The Go-Between (Unabridged)

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L.P. Hartley’s heartbreaking novel The Go-Between is a haunting, moving, and evocative work about social constraints and childhood innocence. The story is set during the long hot summer of 1900 and follows young Leo Colston who is invited to stay for a month at an aristocratic manor in Norfolk. While there he falls in love with his friend’s sister who commissions him to carry secret notes to her lover, the local farmer. This story has been adapted multiple times for stage and screen, most recently the BBC One TV film starring Jim Broadbent. The story is exclusively licensed to Naxos Audiobooks. Sean Barrett gives a tender and sympathetic interpretation, full of warmth and insight.
Item number NA0257
Barcode 9781781980255
Release date 10/14/2016
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 9
Non-Classical Artist Barrett, Sean
Disc: 1
The Go-Between (Unabridged)10:00:00
1 The Go-Between 00:09:04 Barrett, Sean
2 The diary was a Christmas present… 00:07:53 Barrett, Sean
3 Strangely enough, though so idealistic… 00:06:56 Barrett, Sean
4 The next day at break, I wandered about… 00:07:29 Barrett, Sean
5 With an effort I took out the diary… 00:09:06 Barrett, Sean
6 Chapter 1 – The eighth of July… 00:07:17 Barrett, Sean
7 The last weeks of the Easter term… 00:08:07 Barrett, Sean
8 Did I really believe that I had been responsible… 00:08:50 Barrett, Sean
9 Chapter 2 – To my mind's eye… 00:08:24 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 2
The Go-Between (Unabridged)10:00:00
1 I didn't possess the ordinary schoolboy's… 00:08:43 Barrett, Sean
2 Chapter 3 – It all began with the weather… 00:07:36 Barrett, Sean
3 It was indeed the beginning of a mild persecution… 00:05:53 Barrett, Sean
4 I saw her trying to probe this mystery… 00:04:52 Barrett, Sean
5 Chapter 4 – The expedition to Norwich… 00:07:01 Barrett, Sean
6 From being my enemy the summer… 00:08:20 Barrett, Sean
7 We were crossing the meadow… 00:06:20 Barrett, Sean
8 The rushes rustled as the men walked out… 00:08:42 Barrett, Sean
9 Chapter 5 – Breakfast at Brandham Hall… 00:08:52 Barrett, Sean
10 Again the under-water dash to the chest… 00:05:22 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 3
The Go-Between (Unabridged)10:00:00
1 Chapter 6 – I forget how we got into… 00:11:31 Barrett, Sean
2 When I had got over the shock… 00:08:10 Barrett, Sean
3 Chapter 7 – The thermometer stood… 00:07:38 Barrett, Sean
4 I opened the gate and went in… 00:06:09 Barrett, Sean
5 I stumped about on the stone flags… 00:06:19 Barrett, Sean
6 I considered. I did not want to claim… 00:05:39 Barrett, Sean
7 With that I had to be content. 00:06:29 Barrett, Sean
8 Chapter 8 – One remembers things… 00:08:36 Barrett, Sean
9 At last we came to what I had been… 00:08:13 Barrett, Sean
10 Confused by the encounter… 00:08:35 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 4
The Go-Between (Unabridged)10:00:00
1 Chapter 9 – Between the next day… 00:09:03 Barrett, Sean
2 I should not be able to carry any more… 00:04:37 Barrett, Sean
3 When they had gone I felt in my pockets… 00:07:19 Barrett, Sean
4 Chapter 10 – Not Adam and Eve… 00:05:02 Barrett, Sean
5 It was the best part of a mile to the farm. 00:07:12 Barrett, Sean
6 'Between you and me,' he said… 00:06:20 Barrett, Sean
7 Chapter 11 – Meteorologically Saturday… 00:07:43 Barrett, Sean
8 I was very much taken aback… 00:09:45 Barrett, Sean
9 The game was already under way… 00:10:02 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 5
The Go-Between (Unabridged)10:00:00
1 Chapter 12 – I still have the scoring cards… 00:07:43 Barrett, Sean
2 Another wicket fell and then another… 00:05:48 Barrett, Sean
3 As the outgoing met the incoming batsman… 00:06:35 Barrett, Sean
4 Chapter 13 – The supper at the village hall… 00:09:19 Barrett, Sean
5 The new song was a sentimental one by Balfe. 00:12:00 Barrett, Sean
6 I returned to my seat but not at once… 00:07:34 Barrett, Sean
7 Chapter 14 – I remember Sunday morning… 00:09:30 Barrett, Sean
8 All this was eminently satisfactory… 00:09:39 Barrett, Sean
9 I was glad to have had the explanation… 00:04:35 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 6
The Go-Between (Unabridged)10:00:00
1 Chapter 15 – All through luncheon… 00:09:32 Barrett, Sean
2 For a time no thoughts would come to me… 00:08:23 Barrett, Sean
3 I had let myself go on crying… 00:07:50 Barrett, Sean
4 I handled the bat as reverently… 00:09:12 Barrett, Sean
5 Chapter 16 – Brandham Hall, Near Norwich… 00:07:22 Barrett, Sean
6 Marian was presiding over it. 00:07:26 Barrett, Sean
7 Chapter 17 – On my way to pay my deferred… 00:09:10 Barrett, Sean
8 In my excitement I forgot my dread… 00:08:41 Barrett, Sean
9 Actually there was only one voice… 00:06:57 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 7
The Go-Between (Unabridged)10:00:00
1 Chapter 18 – When I came down to breakfast… 00:07:11 Barrett, Sean
2 As I was going out… 00:06:35 Barrett, Sean
3 On Tuesday morning I found a letter… 00:06:34 Barrett, Sean
4 Ever since I had arranged with mother… 00:05:59 Barrett, Sean
5 Chapter 19 – I had told my mother… 00:08:16 Barrett, Sean
6 We were turning into the drive… 00:09:08 Barrett, Sean
7 I stared at him. I was not very observant… 00:06:15 Barrett, Sean
8 Chapter 20 – On the tea-table lay my… 00:07:54 Barrett, Sean
9 Children are more used than adults… 00:04:54 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 8
The Go-Between (Unabridged)10:00:00
1 Our first meeting was uneventful. 00:09:29 Barrett, Sean
2 I could not understand this at all… 00:07:33 Barrett, Sean
3 Chapter 21 – My conversation with Marian… 00:10:09 Barrett, Sean
4 What an Eden Brandham Hall had been… 00:09:05 Barrett, Sean
5 It was dark as I expected it would be… 00:09:07 Barrett, Sean
6 Chapter 22 – I slept deeply that night… 00:08:17 Barrett, Sean
7 All the time at Brandham I had been another… 00:08:19 Barrett, Sean
8 Again I had to break off and peep… 00:07:05 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 9
The Go-Between (Unabridged)10:00:00
1 Chapter 23 – Luncheon was seldom… 00:08:15 Barrett, Sean
2 The nearest gardener put down his tools… 00:08:17 Barrett, Sean
3 I rose to do her bidding… 00:07:29 Barrett, Sean
4 Epilogue – When I put down my pen… 00:09:51 Barrett, Sean
5 I was able to winnow out other facts… 00:08:55 Barrett, Sean
6 Thinking back to my past, lost self… 00:08:54 Barrett, Sean
7 While he was gone I strolled about the street… 00:09:38 Barrett, Sean
8 How happy, I thought, has my life been… 00:09:44 Barrett, Sean
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