Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 7: Time Regained (Abridged)

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Item number NA322012
Barcode 9789626342206
Release date 5/1/2001
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Disc: 1
1 At Tansonville with Gilberte 00:07:37 Jason, Neville
2 'Saint-Loup insisted I should remain...' 00:07:37 Jason, Neville
3 Years in a sanitorium with a visit to Paris in 191 00:04:32 Jason, Neville
4 'At dinner time the restaurants were full...' 00:02:55 Jason, Neville
5 'Occasional meetings with Baron de Charlus and Blo 00:06:19 Jason, Neville
6 A return to the sanatorium - and the receipt of le 00:03:37 Jason, Neville
7 On my second return to Paris - another letter from 00:03:55 Jason, Neville
8 A visit from Robert de Saint-Loup 00:03:18 Jason, Neville
9 'Thinking about Saint-Loup's visit as I was walkin 00:07:01 Jason, Neville
10 A further vendetta against Baron de Charlus 00:07:49 Jason, Neville
11 The views of Baron de Charlus 00:05:24 Jason, Neville
12 The destruction of men and the effect of the War i 00:06:36 Jason, Neville
13 The aeroplanes passing through the night sky 00:07:46 Jason, Neville
14 Among abandoned, derelict houses, one of opulence 00:04:14 Jason, Neville
15 Entrance to the house followed by a sailor 00:02:01 Jason, Neville
Disc: 2
1 A shocking discovery 00:06:22 Jason, Neville
2 'I implore you, mercy, mercy, have pity' 00:02:49 Jason, Neville
3 A croix-de-guerre had been found on the floor 00:10:27 Jason, Neville
4 News of the death of Robert de Saint 00:10:56 Jason, Neville
5 Back to another sanatorium - and finally, after so 00:02:44 Jason, Neville
6 I ordered a carriage to take me to the party of th 00:06:43 Jason, Neville
7 'I got down from the carriage again for a little b 00:02:00 Jason, Neville
8 I stumble on some uneven paving stones 00:04:13 Jason, Neville
9 I entered the Guermantes' mansion 00:03:55 Jason, Neville
10 I forced myself to try and see clearly 00:08:52 Jason, Neville
11 Fragments of existence removed from time 00:03:27 Jason, Neville
12 As I entered the Prince de Guermantes' library 00:04:02 Jason, Neville
13 Real life...which has been uncovered and illuminat 00:05:59 Jason, Neville
14 At this monent, the butler arrived to tell me that 00:06:56 Jason, Neville
Disc: 3
1 The Duchesse de Guermantes: 'You, my oldest friend 00:04:23 Jason, Neville
2 Old age, the meaning of death and the meaning of w 00:08:03 Jason, Neville
3 Odette - looking like 'a rose that had been steril 00:04:50 Jason, Neville
4 I could hardly recognise my friend Bloch 00:08:04 Jason, Neville
5 'An effect of Time' 00:02:07 Jason, Neville
6 'Kindness, the simple process of maturing...' 00:03:52 Jason, Neville
7 'A stout lady came up and greeted me - Gilberte' 00:06:24 Jason, Neville
8 'Rachel, now a celebrated actress' 00:02:20 Jason, Neville
9 Tea at the home of the great actress Berma 00:02:16 Jason, Neville
10 Judgements on Rachel 00:06:02 Jason, Neville
11 The lives of the Duchess, the Duke and Odette, Mme 00:07:58 Jason, Neville
12 'The idea of lost Time...' 00:05:12 Jason, Neville
13 'This idea of Time had another prize for me... I t 00:05:12 Jason, Neville
14 'This idea of death installed itself permanently i 00:08:29 Jason, Neville
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