ALEICHEM, S.: Tevye the Milkman (Unabridged)

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Item number NA593412
Barcode 9789626349342
Release date 1/1/2009
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 5
Classical Artist Jason, Neville
Disc: 1
1 Tevye Wins a Fortune 00:05:54 Jason, Neville
2 Anyway, this is how it happened… 00:04:51 Jason, Neville
3 Suddenly, the horse stopped… 00:06:16 Jason, Neville
4 The women didn't wait to be asked again. 00:06:41 Jason, Neville
5 And I drive in smartly, right up to the porch… 00:07:39 Jason, Neville
6 Nu, what are you standing there for? 00:06:24 Jason, Neville
7 So I told her everything from A to Z… 00:05:46 Jason, Neville
8 The Bubble Bursts 00:06:35 Jason, Neville
9 'Sholem Aleichem,' Reb Tevye 00:05:45 Jason, Neville
10 After we'd eaten and said our benedictions… 00:05:47 Jason, Neville
11 Well, why should I drag out the story? 00:06:52 Jason, Neville
12 Well, a week goes by, and two, and three… 00:05:43 Jason, Neville
Disc: 2
1 I arrive in Yehupetz 00:05:09 Jason, Neville
2 I look at him standing there… 00:04:11 Jason, Neville
3 Modern Children 00:05:41 Jason, Neville
4 Now that we're alone, he says to me… 00:07:08 Jason, Neville
5 Well, we took a drop or two… 00:06:40 Jason, Neville
6 So, I got through my work as fast as I could… 00:07:32 Jason, Neville
7 Well, we came home at last… 00:06:20 Jason, Neville
8 If someone had stuck a knife in my heart… 00:05:57 Jason, Neville
9 In the beginning, I dreamt that we were having a c 00:05:23 Jason, Neville
10 Hodel 00:05:05 Jason, Neville
11 I lift up my eyes, and there on the road ahead of 00:05:43 Jason, Neville
12 There was only one thing I didn't like about him… 00:07:54 Jason, Neville
Disc: 3
1 Suddenly, I see two people… 00:05:33 Jason, Neville
2 Well, to make a long story short… 00:04:29 Jason, Neville
3 Well, a week passed, then two weeks… 00:06:21 Jason, Neville
4 So I tell her a story… 00:06:49 Jason, Neville
5 Chava 00:06:38 Jason, Neville
6 Well, to return to my story… 00:05:26 Jason, Neville
7 Now, as they say in books… 00:05:22 Jason, Neville
8 I arrived at home, what a scene greeted me. 00:05:33 Jason, Neville
9 In such talk the whole night passed. 00:06:11 Jason, Neville
10 And the holy books say, a force you must live… 00:06:08 Jason, Neville
11 So I think to myself, you want to take me by force 00:06:57 Jason, Neville
Disc: 4
1 Schprintze 00:05:23 Jason, Neville
2 Well, I began coming to the widow from Ekaterinesl 00:07:14 Jason, Neville
3 Well, Shavous arrived, and how beautiful Shavous i 00:05:26 Jason, Neville
4 After I'd eaten I thought to myself… 00:05:27 Jason, Neville
5 Thinking thus, I walked back to the house… 00:05:52 Jason, Neville
6 I looked over at Schprintze, she didn't say a word 00:07:11 Jason, Neville
7 I came home and found my family sitting around the 00:06:44 Jason, Neville
8 Tevye goes to Palestine 00:06:35 Jason, Neville
9 Well, I hired the kadish for her, for my wife… 00:06:50 Jason, Neville
10 Hmm. Padhatzur? It sounds familiar… 00:06:31 Jason, Neville
11 As I rode along my imagination carried me away… 00:06:49 Jason, Neville
Disc: 5
1 Now let us forsake the hero 00:05:00 Jason, Neville
2 But forgive me Mr. Sholem Aleichem, for straying a 00:05:55 Jason, Neville
3 And I addressed myself to him thus… 00:06:43 Jason, Neville
4 I'll tell you the honest truth… 00:05:55 Jason, Neville
5 Well, after having supped well on the grief of my 00:06:25 Jason, Neville
6 Get Thee Out! 00:06:45 Jason, Neville
7 For when troubles descend on Tevye, they never com 00:06:38 Jason, Neville
8 I arrived home from Boiberik one evening… 00:07:13 Jason, Neville
9 And while I'm sitting there deep in such thoughts… 00:09:05 Jason, Neville
10 And so I persuaded her that we had to go… 00:06:24 Jason, Neville
11 Do you think that Tevye's daughter didn't find an 00:06:27 Jason, Neville
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