Doyle, A.C.: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (The), Vol. 2 (Unabridged)

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Item number NA317012
Barcode 9789626341704
Release date 1/18/1999
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Disc: 1
1 'To Holmes, She Is Always The Woman' 00:08:21 Timson, David
2 A Letter By The Last Post - A New Case 00:04:49 Timson, David
3 A Large Man Enters No. 221b Baker Street 00:05:40 Timson, David
4 The Background Of Irene Adler, Adventuress 00:06:23 Timson, David
5 'At Three O'clock Precisely I Was At Baker Street' 00:05:21 Timson, David
6 'The Church Of St. Monica - And Drive Like The Dev 00:08:03 Timson, David
7 In Serpentine Street, In Front Of Briony Lodge 00:04:40 Timson, David
8 Holmes Is Carried Into Briony Lodge 00:06:17 Timson, David
9 The King Of Bohemia And Holmes Face An Unexpected 00:08:26 Timson, David
10 The Case Of Mr. Hatherley's Thumb 00:05:42 Timson, David
11 'He Unwound The Handkerchief And Held Out His Hand 00:03:42 Timson, David
12 Sherlock Holmes, The Agony Column And The Before-b 00:06:02 Timson, David
13 The Emanciated German States His Fee And Demands 00:05:53 Timson, David
Disc: 2
1 'I threw all fears to the wind' 00:05:26 Timson, David
2 'A vague feeling of uneasiness began to steal over 00:05:22 Timson, David
3 Within the hydraulic press 00:05:11 Timson, David
4 Help at hand 00:05:20 Timson, David
5 Sherlock Holmes takes up the case 00:04:33 Timson, David
6 A gigantic column of smoke 00:04:52 Timson, David
7 A case remarkable in detail and startling in resul 00:04:53 Timson, David
8 A visitor, an anxious young man 00:02:32 Timson, David
9 'My name is John Openshaw' 00:08:25 Timson, David
10 Holmes interposes 00:06:04 Timson, David
11 Five little dried orange pips 00:06:38 Timson, David
12 Sherlock Holmes sat for some time in silence 00:07:22 Timson, David
13 'Have you never heard of the Ku Klux Klan?' 00:03:47 Timson, David
14 'Holmes, 'I cried, 'You are too late' 00:09:06 Timson, David
Disc: 3
1 The disappearance of Silver Blaze 00:06:15 Timson, David
2 The precautions taken 00:08:37 Timson, David
3 The police action 00:04:25 Timson, David
4 Arrival at the little town of Tavistock 00:04:53 Timson, David
5 'Holmes leaned back in the carriage....' 00:08:09 Timson, David
6 'I's this way, Watson' 00:05:13 Timson, David
7 A bully cowed 00:07:19 Timson, David
8 The race for the Wessex Cup 00:06:03 Timson, David
9 In the corner of a Pullman car, Holmes explains 00:08:31 Timson, David
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