Wenborn: Confucius - In a Nutshell (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0019
Barcode 9781843794356
Release date 9/1/2010
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Carrington, Nigel
Disc: 1
1 Confucius – In a Nutshell 00:05:06 Carrington, Nigel
2 Whatever else he was, the Duke of Zhou… 00:05:37 Carrington, Nigel
3 About Confucius's private life we know next to not 00:04:20 Carrington, Nigel
4 Confucius's stint as police commissioner came to a 00:04:32 Carrington, Nigel
5 He was clearly an inspirational teacher… 00:04:22 Carrington, Nigel
6 The Analects as we now have it consists of 20 so-c 00:04:56 Carrington, Nigel
7 Round the corner from the by-street… 00:05:15 Carrington, Nigel
8 We look to the Analects in vain, however… 00:04:52 Carrington, Nigel
9 The Analects shows us a very human Confucius… 00:05:22 Carrington, Nigel
10 The Way, or dao, is mentioned several times in the 00:04:15 Carrington, Nigel
11 Confucius expands on this in another conversation… 00:05:13 Carrington, Nigel
12 At his most pragmatic, he takes an almost utilitar 00:04:11 Carrington, Nigel
13 What Confucius has to say about Fate or Destiny… 00:04:56 Carrington, Nigel
14 Central to this remarkable cultural triumph… 00:04:27 Carrington, Nigel
15 Throughout the period when the Classics were being 00:03:15 Carrington, Nigel
16 Central to this Neo-Confucian metaphysics… 00:04:14 Carrington, Nigel
17 Mao Zedong, who swept to power in the Communist Re 00:03:34 Carrington, Nigel
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