DOYLE, A.C.: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (The), I (Unabridged)

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Item number NA315212
Barcode 9789626341520
Release date 2/9/1998
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Non-Classical Artist Timson, David
Disc: 1
1 Early Morning In Baker Street 00:03:56 Timson, David
2 'It Is Not Cold That Makes Me Shiver...' 00:03:55 Timson, David
3 'My Name Is Helen Stoner...' 00:08:19 Timson, David
4 'I Could Not Sleep That Night...' 00:07:16 Timson, David
5 'This Is Very Deep Business,' Holmes Said At Last. 00:03:05 Timson, David
6 A Huge Man And An Iron Bar 00:03:42 Timson, David
7 A Will, And A Journey To Stoke Moran 00:12:26 Timson, David
8 'I Have Never Seen My Friends Face So Grim...' 00:06:13 Timson, David
9 A Night Visit To The Manor House 00:03:16 Timson, David
10 A Dreadful Vigil 00:05:38 Timson, David
11 'Such Are the True Facts...' 00:04:39 Timson, David
12 At My Practice In Paddington 00:05:52 Timson, David
Disc: 2
1 Mr Hall Pycroft 00:10:49 Timson, David
2 'Next Day, I Was Off To Birmingham' 00:09:10 Timson, David
3 To The Company's Offices 00:06:48 Timson, David
4 'Pooh,! All That Is Clear Enough,' Said Holmes Imp 00:08:54 Timson, David
5 Breakfast At Baker Street 00:03:34 Timson, David
6 Miss Violet Hunter Begins Her Story 00:08:18 Timson, David
7 A Persuasive Letter 00:05:30 Timson, David
8 A Prediction Fulfilled 00:02:15 Timson, David
9 Miss Violet Hunter's Account Of Curious Happenings 00:12:16 Timson, David
10 'I shall try not to miss anything of importance.' 00:07:07 Timson, David
11 The Warning Was No Idle One 00:06:24 Timson, David
Disc: 3
1 In The Deserted Rooms 00:08:33 Timson, David
2 We Reach The Copper Beeches 00:05:19 Timson, David
3 Mrs Toller Explains 00:03:45 Timson, David
4 An Elderly Gentleman With Fiery Red Hair 00:08:23 Timson, David
5 Mr. Jabez Wilson laughed heavily… 00:05:27 Timson, David
6 The Red-Headed League 00:10:11 Timson, David
7 Abbots, Archery, Armour, Architecture - And A Curt 00:07:44 Timson, David
8 A Visit To Saxe-Coburg Square 00:04:01 Timson, David
9 A Concert Before The Crime 00:05:22 Timson, David
10 Down In The Dark Cellar 00:06:22 Timson, David
11 A Lurid Spark 00:04:02 Timson, David
12 'You See, Watson...' 00:05:11 Timson, David
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