A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)

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‘In this hapless state I looked myself over and saw that I was now no bird, but an ass...’ In this ancient picaresque adventure, Lucius, an insatiably curious young man, finds himself transformed into a donkey after his fascination with black magic and witchcraft goes awry. While trapped in his new body, he becomes the property of thieves, farmers, cooks, soldiers and priests, and observes the hypocrisy and ineptitude of Imperial Roman society. The Golden Ass is considered the only novel to survive the Roman period, and the earliest novel to survive complete in the Western literary tradition. It is brimming with slapstick humour and sexual escapades, and foreshadows later works by Boccaccio, Rabelais, Cervantes and Chaucer, upon whom it was a direct influence.
Item number NA0286
Barcode 9781781980835
Release date 9/8/2017
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 18
Non-Classical Artist Dastor, Sam
Disc: 1
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 A House for Mr. Biswas 00:06:43 Dastor, Sam
2 Prologue 00:08:19 Dastor, Sam
3 The solicitor's clerk lived in every house he buil 00:07:53 Dastor, Sam
4 Part 1. 1: Pastoral 00:10:23 Dastor, Sam
5 The subsequent quarrel and threats cleared the air 00:11:08 Dastor, Sam
6 Dhari, the next-door neighbour… 00:09:59 Dastor, Sam
7 Lakhan the carter said… 00:09:14 Dastor, Sam
8 Bipti was bathed. Her hair, still wet… 00:08:00 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 2
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 Because no cooking could be done at their house… 00:09:53 Dastor, Sam
2 2: Before the Tulsis 00:10:53 Dastor, Sam
3 Mr. Biswas was taught other things. 00:10:51 Dastor, Sam
4 For eight months, in a bare, spacious, unpainted… 00:10:02 Dastor, Sam
5 Soanie stood in the doorway, blocking the light. 00:08:57 Dastor, Sam
6 Ajodha had bought a motorbus… 00:10:14 Dastor, Sam
7 Bhandat was spending more week-ends away… 00:08:52 Dastor, Sam
8 On Monday morning he set about looking… 00:03:44 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 3
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 The men drivers sat on their carts… 00:08:50 Dastor, Sam
2 They went on a tour of the small hut… 00:08:00 Dastor, Sam
3 After a time he started to go again to Tara's. 00:08:58 Dastor, Sam
4 3: The Tulsis 00:10:36 Dastor, Sam
5 The note was in Mrs. Tulsi's hand. 00:09:47 Dastor, Sam
6 He put the cup down when he heard someone… 00:08:51 Dastor, Sam
7 'We never had a quarrel,' Mrs. Tulsi said. 00:10:51 Dastor, Sam
8 He felt unchanged, unmarried. 00:07:43 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 4
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 'What?' Shama said in English. 00:09:46 Dastor, Sam
2 Mr. Biswas thought of Govind as a fellow… 00:11:58 Dastor, Sam
3 Before he could decide, C and Padma… 00:10:10 Dastor, Sam
4 After he had spoken Pankaj Rai distributed… 00:10:21 Dastor, Sam
5 'Just a moment,' Mr. Biswas said. 'Not so fast…' 00:10:24 Dastor, Sam
6 In the Rose Room, then, after a faint… 00:08:47 Dastor, Sam
7 In the long room Mr. Biswas gathered… 00:11:56 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 5
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 They heard the hall return to life. 00:09:11 Dastor, Sam
2 4: The Chase 00:09:57 Dastor, Sam
3 In his careless retreat the previous tenant… 00:11:13 Dastor, Sam
4 Shama was determined to do things well. 00:10:04 Dastor, Sam
5 The beating had ceased to be a simple… 00:10:23 Dastor, Sam
6 Shama was a puzzle. Within the girl… 00:09:29 Dastor, Sam
7 He asked, 'what is that, eh?' 00:11:24 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 6
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 Moti did not belong to the village. 00:08:18 Dastor, Sam
2 Mungroo was the leader of the village… 00:09:23 Dastor, Sam
3 'Slowly, slowly, brothers and sisters…' 00:08:22 Dastor, Sam
4 In all, Mr. Biswas lived for six years at The Chas 00:08:18 Dastor, Sam
5 All this made Mr. Biswas uneasy… 00:10:21 Dastor, Sam
6 Once, years before, he was conducting… 00:09:06 Dastor, Sam
7 Mr. Biswas went in by the tall side gate. 00:08:33 Dastor, Sam
8 Savi fumbled ineffectually again. 00:10:52 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 7
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 Mr. Biswas felt that talk like this belonged… 00:05:32 Dastor, Sam
2 5: Green Veil 00:10:55 Dastor, Sam
3 Seth took out a roll of dollar notes… 00:11:23 Dastor, Sam
4 After breakfast – tea and biscuits… 00:11:02 Dastor, Sam
5 Chinta got up, straightened out her long skirt… 00:10:33 Dastor, Sam
6 Mr. Biswas closed his eyes, rocked on the noisy… 00:11:45 Dastor, Sam
7 Each side patronised the other… 00:12:07 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 8
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 Anand followed Mr. Biswas outside… 00:10:20 Dastor, Sam
2 Mr. Biswas walked away from Mr. Maclean… 00:11:31 Dastor, Sam
3 Surreptitiously rubbing his paining finger… 00:11:51 Dastor, Sam
4 Mr. Biswas said, 'You think they're going…?' 00:11:24 Dastor, Sam
5 Every day Mr. Biswas went to the site… 00:11:01 Dastor, Sam
6 As the sugarcane grew taller… 00:10:04 Dastor, Sam
7 He saw no one. The barracks had gone to sleep. 00:08:27 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 9
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 One Saturday Seth said, while they were… 00:10:13 Dastor, Sam
2 He was beginning to enjoy the argument. 00:11:42 Dastor, Sam
3 There were many reasons why Mr. Biswas… 00:10:43 Dastor, Sam
4 The early morning breeze dropped. 00:06:54 Dastor, Sam
5 Anything could sound like talk… 00:06:47 Dastor, Sam
6 6: A Departure 00:09:05 Dastor, Sam
7 Almost as soon as the doctor had gone… 00:09:41 Dastor, Sam
8 The thin, short-winded and repetitive cry… 00:08:11 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 10
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 Part 2. 1: Amazing Scenes 00:10:39 Dastor, Sam
2 The organisation of the city… 00:11:41 Dastor, Sam
3 He went up the central steps and found himself… 00:10:46 Dastor, Sam
4 Mr. Biswas was given paint and a brush… 00:09:07 Dastor, Sam
5 But within the walls of the office… 00:09:06 Dastor, Sam
6 Hari, in his pundit's clothes… 00:11:05 Dastor, Sam
7 The cover had to be taken off and licked… 00:10:59 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 11
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 At home one day Anand began singing… 00:11:57 Dastor, Sam
2 It was not long after this that Mr. Biswas… 00:11:11 Dastor, Sam
3 Shekhar was coming to spend a week-end… 00:10:38 Dastor, Sam
4 The next day Mr. Biwas wrote an angry article… 00:07:50 Dastor, Sam
5 In the week before Owad's departure… 00:08:11 Dastor, Sam
6 2: The New Regime 00:08:00 Dastor, Sam
7 Change followed change. At Pagotes Tara… 00:08:24 Dastor, Sam
8 It was only to Shama that Mr. Biswas spoke… 00:07:47 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 12
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 He read political books. They gave him phrases… 00:11:39 Dastor, Sam
2 For many days Anand didn't speak… 00:11:27 Dastor, Sam
3 Towards the end of that year a letter came… 00:13:08 Dastor, Sam
4 3: The Short Hills Adventure 00:08:47 Dastor, Sam
5 Soon she received impressive assistance. 00:10:05 Dastor, Sam
6 Then at the far end of the cricket ground… 00:09:31 Dastor, Sam
7 The money was little but regular… 00:09:16 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 13
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 Theophile was a blacksmith whose trade… 00:11:57 Dastor, Sam
2 So for the children Shorthills became a nightmare. 00:11:06 Dastor, Sam
3 About a fortnight after Hari died news came… 00:08:40 Dastor, Sam
4 Buds, stalks and leaves were collected… 00:09:50 Dastor, Sam
5 The speed with which the house went up… 00:09:33 Dastor, Sam
6 One of the smoke wisps shrank… 00:10:04 Dastor, Sam
7 4: Among the Readers and Learners 00:13:20 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 14
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 It was now that he began to speak… 00:10:01 Dastor, Sam
2 And other dangers. Once, climbing up a short… 00:09:46 Dastor, Sam
3 It was not long after this that Mr. Biswas… 00:10:11 Dastor, Sam
4 Mr. Biswas tried to avoid Bhandat's gaze… 00:09:48 Dastor, Sam
5 When the children asked Mr. Biswas… 00:08:25 Dastor, Sam
6 After the acquisition of the glass cabinet… 00:08:41 Dastor, Sam
7 With the exhibition examination less than two… 00:09:02 Dastor, Sam
8 'You go,' Mr. Biswas said. Anand's cheeks bulged… 00:08:25 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 15
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 It was as Anand feared. The exhibition candidates… 00:08:08 Dastor, Sam
2 Mr. Biswas took back his pen. It dripped with ink. 00:08:10 Dastor, Sam
3 Mr. Biswas found himself a little out of his depth 00:11:16 Dastor, Sam
4 But the wound was still there, too deep… 00:09:38 Dastor, Sam
5 The school had taken the first four places… 00:11:01 Dastor, Sam
6 5: The Void 00:09:24 Dastor, Sam
7 How many letters of resignation… 00:08:21 Dastor, Sam
8 On Saturday Shama began packing a hamper. 00:08:18 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 16
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 They stopped at Balandra… 00:12:55 Dastor, Sam
2 The interviews completed… 00:09:03 Dastor, Sam
3 They parked the car in the road… 00:08:18 Dastor, Sam
4 Not long after Basdai reported that the tenants… 00:08:51 Dastor, Sam
5 For every puja Mrs. Tulsi tried a different pundit 00:09:12 Dastor, Sam
6 And though he had nerved himself for the blow… 00:09:09 Dastor, Sam
7 There was little need for her to worry. 00:08:12 Dastor, Sam
8 6: The Revolution 00:04:21 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 17
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 The cavalcade left the house in sections. 00:12:10 Dastor, Sam
2 For a full week the festival continued. 00:09:37 Dastor, Sam
3 While they waited for the revolution… 00:10:50 Dastor, Sam
4 The game dragged on. Anand played worse… 00:10:40 Dastor, Sam
5 The light from the diningroom came through… 00:08:26 Dastor, Sam
6 Shortly after he had been taken on the Sentinel… 00:09:33 Dastor, Sam
7 When, racing into the house out of the rain… 00:08:23 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 18
A House for Mr Biswas (Unabridged)22:00:00
1 Between eight hundred dollars… 00:09:53 Dastor, Sam
2 7: The House 00:08:09 Dastor, Sam
3 But at last they could leave the Tulsi house. 00:09:23 Dastor, Sam
4 W.C. Tuttle played with the hairs in his nose… 00:08:10 Dastor, Sam
5 Epilogue 00:12:05 Dastor, Sam
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