Doyle, A.C.: Return of Sherlock Holmes (The), Vol. 3 (Unabridged)

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Item number NA434612
Barcode 9789626343463
Release date 10/1/2005
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Disc: 1
1 The Adventure of Black Peter 00:04:10 Timson, David
2 Our visitor was an exceedingly alert man… 00:03:56 Timson, David
3 ‘You must have read in the account…’ 00:04:25 Timson, David
4 The young inspector winced… 00:06:08 Timson, David
5 Alighting at the small wayside station… 00:04:08 Timson, David
6 It was past eleven o’clock… 00:03:55 Timson, David
7 The man pulled himself together… 00:06:01 Timson, David
8 ‘Well, Watson, what do you think of it?’ 00:05:03 Timson, David
9 There had been some talking in gruff voices… 00:04:17 Timson, David
10 ‘It’s soon told…’ 00:03:51 Timson, David
11 ‘Now I’ll tell you the queerest part…’ 00:04:13 Timson, David
12 The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez 00:03:53 Timson, David
13 When the light of the hall lamp… 00:04:43 Timson, David
14 ‘Now I will give you the evidence of Susan Tarlton 00:03:44 Timson, David
15 He unfolded the rough chart… 00:04:13 Timson, David
16 Sherlock Holmes took the glasses… 00:04:40 Timson, David
Disc: 2
1 The gale had blown itself out next day… 00:04:32 Timson, David
2 ‘Now we are making a little progress.’ 00:04:22 Timson, David
3 Holmes was pacing up and down… 00:03:58 Timson, David
4 Holmes was curiously distrait… 00:03:48 Timson, David
5 The old man had just finished his lunch… 00:04:49 Timson, David
6 I saw the old man throw up his arms… 00:04:47 Timson, David
7 The old man reached out a trembling hand… 00:04:59 Timson, David
8 She tore from the bosom of her dress… 00:04:04 Timson, David
9 The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter 00:04:07 Timson, David
10 My friend had listened with amused surprise… 00:05:54 Timson, David
11 Sherlock Holmes was a past-master… 00:04:24 Timson, David
12 There were a number of letters… 00:04:40 Timson, David
13 There was a telegraph-office… 00:04:20 Timson, David
14 It was already dark… 00:04:04 Timson, David
15 Holmes replaced the bill in his notebook 00:03:51 Timson, David
16 ‘Could you not follow it?’ 00:06:38 Timson, David
Disc: 3
1 I was horrified by my first glimpse of Holmes… 00:04:08 Timson, David
2 There could be no doubt… 00:03:44 Timson, David
3 Dr Armstrong took a quick step forward… 00:03:11 Timson, David
4 The Adventure of the Abbey Grange 00:04:12 Timson, David
5 A drive of a couple of miles… 00:04:54 Timson, David
6 At last she continued… 00:05:11 Timson, David
7 The keen interest had passed… 00:04:12 Timson, David
8 Holmes was down on his knees… 00:05:21 Timson, David
9 During our return journey… 00:05:21 Timson, David
10 The household at the Abbey Grange… 00:04:06 Timson, David
11 She was an interesting person… 00:04:25 Timson, David
12 Holmes’s card sent in to the manager… 00:02:37 Timson, David
13 Before evening, we had a visit… 00:03:55 Timson, David
14 There was a sound upon the stairs… 00:04:06 Timson, David
15 ‘Well, I never thought to see her again…’ 00:06:51 Timson, David
Disc: 4
1 The Adventure of the Second Stain 00:04:43 Timson, David
2 ‘That can be done in a very few words…’ 00:04:21 Timson, David
3 Sherlock Holmes rose with a smile 00:04:34 Timson, David
4 Holmes shook his head mournfully 00:03:19 Timson, David
5 When our illustrious visitors had departed… 00:05:09 Timson, David
6 Mrs Hudson had appeared with a lady’s card… 00:04:05 Timson, David
7 ‘One more question, Mr Holmes.’ 00:03:05 Timson, David
8 All that day and the next… 00:05:32 Timson, David
9 ‘What do you think of that, Holmes?’ 00:04:03 Timson, David
10 ‘What is it, then?’ 00:04:09 Timson, David
11 The big constable, very hot and penitent… 00:04:28 Timson, David
12 When we arrived at the residence… 00:04:12 Timson, David
13 The butler had hardly closed the door… 00:04:06 Timson, David
14 ‘What happened there, madam?’ 00:03:02 Timson, David
15 The Prime Minister’s manner was subdued… 00:04:24 Timson, David
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