FERRIE, E.: More Tales from the Greek Legends (Unabridged)

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Barcode 9789626344125
Release date 7/1/2006
Category Young Adult
Number of units 2
Disc: 1
1 Bellerophon and the Chimera 00:03:58 Soames, Benjamin
2 Glaucus feared for his son... 00:02:39 Soames, Benjamin
3 When his father sent him there... 00:03:03 Soames, Benjamin
4 At that time, in the far east of Lobates kingdom.. 00:04:26 Soames, Benjamin
5 Bellerophon thanked the goddess somewhat brusquely 00:04:15 Soames, Benjamin
6 As the first red rays of the morning sun... 00:03:16 Soames, Benjamin
7 Bellerophon had thought long and hard... 00:03:15 Soames, Benjamin
8 Bellerophon realised that he could not sneak up... 00:03:06 Soames, Benjamin
9 As he flew, he kept one hand on the bridle... 00:03:47 Soames, Benjamin
10 A wave of pleasure, relief and pride... 00:04:22 Soames, Benjamin
11 The Anger of Artemis 00:01:45 Soames, Benjamin
12 The Story of Orion the Hunter 00:04:11 Soames, Benjamin
13 Chios was a beautiful, lush island... 00:03:59 Soames, Benjamin
14 That evening a great feast was organised... 00:04:05 Soames, Benjamin
15 Orion was enraged at what he felt... 00:03:37 Soames, Benjamin
16 So it was that one day just before dawn... 00:03:04 Soames, Benjamin
17 She set a trap for him, luring him into a valley.. 00:03:03 Soames, Benjamin
18 Meleager and the Calydonian Boar 00:05:32 Soames, Benjamin
19 One day, quite high in the mountains... 00:05:01 Soames, Benjamin
20 Atlanta’s Marriage and the Golden Apples of the He 00:03:19 Soames, Benjamin
21 The trumpets blew and the two athletes... 00:02:57 Soames, Benjamin
Disc: 2
1 Orpheus and Eurydice 00:03:59 Soames, Benjamin
2 Orpheus was beside himself with grief... 00:05:05 Soames, Benjamin
3 Eventually they came to the palace of Hades... 00:05:48 Soames, Benjamin
4 Time wore on, and when Persephone's mother... 00:03:28 Soames, Benjamin
5 It was to this land of the underworld that Orpheus 00:04:50 Soames, Benjamin
6 Orpheus trudged on determinedly until eventually.. 00:04:39 Soames, Benjamin
7 Now as we have seen, the huntress Artemis... 00:05:52 Soames, Benjamin
8 Artemis and Actaeon 00:04:04 Soames, Benjamin
9 Moving carefully so as not to alert them to his ap 00:04:03 Soames, Benjamin
10 When he came to his senses... 00:03:07 Soames, Benjamin
11 The dogs stank 00:03:27 Soames, Benjamin
12 Echo and Narcissus 00:03:35 Soames, Benjamin
13 One day Narcissus was walking in the woods... 00:05:01 Soames, Benjamin
14 Castor and Pollux - the Dioscuri 00:03:39 Soames, Benjamin
15 One day Idas and Lynceus invited their cousins... 00:03:22 Soames, Benjamin
16 Idas, to celebrate his good fortune... 00:03:31 Soames, Benjamin
17 So they followed Idas and Lynceus... 00:04:18 Soames, Benjamin
18 Athena and Arachne 00:03:30 Soames, Benjamin
19 However, confident of her abilities... 00:03:59 Soames, Benjamin
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