GOGOL, N.: Dead Souls (Abridged)

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Item number NA428412
Barcode 9789626342848
Release date 6/1/2003
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Disc: 1
1 To the door of an inn... 00:08:57 Griffin, G.
2 The following day he devoted... 00:05:56 Griffin, G.
3 This category represented... 00:06:55 Griffin, G.
4 For more than two weeks... 00:05:48 Griffin, G.
5 Only God can say what Manilov's... 00:05:30 Griffin, G.
6 'How like you our town?' 00:07:37 Griffin, G.
7 At length the company rose from the table 00:05:13 Griffin, G.
8 'For what purpose do you want it?' 00:05:52 Griffin, G.
9 As soon as Manilov had pronounced... 00:06:16 Griffin, G.
10 Meanwhile, Chichikov, seated... 00:06:30 Griffin, G.
11 Fortunately, fate had decided... 00:07:08 Griffin, G.
12 Next day it was late in the morning... 00:04:45 Griffin, G.
Disc: 2
1 We have seen that... 00:05:22 Griffin, G.
2 However the old lady still... 00:07:21 Griffin, G.
3 So she departed... 00:05:50 Griffin, G.
4 On reaching the tavern... 00:04:20 Griffin, G.
5 'Ha, ha, ha!' he cried 00:08:03 Griffin, G.
6 At thirty five Nozdrev... 00:06:11 Griffin, G.
7 The guests returned... 00:05:54 Griffin, G.
8 Chichikov himself perceived... 00:08:29 Griffin, G.
9 On rising, he made it... 00:05:43 Griffin, G.
10 Nozdrev approached Chichikov... 00:04:40 Griffin, G.
11 Certainly Chichikov was... 00:06:10 Griffin, G.
12 Sobakevitch's country house... 00:07:38 Griffin, G.
Disc: 3
1 'My dear,' said Sobakevitch... 00:04:19 Griffin, G.
2 Our hero began in a sort of... 00:07:13 Griffin, G.
3 For a while Sobakevitch... 00:05:42 Griffin, G.
4 Chichikov's amusement... 00:04:18 Griffin, G.
5 For several minutes... 00:08:00 Griffin, G.
6 With that, Plushkin donned... 00:08:20 Griffin, G.
7 When Chichikov awoke... 00:05:11 Griffin, G.
8 Approaching the first desk... 00:06:03 Griffin, G.
9 As soon as the two friends... 00:08:01 Griffin, G.
10 Whilst the foregoing conversation... 00:05:33 Griffin, G.
11 It was not long before... 00:07:25 Griffin, G.
12 But an even more unpleasant... 00:06:55 Griffin, G.
Disc: 4
1 Next morning, before the usual hour... 00:08:28 Griffin, G.
2 The men's party declared... 00:05:30 Griffin, G.
3 On assembling at the residence... 00:04:51 Griffin, G.
4 Meanwhile, Chichikov knew nothing... 00:08:47 Griffin, G.
5 Nevertheless events did not turn out... 00:05:13 Griffin, G.
6 Presently on turning a corner... 00:06:06 Griffin, G.
7 Whether the character whom I... 00:06:22 Griffin, G.
8 Before long he had grown... 00:06:25 Griffin, G.
9 The foregoing constituted... 00:09:14 Griffin, G.
10 Such phenomenally zealous... 00:06:51 Griffin, G.
11 But here we are talking... 00:04:16 Griffin, G.
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