Malipiero: Opere per pianoforte

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Gian Francesco Malipiero (1882-1973), one of the most creative Italian composers within the so called ‘Generation of the Eighties’, began self-taught, studying the Italian masters of the 17th – 18th c. before moving on to the Hochschule in Berlin and devoting his long life to teaching and composition. The piano pieces presented here give an idea of his great spirit of creative innovation that, with the basics well anchored, he was able to give new life to the writing of chamber and symphonic music that in those days was painfully resuming his way after the dominance of the rampant Italian melodrama.
Item number TC881302
Barcode 8007194105476
Release date 10/9/2015
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Alberti, Sabrina
Disc: 1
Bizzarrie luminose dell'alba, del meriggio, della 00:11:00
1 Bizzarrie luminose dell'alba, del meriggio, della 00:04:24 Alberti, Sabrina
2 Bizzarrie luminose dell'alba, del meriggio, della 00:04:21 Alberti, Sabrina
3 Bizzarrie luminose dell'alba, del meriggio, della 00:02:56 Alberti, Sabrina
4 Impressioni: I. Madrigale 00:03:04 Alberti, Sabrina
5 Impressioni: II. Una processione a mezzanotte 00:02:39 Alberti, Sabrina
Armenia, canti armeni tradotti sinfonicamente (arr00:05:00
6 Armenia, canti armeni tradotti sinfonicamente (Arr 00:05:15 Alberti, Sabrina
La siesta00:00:00
7 La siesta: I. Fluido 00:01:22 Alberti, Sabrina
8 La siesta: II. Piuttosto lento 00:02:23 Alberti, Sabrina
9 La siesta: III. Presto 00:01:02 Alberti, Sabrina
10 La siesta: IV. Abbastanza lento 00:03:09 Alberti, Sabrina
Il tarlo00:08:00
11 Il tarlo: I. Alquanto lento 00:02:58 Alberti, Sabrina
12 Il tarlo: II. Allegro 00:01:19 Alberti, Sabrina
13 Il tarlo: III. Piuttosto ritenuto 00:02:01 Alberti, Sabrina
14 Il tarlo: IV. Gaio 00:02:08 Alberti, Sabrina
Hortus conclusus00:14:00
15 Hortus conclusus: I. Mosso 00:01:21 Alberti, Sabrina
16 Hortus conclusus: II. Lento, non troppo 00:01:51 Alberti, Sabrina
17 Hortus conclusus: III. Allegro 00:00:47 Alberti, Sabrina
18 Hortus conclusus: IV. Andante 00:01:52 Alberti, Sabrina
19 Hortus conclusus: V. Tranquillo 00:01:19 Alberti, Sabrina
20 Hortus conclusus: VI. Lentamente, ma fluido 00:01:14 Alberti, Sabrina
21 Hortus conclusus: VII. Allegro moderato 00:00:55 Alberti, Sabrina
22 Hortus conclusus: VIII. Quasi variazioni 00:01:49 Alberti, Sabrina
23 Hortus conclusus: IX. Mosso 00:00:52 Alberti, Sabrina
24 Hortus conclusus: X. Pesante 00:00:50 Alberti, Sabrina
25 Hortus conclusus: XI. Piuttosto mosso 00:00:37 Alberti, Sabrina
26 Hortus conclusus: XII. Ritenuto assai 00:02:12 Alberti, Sabrina
27 Hortus conclusus: XIII. Veloce 00:00:42 Alberti, Sabrina
28 Hortus conclusus: XIV. Tranquillo, ma scorrevole 00:01:33 Alberti, Sabrina
Variazione sulla pantomima dell'Amor brujo di Manu00:09:00
29 Variazione sulla pantomima dell'Amor brujo di Manu 00:08:49 Alberti, Sabrina
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