Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 6: Fugitive (The) (Abridged)

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Item number NA321112
Barcode 9789626342114
Release date 2/1/2001
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Disc: 1
1 'Mademoiselle Albertine has gone!' 00:05:10 Jason, Neville
2 Reflections 00:08:29 Jason, Neville
3 'I decided to write Albertine a farewell letter' 00:07:00 Jason, Neville
4 Waiting for a reply 00:03:34 Jason, Neville
5 'A telegraph from Robert and a letter from me' 00:05:34 Jason, Neville
6 'Francoise brings two rings' 00:03:54 Jason, Neville
7 A letter from Albertine 00:04:30 Jason, Neville
8 The duplicity of Saint-Loup 00:09:40 Jason, Neville
9 'She never came back' 00:07:24 Jason, Neville
10 'Summer was at hand' 00:09:30 Jason, Neville
11 'Albertine...still excited my jealousy' 00:05:48 Jason, Neville
12 'The mysterious delight of a penetration' 00:06:37 Jason, Neville
13 'In Albertine's case...' 00:02:04 Jason, Neville
Disc: 2
1 'We have no hold over the life of another person' 00:04:55 Jason, Neville
2 'Curiosity unbounded' 00:04:26 Jason, Neville
3 Aime's report 00:06:28 Jason, Neville
4 A further report from Aime 00:07:22 Jason, Neville
5 The loosening of attachments 00:06:57 Jason, Neville
6 'Andree came to see me' 00:08:27 Jason, Neville
7 Immense desire - the cruelty of memory 00:14:23 Jason, Neville
8 Mlle d'Eporcheville/Le Figaro 00:06:23 Jason, Neville
9 A surprise meeting - Mlle Forcheville 00:09:49 Jason, Neville
10 A month later, luncheon with the Guermantes 00:04:57 Jason, Neville
11 Sketches by Elstir 00:05:18 Jason, Neville
Disc: 3
1 'The process of oblivion' 00:03:43 Jason, Neville
2 Another visit from Andree - some revelations 00:07:18 Jason, Neville
3 The real Albertine - the young Bacchanal on the fr 00:06:37 Jason, Neville
4 'My mother brought me to Venice' 00:07:39 Jason, Neville
5 Breezes, gondolas, and disillusion for Mme Sazerat 00:07:44 Jason, Neville
6 A curious telegram 00:08:07 Jason, Neville
7 On the train to Paris 00:06:30 Jason, Neville
8 'The train reached Paris...' 00:06:56 Jason, Neville
9 'About this time I used to see a good deal of Gilb 00:11:19 Jason, Neville
10 A visit to Combray 00:09:10 Jason, Neville
11 Fresh touches to the image of a memory 00:04:04 Jason, Neville
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