HOMER: Odyssey (The)

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Item number NA303112
Barcode 730099003124
Release date 3/22/1995
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Disc: 1
1 Telemachus In Search Of His Father 00:02:09 Lesser, Anton
2 Menelaus Remembers 00:05:29 Lesser, Anton
3 The Suitors Sport In The Palace At Ithaca 00:07:55 Lesser, Anton
4 Imprisoned On Calypso's Isle 00:14:45 Lesser, Anton
5 Nausicaa's Dream 00:10:31 Lesser, Anton
6 Odysseus Arrives In Phaeacia 00:08:11 Lesser, Anton
7 Alcinous Proclaims His Orders 00:08:42 Lesser, Anton
8 Odysseus Begins His Story 00:09:13 Lesser, Anton
9 Escape From The Cyclops 00:11:16 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 2
1 The Aeolian Isle And Laestrygonia 00:08:59 Lesser, Anton
2 Circe Overcome 00:11:24 Lesser, Anton
3 A Canvas-Stretching Breeze To Hades 00:07:21 Lesser, Anton
4 The Shades Of The Underworld 00:12:57 Lesser, Anton
5 Return To Circe's Isle 00:13:48 Lesser, Anton
6 The Killing Of The Kine 00:07:19 Lesser, Anton
7 Odysseus Returns To Ithaca (Prose Summary) 00:01:32 Lesser, Anton
8 Telemachus Meets Penelope Again 00:08:10 Lesser, Anton
9 Odysseus Begs From Antinous 00:07:17 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 3
1 Irus, The Arrogant Beggar 00:10:55 Lesser, Anton
2 Odysseus Meets Penelope 00:05:45 Lesser, Anton
3 Reassurance For Penelope 00:09:19 Lesser, Anton
4 The Dawn Of Confrontation 00:04:28 Lesser, Anton
5 The Trial Of The Bow And The Rings 00:07:21 Lesser, Anton
6 The Suitors Fail The Test 00:07:49 Lesser, Anton
7 The Arrows Find New Targets And Battle Begins 00:13:46 Lesser, Anton
8 Penelope Receives Proof 00:09:26 Lesser, Anton
9 Conjugal Endearment 00:09:51 Lesser, Anton
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