the adequate cure, but it turns out that a seductive nurse is all he needs. Pa's spirits truly recover themselves when he is forced to defend his home from the ministry's railway plans. This concludes the tales of H.E. Bate's Larkin family - a winsome gallery of characters who live as many of us would like to live 'if only we had the guts and nerve to flout the conventions'.
Item number NA0250
Barcode 9781781980071
Release date 12/1/2016
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 6
Reader Franks, Philip
Disc: 1
A Little of What You Fancy (Unabridged)06:42:00
1 A Little of What You Fancy 00:07:52 Franks, Philip
2 The pain having passed as rapidly as it had shot t 00:08:34 Franks, Philip
3 Ma, not speaking, serenely poured champagne. 00:08:18 Franks, Philip
4 Ma, however, was not to be bought off. 00:07:14 Franks, Philip
5 A second rising wave of wind stuck in the lower pa 00:06:55 Franks, Philip
6 Chapter 2: Long, long later – he never knew how lo 00:11:47 Franks, Philip
7 Chapter 3: Down in the village, in her gimcrack li 00:08:22 Franks, Philip
8 To her dismay Miss Pilchester abruptly realised th 00:09:12 Franks, Philip
Disc: 2
A Little of What You Fancy (Unabridged)06:42:00
1 Totally unaware for the next few minutes of where 00:07:52 Franks, Philip
2 'Now, now, what's it all about?' the landlord said 00:10:23 Franks, Philip
3 Chapter 4: At regular intervals throughout the res 00:08:34 Franks, Philip
4 Ma, having now finished making the last of her cur 00:09:43 Franks, Philip
5 The laughter having at last calmed down… 00:11:07 Franks, Philip
6 Chapter 5: Three mornings later Pop woke to see a 00:07:54 Franks, Philip
7 'And now, Mr. Larkin, do we wish the bottle?' 00:10:07 Franks, Philip
8 'I'm afraid I can't stand here all day, Mr. Larkin 00:11:10 Franks, Philip
Disc: 3
A Little of What You Fancy (Unabridged)06:42:00
1 Chapter 6: By next morning Nurse Soper had departe 00:07:45 Franks, Philip
2 'Trust my girl friend. She may go in for sport…' 00:08:02 Franks, Philip
3 Sister Trevelyan was rather less like a girl… 00:08:40 Franks, Philip
4 'Vanessa – at least I hope I may call you Vanessa… 00:08:23 Franks, Philip
5 Primrose soon enlightened him. 00:09:39 Franks, Philip
6 Chapter 7: It was soon after five o'clock that sam 00:07:54 Franks, Philip
7 At this Pop gave the strongest, healthiest laugh… 00:08:51 Franks, Philip
8 To all this Sister Trevelyan responded as if the B 00:14:45 Franks, Philip
Disc: 4
A Little of What You Fancy (Unabridged)06:42:00
1 Angela came to sit on the edge of the bed. 00:07:50 Franks, Philip
2 Pop must set his sights on something far beyond th 00:08:42 Franks, Philip
3 Chapter 8: Ma was sometimes very critical… 00:09:13 Franks, Philip
4 '"The tigers of wrath,"' she said, '"are wiser tha 00:08:22 Franks, Philip
5 The eventual effect of Mr. Charlton's inspired dec 00:09:30 Franks, Philip
6 Ma, sipping tea, waited for some elaboration of th 00:09:56 Franks, Philip
7 Ma, the Brigadier and Pop waited with equal, silen 00:08:24 Franks, Philip
8 It was the recollection of the visit of a Man from 00:09:47 Franks, Philip
Disc: 5
A Little of What You Fancy (Unabridged)06:42:00
1 In the early days of his illness Pop had once or t 00:09:36 Franks, Philip
2 Chapter 9: Ever since the morning when she had dec 00:09:44 Franks, Philip
3 Even in circumstances so ghastly… 00:13:10 Franks, Philip
4 Chapter 10: There were three reasons why Ma was gl 00:10:11 Franks, Philip
5 'Oh! no, please, Mrs. Larkin. Call me Furly. Every 00:09:55 Franks, Philip
6 As the meal went on and on it struck the little Mi 00:10:19 Franks, Philip
Disc: 6
A Little of What You Fancy (Unabridged)06:42:00
1 It was now Mr. Charlton, as so often in the past… 00:10:01 Franks, Philip
2 'Beautiful port, isn't it? Nectar.' 00:09:46 Franks, Philip
3 'Where are the lilies?' 00:10:41 Franks, Philip
4 He had listened, in his time, to objectors… 00:11:40 Franks, Philip
5 Chapter 11: 'Very nice day, Pop.' 00:06:52 Franks, Philip
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