A Journal of the Plague Year (Unabridged)

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First published in March 1722, 57 years after the event that struck more than 100,000 people, A Journal of the Plague Year is a compelling portrait of life during London’s horrific bubonic plague. Through the eyes of H.F. (speculated to be Defoe’s uncle, Henry Foe, from whose journals the book was supposedly adapted) we witness great grief, depravity and despair: crazed sufferers roam the streets, unearthly screams resound across the city, death carts dump their grisly loads into mass graves, and quackery and skulduggery feed on fear. But there is kindness and courage too, as mutual support and caring are upheld through the worst of days. Defoe’s Journal is considered one of the most accurate accounts of the plague, and includes many contemporary theories about the disease, along with rolls of the dead and a literary mapping of London, street by street, parish by parish. It is a fascinating and intimate account from one of the earliest proponents of the novel.
Item number NA0330
Barcode 9781781981764
Release date 11/9/2018
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 9
Reader Cullum, Andrew
Disc: 1
A Journal of the Plague Year (Unabridged)10:05:00
1 A Journal of the Plague Year 00:10:44 Cullum, Andrew
2 This was the beginning of May… 00:09:10 Cullum, Andrew
3 I had an elder brother at the same time… 00:11:45 Cullum, Andrew
4 I scarce need tell the listener… 00:09:39 Cullum, Andrew
5 One day, being at that part of the town… 00:12:06 Cullum, Andrew
6 Next to these public things were the dreams… 00:08:11 Cullum, Andrew
7 Some endeavours were used to suppress… 00:10:39 Cullum, Andrew
Disc: 2
A Journal of the Plague Year (Unabridged)10:05:00
1 But even those wholesome reflections… 00:10:17 Cullum, Andrew
2 Indeed, the poor people were to be pitied… 00:11:24 Cullum, Andrew
3 The Examiner's Office. 00:09:30 Cullum, Andrew
4 No Person to be conveyed out of any infected… 00:11:10 Cullum, Andrew
5 This shutting up of houses was at first… 00:10:58 Cullum, Andrew
6 I could give a great many such stories… 00:08:42 Cullum, Andrew
7 But I come back to the case of families infected… 00:10:03 Cullum, Andrew
Disc: 3
A Journal of the Plague Year (Unabridged)10:05:00
1 They had supposed this pit would have supplied… 00:09:09 Cullum, Andrew
2 Innumerable stories also went about… 00:11:44 Cullum, Andrew
3 I went home, indeed, grieved and afflicted… 00:09:15 Cullum, Andrew
4 The next morning, seeing no appearance… 00:09:50 Cullum, Andrew
5 I had in family only an ancient woman… 00:11:34 Cullum, Andrew
6 In these walks I had many dismal scenes… 00:09:32 Cullum, Andrew
7 They did tell me, indeed, of a nurse in one place… 00:10:24 Cullum, Andrew
Disc: 4
A Journal of the Plague Year (Unabridged)10:05:00
1 This brings these two men to a further… 00:11:07 Cullum, Andrew
2 Certain it is, the greatest part of the poor… 00:08:53 Cullum, Andrew
3 Two things besides this contributed to… 00:12:39 Cullum, Andrew
4 One of the worst days we had in the whole time… 00:10:19 Cullum, Andrew
5 Much about the same time I walked out… 00:11:34 Cullum, Andrew
6 I then asked the poor man if the distemper… 00:06:03 Cullum, Andrew
7 And here I cannot but take notice… 00:10:15 Cullum, Andrew
Disc: 5
A Journal of the Plague Year (Unabridged)10:05:00
1 Take the weeks in which the plague… 00:10:10 Cullum, Andrew
2 I have heard also of some who, on the death… 00:12:13 Cullum, Andrew
3 This was about the beginning of July… 00:10:47 Cullum, Andrew
4 But to return to my travellers. 00:09:21 Cullum, Andrew
5 This was much the fate of our three travellers… 00:12:50 Cullum, Andrew
6 Accordingly they sent to the place… 00:08:35 Cullum, Andrew
7 John answered that what other people… 00:08:36 Cullum, Andrew
Disc: 6
A Journal of the Plague Year (Unabridged)10:05:00
1 On this they called a new council… 00:10:58 Cullum, Andrew
2 I have given an account already of what I found… 00:09:44 Cullum, Andrew
3 It is true there is something to be said… 00:10:10 Cullum, Andrew
4 I had about this time a little hardship… 00:10:25 Cullum, Andrew
5 This running of distempered people… 00:09:52 Cullum, Andrew
6 Seeing then that we could come at the certainty…. 00:09:33 Cullum, Andrew
7 But I must still speak of the plague… 00:10:31 Cullum, Andrew
Disc: 7
A Journal of the Plague Year (Unabridged)10:05:00
1 Here we may observe and I hope… 00:09:09 Cullum, Andrew
2 This was a prodigious number of itself… 00:12:09 Cullum, Andrew
3 These things re-established the minds… 00:10:05 Cullum, Andrew
4 Here is a strange change of things indeed… 00:08:44 Cullum, Andrew
5 This I take to be the reason… 00:11:12 Cullum, Andrew
6 Now let any man judge from a case like this… 00:08:44 Cullum, Andrew
7 And here I must observe also that the plague… 00:09:58 Cullum, Andrew
Disc: 8
A Journal of the Plague Year (Unabridged)10:05:00
1 It is true there was, as I observed at first… 00:11:10 Cullum, Andrew
2 Indeed nothing was more strange than to see… 00:11:01 Cullum, Andrew
3 It must not be forgot here to take some notice… 00:09:31 Cullum, Andrew
4 It is to be observed that while the plague… 00:09:33 Cullum, Andrew
5 The public fires which were made… 00:10:44 Cullum, Andrew
6 Such is the precipitant disposition of our people… 00:10:11 Cullum, Andrew
7 Some parts of England were now infected… 00:10:18 Cullum, Andrew
Disc: 9
A Journal of the Plague Year (Unabridged)10:05:00
1 I should have mentioned that the Quakers… 00:08:10 Cullum, Andrew
2 I was once making a list of all such… 00:09:06 Cullum, Andrew
3 There were, indeed, several little hurries… 00:06:57 Cullum, Andrew
4 I should have taken notice here that… 00:07:31 Cullum, Andrew
5 If I should say that this is a visible summons… 00:04:17 Cullum, Andrew
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