Oh! To Be in England (Unabridged)

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In this third sequel to The Darling Buds of May, Charley and Mariette decide to get baby Blenheim christened, leading to a wholesale christening of all seven of the Larkin children. Chaos abounds as the vicar Mr Candy is run ragged by the naughty twins Zi
Item number NA0249
Barcode 9781781980057
Release date 11/1/2016
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Reader Franks, Philip
Disc: 1
Oh! To Be in England (Unabridged)04:08:00
1 Oh! To Be in England 00:04:29 Franks, Philip
2 Lady Violet turned and led the way into the crampe 00:04:03 Franks, Philip
3 It was like seeing another bit of England go. 00:04:14 Franks, Philip
4 Chapter 2: After quenching his thirst… 00:05:05 Franks, Philip
5 While Pop had gone into the house… 00:05:09 Franks, Philip
6 Accustomed as he was to living in the Larkin house 00:04:47 Franks, Philip
7 Crushingly defeated by this blank, simple statemen 00:05:36 Franks, Philip
8 Chapter 3: Two days later the morning was so beaut 00:05:49 Franks, Philip
9 Miss Brown was unforgettable. 00:06:18 Franks, Philip
10 Chapter 4: Late that evening… 00:05:08 Franks, Philip
11 When Pop finally went upstairs ten minutes later… 00:05:04 Franks, Philip
12 After Pop had apologized for the absence of Mr. Ch 00:07:22 Franks, Philip
13 In a daze, the sudden victim of open feminine entr 00:05:47 Franks, Philip
Disc: 2
Oh! To Be in England (Unabridged)04:08:00
1 Ten minutes later Mr. Candy was sitting in the bug 00:07:09 Franks, Philip
2 Chapter 5: Over-smartly dressed in a light blue su 00:04:38 Franks, Philip
3 The Captain, in the middle of the stiffest of bows 00:05:23 Franks, Philip
4 The Captain was confused. 00:05:03 Franks, Philip
5 The Captain, though greatly flattered… 00:05:18 Franks, Philip
6 The Captain hesitated about the woods. 00:05:19 Franks, Philip
7 Ma's casual suggestion about telephoning the Capta 00:07:39 Franks, Philip
8 Chapter 6: On a damp dull afternoon in mid-July… 00:04:57 Franks, Philip
9 Something like an alarmed sigh instantly answered 00:05:14 Franks, Philip
10 Pop, pump-handling with friendly vigour… 00:05:32 Franks, Philip
11 The horror of seeing a loaded gun pointed at someo 00:05:18 Franks, Philip
12 Edith, coming out of a sort of mad trance… 00:04:53 Franks, Philip
13 'Edith's looking a bit pale round the gills an' al 00:05:14 Franks, Philip
Disc: 3
Oh! To Be in England (Unabridged)04:08:00
1 Chapter 7: Mademoiselle Dupont stood in the sunshi 00:04:44 Franks, Philip
2 The Brigadier, bowing with a certain military stif 00:05:07 Franks, Philip
3 Oats were turning to a beautiful pinkish yellow in 00:04:49 Franks, Philip
4 Chapter 8: While Mademoiselle Dupont, overwhelmed… 00:04:53 Franks, Philip
5 By no means tranquil yet… 00:05:10 Franks, Philip
6 The Rev. Candy and Mademoiselle Dupont shook hands 00:05:02 Franks, Philip
7 The twins were dreadfully, dangerously alike… 00:05:19 Franks, Philip
8 'And what, please, are your names?' 00:04:09 Franks, Philip
9 He seized one of the proffered sandwiches with ala 00:04:44 Franks, Philip
10 Chapter 9: Ma woke in the night, disturbed… 00:05:00 Franks, Philip
11 Some few seconds later he heard the sound that Ma 00:04:27 Franks, Philip
12 By the time he reached the meadow all trace of mis 00:05:10 Franks, Philip
13 'Does Mr. Candy disturb you?' she suddenly said. 00:05:07 Franks, Philip
14 Pop felt himself recoil under the sheer brilliant 00:06:01 Franks, Philip
Disc: 4
Oh! To Be in England (Unabridged)04:08:00
1 Chapter 10: On Sunday morning, while the Larkins… 00:04:55 Franks, Philip
2 Little Oscar was sitting in a chair at the table… 00:05:13 Franks, Philip
3 To the collective allurements of the Larkin family 00:05:04 Franks, Philip
4 Instantly Oscar, rudely deprived of the pleasure… 00:05:14 Franks, Philip
5 'Are you two wearing the right ribbons?' Ma said. 00:04:35 Franks, Philip
6 Chapter 11: By mid afternoon the sun was shining b 00:04:57 Franks, Philip
7 'I think you have visitors, Mr. Larkin,' he said. 00:08:39 Franks, Philip
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