Yiddish Songs Old & New

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As the daughter of Polish-Jewish immigrants, Hilda Bronsteinf ell in love with the Yiddish language at an early age. She discovered several of the songs on this album as achild, when she heard them performed at London's last Yiddish Theatre, the Grand Palais. In 2003, she discovered that there had been a huge revival of interest in Yiddish music and language and decided to return to her long-forgotten first love. The songs on this release form a vibrant and colorful patchwork, each piece capturing some facet of the lives and culture of East European Jewry - they are the expression of the very soul of a people from it's darkest hours to mometns of ecstatic joy. They originate from a number of sources. For example, three fo teh greatest Yiddish poets are represented here as well as folk songs with unknown composers.
Item number EUCD2684
Barcode 5019396268425
Release date 11/18/2016
Category World
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Bronstein, Hilda
Disc: 1
1 Bialystok 00:03:16 Bronstein, Hilda
Oyfn Veg Shteyt a Boym00:04:00
2 Oyfn Veg Shteyt a Boym 00:04:00 Bronstein, Hilda
S’iz Finster in Gas00:02:26
3 S’iz Finster in Gas 00:02:26 Bronstein, Hilda
Avreml der Marvikher00:04:45
4 Avreml der Marvikher 00:04:45 Bronstein, Hilda
5 Melokhe-Melukhe 00:05:27 Bronstein, Hilda
Ven Der Regn Zipt in Droysn00:02:44
6 Ven Der Regn Zipt in Droysn 00:02:44 Bronstein, Hilda
7 Gelibte 00:03:45 Bronstein, Hilda
Dos Lidl Fun Goldenem Land00:03:16
8 Dos Lidl Fun Goldenem Land 00:03:16 Bronstein, Hilda
Zingt Oyf Yidish00:03:39
9 Zingt Oyf Yidish 00:03:39 Bronstein, Hilda
Di Sapozhkelekh00:03:27
10 Di Sapozhkelekh 00:03:27 Bronstein, Hilda
Praven Veln Mir a Khasene00:03:01
11 Praven Veln Mir a Khasene 00:03:01 Bronstein, Hilda
Dos Kleyne Tsigaynerl00:03:40
12 Dos Kleyne Tsigaynerl 00:03:40 Bronstein, Hilda
Ikh vel dikh keyn mol nisht farbaytn00:02:10
13 Ikh Vel Dikh Keyn Mol Nisht Farbaytn 00:02:10 Bronstein, Hilda
Mayn Shtetele Belz00:04:34
14 Mayn Shtetele Belz 00:04:34 Bronstein, Hilda
A Vogn Shikh00:02:37
15 A Vogn Shikh 00:02:37 Bronstein, Hilda
Zing Brider Zing00:05:06
16 Zing Brider Zing 00:05:06 Bronstein, Hilda
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