More Great Scientists and Their Discoveries (Unabridged)

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Following the success of the first Great Scientists title in the "Junior Classics" range, this collection features the lives of nine more remarkable scientists, with descriptions of their discoveries. From the astronomy of Copernicus and Halley to the natural science of Linnaeus and Humboldt, and from the discoveries of Pascal, Davy, Volta and Babbage to the harnessing of atomic power by Julius Oppenheimer, it explores the contrubtions made by these great scientists, and the impact on our everyday lives. This audiobook is a marvellous snapshot of nine of the world's greatest scientists, written and narrated so as to spark the interest of a junior audience in the fascinating topic of science.
Item number NA0260
Barcode 9781781980347
Release date 2/10/2017
Category Young Adult
Number of units 2
Classical Artist Soames, Benjamin
Disc: 1
More Great Scientists and Their Discoveries (Unabr02:38:00
1 More Great Scientists and Their Discoveries 00:03:59 Soames, Benjamin
2 Nicolas Copernicus (1473–1543) 00:12:45 Soames, Benjamin
3 At the beginning of the fourteenth century… 00:11:38 Soames, Benjamin
4 Blaise Pascal (1623–1662) 00:08:18 Soames, Benjamin
5 In 1646 Pascal placed a long glass tube vertically 00:09:51 Soames, Benjamin
6 Edmund Halley (1656–1742) 00:13:46 Soames, Benjamin
7 Carl Linnaeus (1707–1778) 00:07:28 Soames, Benjamin
8 Linnaeus created a system of classification… 00:07:48 Soames, Benjamin
9 Alessandro Volta (1745–1827) 00:03:59 Soames, Benjamin
Disc: 2
More Great Scientists and Their Discoveries (Unabr02:38:00
1 Nobody knew quite what electricity was… 00:13:24 Soames, Benjamin
2 Humphry Davy (1778–1829) 00:10:21 Soames, Benjamin
3 In 1799 a new scientific organisation… 00:07:38 Soames, Benjamin
4 Alexander von Humboldt (1769–1859) 00:13:33 Soames, Benjamin
5 Charles Babbage (1791–1871) 00:07:49 Soames, Benjamin
6 After he had made hundreds of drawings and designs 00:09:07 Soames, Benjamin
7 Julius Robert Oppenheimer (1904–1967) 00:08:22 Soames, Benjamin
8 Julius Oppenheimer was asked to join… 00:09:07 Soames, Benjamin
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