Bulgakov: A Dog's Heart (Unabridged)

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Barcode 9781843794028
Release date 11/1/2010
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Booklet Author McMillan, Roy
Disc: 1
1 1. Awoooooo- wo- wo- woo! O, look at me… 00:06:06 McMillan, Roy
2 'My God!… Such weather… oh…' 00:06:06 McMillan, Roy
3 'Enough for now…' The gentleman spoke haltingly… 00:05:19 McMillan, Roy
4 2. There is absolutely no reason to learn… 00:06:53 McMillan, Roy
5 'Where are you going, you shaggy devil?!' 00:06:05 McMillan, Roy
6 The opposite carved door opened… 00:05:46 McMillan, Roy
7 He disappeared to be replaced by a rustling… 00:06:49 McMillan, Roy
8 The four fell silent again… 00:05:52 McMillan, Roy
9 Philip Philippovich took the receiver off the hook 00:06:14 McMillan, Roy
10 3. Thinly sliced salmon and marinated eel… 00:06:06 McMillan, Roy
11 Philip Philippovich rang and Zina came in… 00:05:00 McMillan, Roy
12 'Here's what it is…' 00:05:45 McMillan, Roy
13 4. But none of it happened. 00:05:23 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 2
1 As they passed the streetcar rails… 00:05:40 McMillan, Roy
2 And then, on that terrible day… 00:06:00 McMillan, Roy
3 The dog decided he felt the most hatred… 00:06:10 McMillan, Roy
4 The implement flashed in the hands… 00:06:12 McMillan, Roy
5 5. The notebook of Doctor Ivan Arnoldovich Borment 00:05:00 McMillan, Roy
6 (There is a break in the writing…) 00:04:23 McMillan, Roy
7 January 8. Late in the evening… 00:05:06 McMillan, Roy
8 January 12. He placed his hands in his trouser poc 00:05:45 McMillan, Roy
9 6. It was a winter night. 00:05:06 McMillan, Roy
10 Philip Philippovich shook his head and spoke… 00:07:21 McMillan, Roy
11 The man maintained a victorious silence… 00:06:55 McMillan, Roy
12 Philip Philippovich compressed his lips… 00:05:08 McMillan, Roy
13 'There he is!' Daria Petrovna shouted… 00:05:03 McMillan, Roy
14 'What are you sloshing it all around the apartment 00:05:07 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 3
1 7. 'No, no and no,' Bormenthal spoke insistently… 00:05:16 McMillan, Roy
2 'You should read something, at least,' he offered… 00:06:09 McMillan, Roy
3 'Oh, it looks like our apartment…' 00:04:51 McMillan, Roy
4 8. No one knows what Philip Philippovich had decid 00:06:10 McMillan, Roy
5 Furballov swayed, opened his completely glazed eye 00:05:57 McMillan, Roy
6 Philip Philippovich stopped him with a gesture… 00:06:10 McMillan, Roy
7 Bormenthal rolled up his sleeves suddenly… 00:05:53 McMillan, Roy
8 9. The showing promised by Doctor Bormenthal… 00:05:04 McMillan, Roy
9 'Doctor, I'm begging you.' 00:05:01 McMillan, Roy
10 Then the door opened ceremoniously… 00:05:20 McMillan, Roy
11 The crime ripened and fell like a stone… 00:04:57 McMillan, Roy
12 Epilogue 00:04:01 McMillan, Roy
13 'I don't understand,' the man in black said… 00:04:09 McMillan, Roy
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