CONRAD, J.: Youth and Heart of Darkness (Abridged)

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Item number NA309412
Barcode 730099009423
Release date 10/7/1996
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Disc: 1
1 'Men And Sea Interpenetrate' 00:09:18 Cox, Brian
2 'We Went To Sea Next Day' 00:08:42 Cox, Brian
3 'There Were More Delays - More Tinkering' 00:06:37 Cox, Brian
4 An Unexpected Explosions 00:08:13 Cox, Brian
5 'It Was At Noon The Steamer Began To Tow' 00:07:45 Cox, Brian
6 'She Went Down, Head First, In A Great Hiss Of Ste 00:07:23 Cox, Brian
7 'And Then I Saw The Men Of The East' 00:04:23 Cox, Brian
8 Heart Of Darkness 00:05:47 Cox, Brian
9 'I Did Once Turn Fresh-Water Sailor For A Bit' 00:05:08 Cox, Brian
10 'A White Sepulchre, Two Women, Knitting Black Wool 00:04:28 Cox, Brian
11 'I Left In A French Steamer' 00:05:23 Cox, Brian
12 'There's Your Company's Station' 00:05:30 Cox, Brian
Disc: 2
1 'High Strached Collar, White Cuffs, A Light Alpaca 00:03:08 Cox, Brian
2 'In The Interior You Will No Doubt Meet Mr. Kurtz' 00:09:32 Cox, Brian
3 'Oh, These Months!' 00:03:26 Cox, Brian
4 'Tell Me, Pray,' Said I,' Who Is This Mr. Kurtz' 00:07:52 Cox, Brian
5 'One Evening, As I Was Lying Flat On The Deck' 00:05:01 Cox, Brian
6 'Like Traveling Back To The Earliest Beginnings Of 00:06:56 Cox, Brian
7 'Some Fifty Miles Below The Inner Station' 00:06:58 Cox, Brian
8 'Will They Attack Us?' 00:08:49 Cox, Brian
9 'Sticks, Little Sticks, Were Flying About - Thick 00:11:45 Cox, Brian
10 'My Intended, My Ivory, My Station, My River, My - 00:09:56 Cox, Brian
Disc: 3
1 'A Long Decaying Building' 00:07:20 Cox, Brian
2 'You Take Kutrz Away Quick' 00:13:05 Cox, Brian
3 'An Improvised Stretcher' 00:15:22 Cox, Brian
4 'I Think I Would Have Raised An Outcry' 00:08:22 Cox, Brian
5 'A Mass Of Naked, Breathing Quivering Bronze Bodie 00:11:46 Cox, Brian
6 'No, They Did Not Bury Me' 00:06:19 Cox, Brian
7 'Before The High And Ponderous Door' 00:15:24 Cox, Brian
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