Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 4: Sodom and Gomorrah (Cities of the Plain): Part II (Abridged)

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Item number NA316712
Barcode 730099016728
Release date 1/22/1999
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Disc: 1
1 Waiting At The Balbec Station With Albertine 00:05:45 Jason, Neville
2 In A Carrriage With A Reader Of Revue des Deux Mon 00:05:02 Jason, Neville
3 Noticing M de Charlus 00:07:43 Jason, Neville
4 On The Wednesday Train To Dine At la Raspeliere 00:08:14 Jason, Neville
5 Cottard, The Doctor , Tells Of The 'Great Scholars 00:09:34 Jason, Neville
6 An Encounter With The Princess Sherbatoff 00:05:45 Jason, Neville
7 Arriving At la Raspeliere 00:05:37 Jason, Neville
8 The Entry Of M de Charlus And Morel 00:09:00 Jason, Neville
9 Mme de Cambremer Starts To Enjoy Herself 00:07:59 Jason, Neville
10 Memories Of A Conversation That Afternoon 00:09:16 Jason, Neville
11 Saniette, The Antiquarian, Receives The Attention 00:05:08 Jason, Neville
Disc: 2
1 'To Put An End To Saniette's Torture...' 00:04:15 Jason, Neville
2 Rising From Supper, M. de Charlus Gives His Titles 00:05:28 Jason, Neville
3 More Expositions From M de Charlus And Some Music 00:08:37 Jason, Neville
4 Last Refeshments And Conversation, And Farewells 00:11:07 Jason, Neville
5 Musing On Mr de Charlus' Footmen And A Letter 00:10:13 Jason, Neville
6 Driving With Albertine 00:06:59 Jason, Neville
7 Complications With M de Charlus And Morel 00:04:41 Jason, Neville
8 Back With Albertine 00:08:32 Jason, Neville
9 Next Morning... 00:06:58 Jason, Neville
10 'M de Charlus Lived In A State Of Deception' 00:11:40 Jason, Neville
Disc: 3
1 M de Charlus Is Disappointed And Hurt 00:05:27 Jason, Neville
2 Returning With Morel 00:07:54 Jason, Neville
3 In The Brothel At Mainville 00:06:35 Jason, Neville
4 Morel Receives Another Surprise 00:02:55 Jason, Neville
5 More Society Complications 00:06:08 Jason, Neville
6 'Odd Habits' Of Albertine? 00:08:09 Jason, Neville
7 The Train Leaves But Anxieties Continue 00:04:10 Jason, Neville
8 Waiting For An Oppurtunity For A Final Rupture 00:08:06 Jason, Neville
9 Staying The Night At Balbec 00:07:26 Jason, Neville
10 More Torments 00:06:41 Jason, Neville
11 Alone In My Room 00:10:36 Jason, Neville
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