Stravinsky: Music for Violin, Vol. 1

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In his autobiography, Igor Stravinsky wrote of his not having had an ''great liking'' for the combination of strings and piano. That there nevertheless are a number of chamber works by him featuring the violin is to a large extent due to teh violinist Samuel Dushkin. The two were introduced to each other by Stravinsky's german music publisher who wanted to persudade him to compose a violin concerto. They obviously hit it off: their collaboration continued after the concerto had come into being in 1931, and they devised a recital programme to perform together on tours. The centrepiece was Duo concertant which Stravinsky completed in 1932 as his only original composition for violin and piano. Rather than looking for common ground between the two instruments, Stravinsky aimed to emphasize their individuality in a work that he himself claimed was ''determiend by my love of the pastoral poets of antiquity and their scholarly art and technique''. The other pieces on this album are, with one exception, arrangements of Stravinsky's own works including The Firebird, Petrushka and Le rossignol. The majority were made for and in collaboration with Dushkin, but a few come from the 1920's and were intended for teh violinist aPaul Kochanski. One of these is the Suite for Violin and Piano, arranged from the ballet Pulcinella - material that Stravinsky revisited in the 1930's in order to make a new version for dushkin. With this programme, and in the company of the eminent Russian pianist Peter Laul, the highly virtuosic and temperamental violinist Ilya Gringolts makes his return to BIS.
Item number BIS-2245
Barcode 7318599922454
Release date 7/7/2017
Category Chamber Music
Label BIS
Media type SACD
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Gringolts, Ilya
Laul, Peter
Disc: 1
Pastorale (arr. for violin and piano)00:01:00
1 Pastorale (Arr. for Violin & Piano) 00:02:47 Laul, Peter Gringolts, Ilya
The Firebird: Prélude et Ronde des princesses (ver00:05:54
2 L'oiseau de feu, KC 10 (Arr. for Violin & Piano): 00:05:06 Laul, Peter Gringolts, Ilya
Berceuse (Lullaby) from The Firebird00:03:02
3 L'oiseau de feu, KC 10 (Arr. for Violin & Piano): 00:02:47 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
The Firebird: Scherzo (version for violin and pian00:02:59
4 L'oiseau de feu, KC 10 (Arr. for Violin & Piano): 00:02:31 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
Mavra: Chanson russe (version for violin and piano00:03:00
5 Mavra: Chanson russe (Arr. for Violin & Piano) 00:03:30 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
Danse russe00:03:00
6 Petrushka: Danse russe (Arr. for Violin & Piano) 00:02:33 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
Suite d'apres themes, fragments et pieces de Giamb00:18:00
7 Suite d'après thèmes, fragments et pièces de Giamb 00:02:04 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
8 Suite d'après thèmes, fragments et pièces de Giamb 00:02:53 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
9 Suite d'après thèmes, fragments et pièces de Giamb 00:01:51 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
10 Suite d'après thèmes, fragments et pièces de Giamb 00:04:05 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
11 Suite d'après thèmes, fragments et pièces de Giamb 00:04:17 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
Duo concertant00:13:00
12 Duo concertant: I. Cantilene 00:02:52 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
13 Duo concertant: II. Eglogue I 00:02:21 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
14 Duo concertant: III. Eglogue II 00:03:01 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
15 Duo concertant: IV. Gigue 00:04:31 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
16 Duo concertant: V. Dithyrambe 00:02:36 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
Le rossignol (The Nightingale) (version for violin00:08:00
17 Le chant du rossignol (Arr. for Violin & Piano): L 00:05:08 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
18 Le chant du rossignol (Arr. for Violin & Piano): M 00:03:07 Gringolts, Ilya Laul, Peter
La marseillaise (arr. I. Stravinsky for violin)00:01:13
19 La marseillaise (Version for Violin) 00:01:03 Gringolts, Ilya
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