20th Anniversary

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Let’s be honest: the best presents are often those we give ourselves. But what gift would be appropriate for a guitar quartet celebrating 20 years on the stage? A comparison can give us a clue: what do a couple give each other after 20 years of marriage? Perhaps a journey to an unknown destination during which they reminisce about their past and imagine their future together? Or maybe something practical instead? The Eos Guitar Quartet at any rate – although it most certainly has a practical bent too – decided against new music stands and for a journey of adventure – naturally one accompanied by 24 strings. The idea was to put together 20 miniature compositions by 20 different composers in order to celebrate the passing of 20 years and take the step into the next 20. After all, 20 years of Eos are hardly enough. So Project 20+ was born. Ultimately, 21 musicians from all over the world took part – as indicated by the formula 20+. The composers were asked only to include a thematic reference to rosy-fingered Eos, Greek goddess of dawn and her entourage, and not to go beyond two to three minutes. The result was this stunning album that rises to the occasion of marking such an important milestone.
Item number EOS234200-8
Barcode 7640123420083
Release date 5/4/2018
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Ensemble EOS Guitar Quartet
Disc: 1
Naranjas Urbanos00:03:00
1 Naranjas Urbanos 00:02:55 EOS Guitar Quartet
Suite for Piano, Harp and Strings: II. Tango for T00:02:00
2 Suite for Piano, Harp & Strings: II. Tango for Ten 00:02:12 EOS Guitar Quartet
Los caminos del viento00:02:00
3 Los Caminos del Viento 00:01:56 EOS Guitar Quartet
Alvorada Tropical00:03:00
4 Alvorada Tropical 00:02:56 EOS Guitar Quartet
Karatê (version for guitar quartet)00:02:00
5 Karatê (Version for Guitar Quartet) 00:01:54 EOS Guitar Quartet
6 Eos 00:02:12 EOS Guitar Quartet
7 Faír 00:03:32 EOS Guitar Quartet
Dawn to Dusk00:04:00
8 Dawn to Dusk 00:03:47 EOS Guitar Quartet
At the Sound of Light00:03:00
9 At the Sound of Light 00:03:20 EOS Guitar Quartet
10 Lighthouse 00:02:27 EOS Guitar Quartet
Borea's Visit00:03:00
11 Borea's Visit 00:03:15 EOS Guitar Quartet
Eos and Tithonos00:04:00
12 Eos & Tithonos 00:03:56 EOS Guitar Quartet
13 Notos 00:03:49 EOS Guitar Quartet
Eos - Long Johns - Color Red00:03:00
14 Eos - Long Johns - Color Red 00:03:13 EOS Guitar Quartet
Eos - Ares00:02:00
15 Eos - Ares 00:02:27 EOS Guitar Quartet
Ein liebeslied (arr. M. Winkler for guitar quartet00:03:00
16 Ein liebeslied (Arr. M. Winkler for Guitar Quartet 00:02:52 EOS Guitar Quartet
Seul a seuls00:03:00
17 Seul a seuls 00:02:45 EOS Guitar Quartet
Danza del amanecer00:03:00
18 Danza del Amanecer 00:02:37 EOS Guitar Quartet
Cositas Buenas (arr. M. Ege for guitar quartet)00:04:00
19 Cositas Buenas (Arr. M. Ege for Guitar Quartet) 00:03:52 EOS Guitar Quartet
Check One00:03:00
20 Check One 00:02:42 EOS Guitar Quartet
Russian Fantasy00:06:00
21 Russian Fantasy 00:05:33 EOS Guitar Quartet
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