Doyle, A.C.: Valley of Fear (The) (Unabridged)

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Item number NA542412
Barcode 9789626344248
Release date 4/1/2007
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 5
Non-Classical Artist Timson, David
Disc: 1
1 THE VALLEY OF FEAR PART 1: The Tragedy of Birlston 00:04:33 Timson, David
2 May I be there to see!' 00:06:02 Timson, David
3 Sherlock Holmes had pushed away… 00:05:30 Timson, David
4 We pay the price, Watson…' 00:05:59 Timson, David
5 Chapter 2: Sherlock Holmes Discourses 00:05:23 Timson, David
6 The inspector's eyes grew abstracted 00:06:07 Timson, David
7 Queer, certainly! But what do you gather from it?' 00:06:37 Timson, David
8 Chapter 3: The Tragedy of Birlstone 00:05:58 Timson, David
9 It was remarked, sometimes… 00:05:28 Timson, David
10 The country policeman was unnerved and troubled… 00:05:38 Timson, David
11 When the lamps were lit,' said the butler. 00:04:15 Timson, David
12 Chapter 4: Darkness 00:04:10 Timson, David
13 White Mason gazed at my friend… 00:04:38 Timson, David
14 I have worked with Mr. Holmes before,'… 00:04:33 Timson, David
Disc: 2
1 He impressed me this country specialist. 00:04:05 Timson, David
2 That's all clear enough.' 00:04:01 Timson, David
3 It gives me the impression of a secret society…' 00:04:04 Timson, David
4 Chapter 5: The People of the Drama 00:04:56 Timson, David
5 Cecil Barker succeeded Mrs. Allen as a witness. 00:05:08 Timson, David
6 I should like these dates a little clearer,' said 00:04:13 Timson, David
7 I don't know that I've anything else…' 00:05:45 Timson, David
8 The Valley of Fear,' the lady answered. 00:06:27 Timson, David
9 Chapter 6: A Dawning Light 00:04:30 Timson, David
10 I beg - I implore that you will, Dr. Watson!' 00:03:59 Timson, David
11 How do I know that they are lying?' 00:04:54 Timson, David
12 There is an appalling directness about your questi 00:05:06 Timson, David
13 Well now, to continue our supposititious case…' 00:04:46 Timson, David
14 MacDonald referred to his notebook. 00:06:31 Timson, David
15 Chapter 7: The Solution 00:04:21 Timson, David
16 You are making fools of us, Mr. Holmes!' 00:02:52 Timson, David
Disc: 3
1 Well, we're bound to take you on your own terms…' 00:05:47 Timson, David
2 We all had good reason to join in the aspiration… 00:04:21 Timson, David
3 Sherlock Holmes put the sopping bundle upon the ta 00:04:39 Timson, David
4 The man stood blinking at us… 00:04:27 Timson, David
5 I'm not going to begin at the beginning.' 00:04:45 Timson, David
6 It was at that instant that the idea came to me.' 00:05:23 Timson, David
7 THE VALLEY OF FEAR PART II: The Scowrers Chapter 1 00:04:37 Timson, David
8 The iron and coal valleys of the Vermissa district 00:04:47 Timson, David
9 All right, mate, no offence meant.' 00:04:39 Timson, David
10 The country had been a place of terror… 00:03:17 Timson, David
11 It was opened at once by someone very different… 00:03:19 Timson, David
12 Chapter 2: The Bodymaster 00:04:33 Timson, David
13 Scanlan looked at him long and fixedly. 00:04:15 Timson, David
14 I can but tell you vat the whole vorld knows, mist 00:05:24 Timson, David
15 Again there was the struggle upon McMurdo's face… 00:04:12 Timson, David
16 For a few moments, McMurdo and the girl stood in s 00:04:14 Timson, David
17 All else in the man - his noble proportions… 00:03:30 Timson, David
Disc: 4
1 There was a small room there… 00:05:19 Timson, David
2 You seem to have a good nerve.' 00:06:37 Timson, David
3 Chapter 3: Lodge 341, Vermissa 00:04:22 Timson, David
4 McMurdo shrank away from him. 00:02:48 Timson, David
5 On a Saturday night… 00:04:28 Timson, David
6 It was pitch dark and very oppressive under his ho 00:04:32 Timson, David
7 When the drinks which followed the ceremony of ini 00:04:23 Timson, David
8 There was great applause at this. 00:04:46 Timson, David
9 There was a hush at these ominous words… 00:04:39 Timson, David
10 I protest against that,' said Brother Morris… 00:03:55 Timson, David
11 The company broke up with shouts and yells… 00:03:55 Timson, David
12 Chapter 4: The Valley of Fear 00:04:54 Timson, David
13 McMurdo, who had been watching his companion… 00:04:25 Timson, David
14 It was a lonely house, twenty miles from here…' 00:04:42 Timson, David
15 The question came so suddenly that it was as well… 00:05:57 Timson, David
16 So determined was the appearance of the captain… 00:04:04 Timson, David
17 Chapter 5: The Darkest Hour 00:04:36 Timson, David
Disc: 5
1 It's to another woman…' 00:04:53 Timson, David
2 It was the most that Ettie could obtain… 00:04:18 Timson, David
3 In spite of the reticence in the lodge room… 00:03:10 Timson, David
4 There was high revel in the lodge room… 00:03:10 Timson, David
5 It had been a great day for the Scowrers. 00:04:21 Timson, David
6 Two nights later they met outside the town… 00:04:34 Timson, David
7 Chapter 6: Danger 00:04:27 Timson, David
8 But his words had moved McMurdo deeply. 00:04:21 Timson, David
9 And yet it was clear from his actions… 00:04:11 Timson, David
10 Indeed, it's glad we are to see you, Brother!' 00:05:23 Timson, David
11 Now, McMurdo!' said McGinty when they were alone. 00:04:26 Timson, David
12 Chapter 7: The Trapping of Birdy Edwards 00:05:20 Timson, David
13 McMurdo shrugged his shoulders. 00:05:32 Timson, David
14 Their host had placed whisky upon the table… 00:03:51 Timson, David
15 There were ten seconds after that brief speech… 00:04:48 Timson, David
16 You blasted traitor!' 00:05:13 Timson, David
17 Epilogue 00:05:42 Timson, David
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