The Waves (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0172
Barcode 9781843798354
Release date 6/1/2014
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 7
Non-Classical Artist Jeater, Frances
Disc: 1
1 The sun had not yet risen. 00:03:00
2 'I see a ring,' said Bernard… 00:04:28
3 'Now they have all gone,' said Louis. 'I am alone. 00:07:58
4 'I love,' said Susan, 'and I hate.' 00:07:59
5 'I will not conjugate the verb,' said Louis… 00:08:17
6 'The heat is going,' said Bernard, 'from the jungl 00:08:59
7 The sun rose higher. Blue waves, green waves swept 00:01:47
8 'Now,' said Bernard, 'the time has come…' 00:06:36
9 'The purple light,' said Rhoda, 'in Miss Lambert's 00:07:30
10 'Now we move out of this cool temple…' 00:07:30
11 'At home the hay waves over the meadows.' 00:07:34
12 'When Miss Lambert passes,' said Rhoda… 00:07:41
Disc: 2
1 'They have bowled off,' said Bernard, 'and I am to 00:07:38
2 'I have torn off the whole of May and June,' said 00:08:28
3 'Now we have received,' said Louis… 00:07:50
4 'I will not send my children to school…' 00:07:05
5 'Now we are off,' said Louis. 'Now I hang suspende 00:06:00
6 'The fact is that I have little aptitude for refle 00:06:37
7 The sun rose. Bars of yellow and green fell on the 00:05:13
8 'The complexity of things becomes more close,' sai 00:10:48
9 'In a world which contains the present moment,' sa 00:09:04
10 'When there are buildings like these,' said Nevill 00:10:42
Disc: 3
1 'I think of Louis now. What malevolent yet searchi 00:07:35
2 'My roots go down through veins of lead and silver 00:07:51
3 'I return, like a cat or fox returning, whose fur 00:08:34
4 'Come, then, let us wander whirling to the gilt ch 00:08:41
5 The sun, risen, no longer couched on a green mattr 00:04:53
6 'How fair, how strange,' said Bernard… 00:07:10
7 'It is, however, true that I cannot deny a sense…' 00:07:40
8 'It is now five minutes to eight,' said Neville… 00:08:19
9 'Here is Percival,' said Jinny. 'He has not dresse 00:10:22
10 'But you will never hate me,' said Jinny. 00:08:11
Disc: 4
1 'Had I been born,' said Bernard, 'not knowing that 00:09:23
2 'It is hate, it is love,' said Susan. 00:08:52
3 'How strange,' said Susan, 'the little heaps of su 00:09:18
4 The sun had risen to its full height. 00:05:21
5 'He is dead,' said Neville. 'He fell. His horse tr 00:07:16
6 'Yet already signals begin, beckonings…' 00:08:13
7 'There is the puddle,' said Rhoda, 'and I cannot c 00:10:54
8 The sun no longer stood in the middle of the sky. 00:02:29
9 'I have signed my name,' said Louis, 'already twen 00:07:33
10 'Summer comes, and winter,' said Susan… 00:09:48
Disc: 5
1 'But we who live in the body see with the body’s i 00:10:54
2 The sun had now sunk lower in the sky. 00:03:14
3 'And time,' said Bernard, 'lets fall its drop.' 00:05:36
4 'But let me consider. The drop falls…' 00:08:14
5 'I ask now, standing with my scissors among my flo 00:08:28
6 'I no longer need a room now,' said Neville… 00:07:19
7 'I come back from the office,' said Louis… 00:06:09
8 'Oh, life, how I have dreaded you,' said Rhoda… 00:06:18
9 The sun was sinking. The hard stone of the day… 00:03:58
10 'Hampton Court,' said Bernard. 00:09:36
11 'There was the beech wood,' said Susan, 'Elvedon…' 00:10:22
Disc: 6
1 'I see what is before me,' said Jinny… 00:07:40
2 'Drop upon drop,' said Bernard, 'silence falls.' 00:07:36
3 'I grasp, I hold fast,' said Susan… 00:08:14
4 'We have destroyed something by our presence,' sai 00:05:08
5 Now the sun had sunk. 00:02:49
6 'Now to sum up,' said Bernard… 00:06:11
7 'But we were all different. The wax…' 00:06:22
8 'Neville next – lying on his back staring up at th 00:07:23
9 'The willow tree grew by the river.' 00:08:46
10 'I rose and walked away – I, I, I; not Byron, Shel 00:07:15
11 'Nevertheless, life is pleasant, life is tolerable 00:04:25
12 'I became, I mean, a certain kind of man…' 00:07:26
Disc: 7
1 'And now what other discovery will there be?' I sa 00:08:37
2 'Sitting down on a bank to wait for my train…' 00:08:23
3 'Yes, but suddenly one hears a clock tick.' 00:07:13
4 'However, we had our bottle of wine…' 00:07:18
5 'Swinging my stick, with my hair newly cut…' 00:07:15
6 'The heaviness of my despondency thrust open the g 00:08:00
7 'But no more. Now to-night, my body rises…' 00:08:13
8 'My book, stuffed with phrases, has dropped to the 00:04:58
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