The Persian War from The Histories (Abridged)

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Item number NA308412
Barcode 730099008426
Release date 1/3/1996
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Non-Classical Artist Marsden, Roy
Disc: 1
1 In The 6th Century BC, Cyrus And His Son Cambyses 00:01:50 Marsden, Roy
2 Darius Pursues His Own Design 00:07:33 Marsden, Roy
3 The Battle Of Marathon 00:05:25 Marsden, Roy
4 The Wrath Of Darius 00:09:02 Marsden, Roy
5 Xerxes Builds A Canal And A Bridge 00:13:30 Marsden, Roy
6 The Persian Army Marches Out 00:11:45 Marsden, Roy
7 The Review And The Numbering Of The Persian Army 00:05:11 Marsden, Roy
8 The Army Marches Upon Greece Through Thrace 00:11:20 Marsden, Roy
9 Themistocles Takes Control With Shrewd Counsel 00:04:31 Marsden, Roy
10 The Greeks Decide To Guard The Pass of Thermopylae 00:09:12 Marsden, Roy
Disc: 2
1 The Commander Of The Force, The Spartan Leonidas 00:07:33 Marsden, Roy
2 Betrayal By Ephialtes 00:05:25 Marsden, Roy
3 The Final Conflict At Thermopylae 00:05:38 Marsden, Roy
4 The Greek Fleet At Artemisium 00:06:25 Marsden, Roy
5 The Greeks' Naval Strategy 00:04:55 Marsden, Roy
6 'The Third Day Was Now Come' 00:08:22 Marsden, Roy
7 The Greek Fleet Sails To Salamis 00:03:59 Marsden, Roy
8 The Persians Sack Athens 00:08:39 Marsden, Roy
9 Manoeuvres - And The Battle Of Salamis 00:11:34 Marsden, Roy
10 The Rout Of The Persians Begins 00:04:14 Marsden, Roy
11 Mardonius Proposes His New Plans To Xerxes 00:05:53 Marsden, Roy
12 Xerxes Withdraws His Forces 00:05:35 Marsden, Roy
Disc: 3
1 Themistocles Is Honoured By The Greeks 00:05:52 Marsden, Roy
2 Mardonuis, Through His Ambassador, Entreats The At 00:11:35 Marsden, Roy
3 Mardonius Burns Athens And Withdraws From Attica 00:03:34 Marsden, Roy
4 Masistius Leads The Persians Against The Greeks 00:08:51 Marsden, Roy
5 Preparations For The Battle Of Plataea 00:14:12 Marsden, Roy
6 The Battle Of Plataea Begins 00:10:35 Marsden, Roy
7 Further Defeat For The Persians At Mycale In Ionia 00:11:10 Marsden, Roy
8 The Love Of Xerxes For The Wife And Daughter Of Ma 00:07:24 Marsden, Roy
9 The Greeks Sail For The Hellespont 00:02:07 Marsden, Roy
10 Herodotus Concludes The Histories With A Reminisce 00:02:19 Marsden, Roy
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