Doyle, A.C.: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (The), Vol. 4 (Unabridged)

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Item number NA321312
Barcode 9789626342138
Release date 3/1/2001
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Disc: 1
1 'My dear fellow,' said Sherlock Holmes...' 00:06:44 Timson, David
2 Miss Mary Sutherland enters... 00:04:37 Timson, David
3 Miss Sutherland tells her story 00:10:35 Timson, David
4 Sherlock Holmes considers the matter 00:07:55 Timson, David
5 I return to Baker Street.. 00:05:31 Timson, David
6 'Our visitor collapsed into a chair, with a ghastl 00:08:59 Timson, David
7 'One summer night, a few months after my marriage. 00:06:07 Timson, David
8 'The facts are only two days old. Briefly they are 00:11:44 Timson, David
9 'Having gathered these facts, Watson...' 00:07:22 Timson, David
10 Miss Morrison's statement... 00:06:13 Timson, David
Disc: 2
1 At the scene of the tragedy 00:05:55 Timson, David
2 My way ran down a dried-up watercourse..' 00:07:38 Timson, David
3 'The July which immediately succeeded my marriage 00:04:53 Timson, David
4 'Holmes was seated at his side-table clad in his d 00:05:29 Timson, David
5 'I won't waste your time,' said he, raising himsel 00:07:27 Timson, David
6 'the commissionaire, seeing by my pale face that s 00:07:06 Timson, David
7 'Then for the first time the horror of my situatio 00:08:55 Timson, David
8 'Mr. Joseph Harrison drove us down to the station. 00:05:10 Timson, David
9 'It was twenty past three when we reached our term 00:08:44 Timson, David
10 'I met him accordingly next morning 00:09:42 Timson, David
11 'It was arranged as he suggested...' 00:06:16 Timson, David
Disc: 3
1 'It was seven o'clock when I awoke...' 00:07:02 Timson, David
2 'The night was fine, but still it was a very weary 00:08:41 Timson, David
3 'During my long and intimate acquaintance with Mr. 00:06:56 Timson, David
4 'Mycroft Holmes was a much larger and stouter man 00:04:10 Timson, David
5 'A few minutes later we were joined by a short, st 00:06:50 Timson, David
6 'As he spoke, he opened a door...' 00:07:03 Timson, David
7 'I was hurried through the hall and into the vehic 00:06:05 Timson, David
8 'We had reached our house in Baker Street while we 00:03:11 Timson, David
9 'Our hope was that, by taking the train...' 00:05:08 Timson, David
10 'It was a simple story which he had to tell...' 00:04:17 Timson, David
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