Rumi: Spiritual Verses (The)

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Item number NA446612
Barcode 9789626344668
Release date 8/1/2007
Category Poetry
Number of units 4
Classical Artist Lesser, Anton
Disc: 1
1 Nayname - The Song of the Reed (Music: Masnavi in 00:05:28 Lesser, Anton
2 The King and the Slave Girl (Music: Entezar 'Longi 00:07:08 Lesser, Anton
3 With open arms he clasped him to his bosom … 00:06:32 Lesser, Anton
4 He said. 'My Lord, evacuate the house …' 00:05:59 Lesser, Anton
5 Now when that man of foreign parts arrived … (Musi 00:06:34 Lesser, Anton
6 The Greengrocer and the Parrot 00:05:59 Lesser, Anton
7 Between the worlds fresh lakes and salty seas … 00:03:20 Lesser, Anton
8 Music: Raha'i 'Freedom', Tanbour and Daf 00:04:40 Lesser, Anton
9 The Jewish King Who Killed Christians 00:06:09 Lesser, Anton
10 There are a hundred thousand baits and traps … 00:04:04 Lesser, Anton
11 The Caliph said to Layli, 'Are you that one …' 00:06:13 Lesser, Anton
12 The Christian congregation was in conflict … 00:05:07 Lesser, Anton
13 He had no scent of Jesus' purity … 00:05:47 Lesser, Anton
14 That vizier hit upon another trick … 00:03:41 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 2
1 The crowd were saying, 'Loophole-finding sage …' 00:07:14 Lesser, Anton
2 That vizier shouted out from his retreat … 00:06:05 Lesser, Anton
3 One of those leaders of the church stepped forward 00:05:53 Lesser, Anton
4 The Lion, The Hare and the Hunted Animals 00:05:51 Lesser, Anton
5 In unison they shouted out to him … 00:07:13 Lesser, Anton
6 These words go on for ever - quiet please … 00:05:54 Lesser, Anton
7 The hare made much delay in going forth … 00:05:26 Lesser, Anton
8 The lion on fire with anger and in frenzy … 00:06:04 Lesser, Anton
9 Now when he neared the well the lion saw … 00:06:19 Lesser, Anton
10 The lion saw himself inside the well … 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
11 Prelude to the Merchant and the Parrot (Music: Raq 00:03:43 Lesser, Anton
12 The Merchant and the Parrot 00:07:24 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 3
1 The merchant finished all his merchandising … 00:04:58 Lesser, Anton
2 That bird heard what had happened to that parrot … 00:07:26 Lesser, Anton
3 With a hundred loving looks I sought His heart … 00:06:33 Lesser, Anton
4 It's dawn, O dawn and refuge of the dawn … 00:05:17 Lesser, Anton
5 Music: Showq-e vasl 'Joy of union with the Beloved 00:01:07 Lesser, Anton
6 All this we've said, yet it is preparation … 00:04:26 Lesser, Anton
7 The Old Harpist (Music: Masnavi in Esfahan, Nay so 00:06:16 Lesser, Anton
8 Go back and hear the plight of the musician … 00:08:06 Lesser, Anton
9 Music: Sama' 'Ecstasy', Tanbour and Daf 00:01:13 Lesser, Anton
10 The Caliph and the Poor Bedouin 00:06:16 Lesser, Anton
11 The night has passed, and morning's come, Tamar … 00:04:16 Lesser, Anton
12 Wife, are you woman or a man of woe …?' 00:06:17 Lesser, Anton
13 Now when the wife saw him so bold and tough … 00:06:34 Lesser, Anton
14 A man of candid heart would hope to find … 00:08:21 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 4
1 A sun has shone upon us,' said the wife. 00:04:15 Lesser, Anton
2 The husband said, 'Oh yes, seal up the pitcher …' 00:06:09 Lesser, Anton
3 He now produced the pitcher full of water … 00:04:42 Lesser, Anton
4 The caliph saw and heard about his plight … 00:08:03 Lesser, Anton
5 Music: Tolu' 'Dawn', Tanbour and Daf 00:01:25 Lesser, Anton
6 The Qazvini and the Tattooist 00:04:06 Lesser, Anton
7 Music: Showq 'Joy', Tanbour and Daf 00:00:36 Lesser, Anton
8 The Wolf and the Fox Attend the Lion on a Hunt 00:05:23 Lesser, Anton
9 The headstrong lion ripped the wolf's head off … 00:05:58 Lesser, Anton
10 Music: Ettehad 'Union', Tanbour and Daf 00:01:06 Lesser, Anton
11 A Fellow Who Knocked at a Friend's Door 00:05:44 Lesser, Anton
12 Music: Amvaj 'Waves', Tanbour and Daf 00:00:48 Lesser, Anton
13 The Deaf Man and his Sick Neighbour 00:04:59 Lesser, Anton
14 The Greek and Chinese Painters (Music: Abshar 'Wat 00:05:02 Lesser, Anton
15 Music: Masnavi in Shoor Beshnow in nay 'Listen to 00:01:29 Lesser, Anton
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