ÆTERNUM: Music of the Elizabethan Avant Garde from Add. MS 31390

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The Elizabethan manuscript from which this album is entirely drawn is known by its British Library shelf-mark: Additional Manuscript 31390. Add. MS 31390 contains 135 pieces, which capture a snapshot of musical life in the 1570s. Some of the pieces reflect the “hottest new releases” of 1578 (when the manuscript was copied) while others are “golden oldies” from the first half of the 16th century. During the reign of Elizabeth I, there was no way to record music other than by putting musical notation onto paper. In creating an audio recording of this notational record, we aim, as the portrait painter does, to capture not merely the likeness, but the liveness of our subject: musical manuscript as mix-tape or playlist that gathers together music for later hearing and for posterity. Some of the pieces on this album are standards. Those who have sung in a choir will surely know and love Tallis’s O sacrum convivium. Aficionados of viol consort music will be familiar with a number of the In nomines. We hope putting these gems of the repertory in proximity to unknown and previously unrecorded works recontextualizes them to offer a more complete view of this important and beautiful manuscript.
Item number FCR912
Barcode 767223519930
Release date 4/20/2018
Category Chamber Music
Number of units 1
Ensemble Strange Viols, Le
Disc: 1
In aeternum00:05:00
1 In aeternum 00:04:38 Strange Viols, Le
In Nomine a 500:02:42
2 In nomine à 5 00:01:44 Strange Viols, Le
Psalm 41, "Quemadmodum"00:04:00
3 Psalm 41 "Quemadmodum" 00:05:21 Strange Viols, Le
4 Phancy 00:01:58 Strange Viols, Le
In nomine a 6, MB 7200:04:00
5 In nomine à 6, MB 72 00:03:56 Strange Viols, Le
Esperants (arr. for chamber ensemble)00:02:00
6 Esperants (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble) 00:01:52 Strange Viols, Le
In nomine No. 1 a 700:03:00
7 In nomine No. 1 à 7 00:02:30 Strange Viols, Le
In nomine No. 2 a 700:03:00
8 In nomine No. 2 à 7 00:03:09 Strange Viols, Le
In Nomine, "Crye"00:02:00
9 In nomine "Crye" 00:01:38 Strange Viols, Le
O salutaris hostia (arr. for chamber ensemble)00:03:00
10 O salutaris hostia (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble) 00:02:38 Strange Viols, Le
Yf man in care00:02:00
11 Yf man in care 00:01:46 Strange Viols, Le
Lawdes Deo00:02:00
12 Lawdes Deo 00:02:34 Strange Viols, Le
In Nomine a 5 No. 100:02:12
13 In nomine à 5 No. 1 00:01:48 Strange Viols, Le
Qual iniqua mia sorte (arr. for chamber ensemble)00:03:00
14 Qual iniqua mia sorte (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble) 00:02:49 Strange Viols, Le
In nomine a 500:02:00
15 In nomine à 5 00:01:44 Strange Viols, Le
O lux beata Trinitas00:03:00
16 O lux beata Trinitas 00:02:45 Strange Viols, Le
Or vien ca, vien, m'amye (arr. for chamber ensembl00:00:00
17 Or vien ca, vien, m'amye (Arr. for Chamber Ensembl 00:01:35 Strange Viols, Le
Spes nostra00:05:00
18 Spes nostra 00:02:25 Strange Viols, Le
Dum transisset Sabbatum (arr. for chamber ensemble00:04:00
19 Dum transisset Sabbatum (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble 00:03:36 Strange Viols, Le
Browning My Dear00:01:12
20 Browning My Dear 00:02:14 Strange Viols, Le
In Nomine00:02:25
21 In nomine 00:02:09 Strange Viols, Le
Frisque et gaillard (arr. for chamber ensemble)00:02:00
22 Frisque et gaillard (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble) 00:02:13 Strange Viols, Le
O sacrum convivium (arr. for chamber ensemble)00:03:11
23 O sacrum convivium (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble) 00:03:27 Strange Viols, Le
In nomine No. 3 a 500:02:00
24 In nomine No. 3 à 5 00:02:18 Strange Viols, Le
Si de beaucoup (arr. for chamber ensemble)00:01:00
25 Si de beaucoup (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble) 00:01:21 Strange Viols, Le
Me li Bavari a 600:03:00
26 Me li Bavari à 6 00:02:38 Strange Viols, Le
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