ANDERSEN: Thumbelina and Other Fairy Tales

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Item number NA233512
Barcode 9789626343357
Release date 4/1/2005
Category Young Adult
Number of units 2
Disc: 1
1 Thumbelina 00:02:56 Buchan, Eleanor
2 One night while she lay in her pretty bed… 00:03:36 Buchan, Eleanor
3 Thumbelina sailed past many towns… 00:03:52 Buchan, Eleanor
4 Near the wood in which she’d been living… 00:04:12 Buchan, Eleanor
5 Thumbelina said nothing… 00:03:26 Buchan, Eleanor
6 Very soon the springtime came… 00:02:54 Buchan, Eleanor
7 When autumn arrived… 00:03:06 Buchan, Eleanor
8 At length they reached the warm countries… 00:04:59 Buchan, Eleanor
9 The Brave Tin Soldier 00:02:54 Rollett, Bob
10 When evening came… 00:03:23 Rollett, Bob
11 Suddenly there appeared a great water-rat… 00:05:00 Rollett, Bob
12 The Princess and the Pea 00:03:10 Davies, Helen
13 The Butterfly 00:04:32 Head, Michael
14 Spring went by… 00:03:31 Head, Michael
15 The Flea and the Professor 00:03:14 Cuthbertson, Richard
16 The Professor was proud of the flea… 00:02:54 Cuthbertson, Richard
17 The flea lived with the princess… 00:04:56 Cuthbertson, Richard
18 The Flying Trunk 00:04:22 Rew, Paul
19 Then he flew away to the town… 00:04:14 Rew, Paul
20 Then the saucepan went on with his story… 00:05:27 Rew, Paul
Disc: 2
1 The Metal Pig 00:05:23 Wolfin, Howard
2 As they passed from hall to hall… 00:04:34 Wolfin, Howard
3 It was morning… 00:05:10 Wolfin, Howard
4 Giuseppe went out the next morning… 00:03:25 Wolfin, Howard
5 When evening came and the house door… 00:04:12 Wolfin, Howard
6 Oh what beautiful pictures these were… 00:05:11 Wolfin, Howard
7 The Storks 00:02:51 Davies, Helen
8 The next day when the children… 00:02:59 Davies, Helen
9 Time passed on and the young storks… 00:03:45 Davies, Helen
10 Of all the boys in the street… 00:03:38 Davies, Helen
11 The Silver Shilling 00:03:27 McDonnell, Julian
12 Now begins the story as it was afterwards… 00:05:38 McDonnell, Julian
13 A year passed… 00:03:10 McDonnell, Julian
14 The Nightingale 00:02:43 Rickards, Elizabeth
15 The books travelled all over the world… 00:03:14 Rickards, Elizabeth
16 As they went along… 00:04:12 Rickards, Elizabeth
17 One day the Emperor received a large packet… 00:03:44 Rickards, Elizabeth
18 And after this the real nightingale… 00:02:15 Rickards, Elizabeth
19 Five years passed… 00:03:06 Rickards, Elizabeth
20 Suddenly there came through the open window… 00:04:39 Rickards, Elizabeth
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