A Tale of a Tub (Unabridged)

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When Cedric Charlton, an unsuspecting tax inspector, arrives at the door of the Pop Larkin farm, he soon forgets the purpose of his visit: the fun-loving Ma and Pop Larkin distract him at every turn with strawberries, cream, alcohol, and their attractive young daughter, Mariette. Well known by the popular TV series starring David Jason and Catherine Zeta-Jones, The Darling Buds of May is the quintessential feel-good, country romp. It will have you falling wholeheartedly in love with the Larkin family and their carefree way of life. So grab a bowl of ice cream, pull out a deck chair and share in the 'perficktion' of country life.
Item number NA0242
Barcode 9781843799887
Release date 1/8/2016
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Reader Wickham, Peter
Disc: 1
A Tale of a Tub (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 A Tale of a Tub 00:07:54 Wickham, Peter
2 The Bookseller to the Reader 00:02:07 Wickham, Peter
3 The Epistle Dedicatory 00:06:33 Wickham, Peter
4 When I first thought of this address… 00:05:47 Wickham, Peter
5 The Preface 00:07:00 Wickham, Peter
6 Whatever reader desires… 00:08:15 Wickham, Peter
7 I am not, like other men… 00:07:11 Wickham, Peter
8 Section 1: The Introduction 00:07:55 Wickham, Peter
9 I confess there is something yet more refined… 00:07:53 Wickham, Peter
10 In consequence of these momentous truths… 00:08:04 Wickham, Peter
11 Section 2 00:09:16 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 2
A Tale of a Tub (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Others of these professors… 00:09:13 Wickham, Peter
2 A while after, there came up… 00:06:48 Wickham, Peter
3 Section 3: A Digression Concerning Critics 00:06:24 Wickham, Peter
4 Having thus briefly considered… 00:07:40 Wickham, Peter
5 There was also among the ancients… 00:05:59 Wickham, Peter
6 Section 4: A Tale of a Tub 00:07:13 Wickham, Peter
7 The bulls of Colchis… 00:08:33 Wickham, Peter
8 The elder of the two… 00:07:56 Wickham, Peter
9 Section 5: A Digression in the Modern Kind 00:07:11 Wickham, Peter
10 But besides these omissions in Homer… 00:05:56 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 3
A Tale of a Tub (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Section 6: A Tale of a Tub 00:07:55 Wickham, Peter
2 I record, therefore, that brother Jack… 00:06:43 Wickham, Peter
3 Section 7: A Digression in Praise… 00:05:02 Wickham, Peter
4 Now the method of growing wise… 00:05:44 Wickham, Peter
5 Section 8: A Tale of a Tub 00:07:50 Wickham, Peter
6 Into this barrel upon solemn days… 00:07:04 Wickham, Peter
7 Section 9: A Digression Concerning… 00:08:03 Wickham, Peter
8 Epicurus modestly hoped that one time… 00:06:02 Wickham, Peter
9 But when a man's fancy gets astride… 00:06:34 Wickham, Peter
10 I think it therefore manifest… 00:08:08 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 4
A Tale of a Tub (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Section 10: A Farther Digression 00:05:55 Wickham, Peter
2 Readers may be divided into three classes… 00:04:13 Wickham, Peter
3 Section 11: A Tale of a Tub 00:06:23 Wickham, Peter
4 He made it a part of his religion… 00:05:42 Wickham, Peter
5 He was troubled with a disease… 00:06:04 Wickham, Peter
6 The old Sclavonian proverb said… 00:07:06 Wickham, Peter
7 The Conclusion 00:07:14 Wickham, Peter
8 Sketch for the History of Martin 00:05:56 Wickham, Peter
9 A Digression on the Nature… 00:03:08 Wickham, Peter
10 Sketch for the History of Martin (Continued) 00:03:11 Wickham, Peter
11 A Project for the Universal Benefit… 00:03:36 Wickham, Peter
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