Nesbit, E.: Phoenix and the Carpet (The) (Abridged)

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Barcode 9789626343203
Release date 6/1/2005
Category Young Adult
Number of units 2
Disc: 1
1 It began with the day… 00:05:15 Bentinck, Anna
2 Next day all was forgotten and forgiven… 00:04:48 Bentinck, Anna
3 They traced strange figures with chalk… 00:03:49 Bentinck, Anna
4 The children were all choking with wonder… 00:03:38 Bentinck, Anna
5 ‘I had resided as your book says…’ 00:04:06 Bentinck, Anna
6 The next day was Saturday 00:04:09 Bentinck, Anna
7 Everyone looked and everyone thought 00:04:32 Bentinck, Anna
8 As soon as the carpet came to a stop… 00:04:06 Bentinck, Anna
9 So the Phoenix fluttered up… 00:04:03 Bentinck, Anna
10 ‘I say, talking of stones,’ said Robert 00:04:38 Bentinck, Anna
11 Then quite suddenly the floor seemed to tip up… 00:03:20 Bentinck, Anna
12 The next day, Cook came to mother… 00:03:42 Bentinck, Anna
13 For some reason or other… 00:03:48 Bentinck, Anna
14 Anthea felt rather uncomfortable… 00:03:46 Bentinck, Anna
15 The old ranee or queen… 00:03:32 Bentinck, Anna
16 All this had taken some time… 00:04:02 Bentinck, Anna
17 The children sidled away… 00:05:16 Bentinck, Anna
18 So they went 00:04:43 Bentinck, Anna
19 ‘We shan’t be able to go anywhere on the carpet…’ 00:03:29 Bentinck, Anna
Disc: 2
1 ‘Has anyone got any matches?’ said Anthea 00:04:10 Bentinck, Anna
2 The stone was heaved up 00:03:34 Bentinck, Anna
3 So they all went in… 00:04:08 Bentinck, Anna
4 They went down the road… 00:02:36 Bentinck, Anna
5 Mother arranged with Aunt Emma… 00:04:35 Bentinck, Anna
6 Everything was nicely washed up… 00:04:18 Bentinck, Anna
7 At this point the Phoenix… 00:03:14 Bentinck, Anna
8 It was Jane who awoke with a start… 00:03:07 Bentinck, Anna
9 ‘Well, miss,’ said the burglar… 00:03:59 Bentinck, Anna
10 The morning after the adventure… 00:04:30 Bentinck, Anna
11 ‘Good gracious,’ said Jane… 00:04:01 Bentinck, Anna
12 So the children arranged to wait… 00:03:04 Bentinck, Anna
13 And instantly they were 00:04:28 Bentinck, Anna
14 ‘Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!…’ 00:03:42 Bentinck, Anna
15 When she had gone out the Phoenix… 00:03:54 Bentinck, Anna
16 The songs in the play it took to be hymns… 00:04:09 Bentinck, Anna
17 But a fierce waft of smoke and hot air… 00:02:59 Bentinck, Anna
18 No one had noticed the Phoenix… 00:03:07 Bentinck, Anna
19 Anthea put the last touches… 00:04:58 Bentinck, Anna
20 When they got home, there lay the carpet… 00:03:30 Bentinck, Anna
21 ‘Whatever have you done with the carpet?’ 00:03:15 Bentinck, Anna
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