Allan Quatermain (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0088
Barcode 9781843795902
Release date 9/1/2012
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 10
Non-Classical Artist Homewood, Bill
Disc: 1
1 Allan Quatermain 00:00:41 Homewood, Bill
2 Introduction 00:05:22 Homewood, Bill
3 In the centre of the room, however… 00:06:23 Homewood, Bill
4 And so the balance sways and the story runs… 00:05:50 Homewood, Bill
5 Chapter 1: The Consul's Yarn 00:05:54 Homewood, Bill
6 'Listen, old fellow,' went on Sir Henry… 00:07:11 Homewood, Bill
7 'Well, where are you gentlemen steering for?' aske 00:06:10 Homewood, Bill
8 The tall man (who among his own people was commonl 00:06:19 Homewood, Bill
9 I shook my head at him. 00:06:43 Homewood, Bill
10 Chapter 2: The Black Hand 00:06:14 Homewood, Bill
11 After the first day Good succeeded, with the help 00:05:48 Homewood, Bill
12 'Hulloa!' holloaed Sir Henry from the other boat. 00:05:42 Homewood, Bill
13 Just then, too, although all the other sounds of t 00:05:43 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 2
1 Chapter 3: The Mission Station 00:06:38 Homewood, Bill
2 In half an hour more we were once again making fai 00:06:39 Homewood, Bill
3 Crossing over a plank and through a very narrow op 00:06:08 Homewood, Bill
4 When dinner was over we lit our pipes… 00:07:03 Homewood, Bill
5 Chapter 4: Alphonse and His Annette 00:05:30 Homewood, Bill
6 Just as I returned his axe to Umslopogaas… 00:07:04 Homewood, Bill
7 As Umslopogaas, savage old Zulu that he was… 00:06:07 Homewood, Bill
8 Alphonse stopped weeping, and began to rub his bac 00:05:38 Homewood, Bill
9 Chapter 5: Umslopogaas Makes a Promise 00:05:13 Homewood, Bill
10 For a moment Umslopogaas looked up from his sharpe 00:06:03 Homewood, Bill
11 Shortly after this, the people whom Mr. Mackenzie 00:06:31 Homewood, Bill
12 The door was unbarred. 00:05:06 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 3
1 Meanwhile I had been thinking rapidly, as one does 00:06:19 Homewood, Bill
2 'Dearest Father and Mother,' ran the note… 00:07:03 Homewood, Bill
3 Chapter 6: The Night Wears On 00:05:54 Homewood, Bill
4 'It is well,' went on Mr. Mackenzie. 00:06:13 Homewood, Bill
5 It so happened that Mr. Mackenzie had in his littl 00:06:20 Homewood, Bill
6 It was now nearly one o'clock in the morning… 00:05:51 Homewood, Bill
7 Chapter 7: A Slaughter Grim and Great 00:06:43 Homewood, Bill
8 Presently Umslopogaas, who was a few paces ahead o 00:05:11 Homewood, Bill
9 When I was two-thirds up I halted… 00:06:21 Homewood, Bill
10 I soon got the magazine of the repeater filled aga 00:05:23 Homewood, Bill
11 I myself did not go into the melee… 00:05:41 Homewood, Bill
12 Chapter 8: Alphonse Explains 00:05:58 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 4
1 At the kraal entrance the scene was a strange one. 00:06:09 Homewood, Bill
2 It struck me as an odd thing that a girl who could 00:06:38 Homewood, Bill
3 Accordingly we brought him to the tree where he ha 00:06:50 Homewood, Bill
4 Chapter 9: Into the Unknown 00:06:19 Homewood, Bill
5 We also promised to give him wages… 00:05:59 Homewood, Bill
6 Thence we proceeded a distance of about a hundred 00:06:54 Homewood, Bill
7 As we were paddling leisurely along… 00:04:36 Homewood, Bill
8 Up went the swans, circling ever higher till at la 00:00:03 Homewood, Bill
9 Chapter 10: The Rose of Fire 00:06:31 Homewood, Bill
10 'Well, let us hope for the best and prepare oursel 00:08:00 Homewood, Bill
11 On we rushed towards this pillar of fire… 00:06:47 Homewood, Bill
12 'My word,' called out Good, who was on shore the f 00:07:18 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 5
1 'I say, you fellows, let's get out of this or we s 00:03:37 Homewood, Bill
2 Chapter 11: The Frowning City 00:05:09 Homewood, Bill
3 Just then, however, the others woke up… 00:06:30 Homewood, Bill
4 So we hailed back in English, French… 00:06:34 Homewood, Bill
5 Good did not much like this allusion to his fat… 00:05:44 Homewood, Bill
6 Curiosity now began to overcome the fear of the on 00:05:52 Homewood, Bill
7 On the brow of this precipice stood a great buildi 00:05:52 Homewood, Bill
8 Chapter 12: The Sister Queens 00:06:28 Homewood, Bill
9 On we went up the first flight of one hundred and 00:06:05 Homewood, Bill
10 In the exact centre of the hall was a solid mass o 00:06:19 Homewood, Bill
11 I have seen beautiful women in my day… 00:05:30 Homewood, Bill
12 'Oh, my word!' thought I to myself… 00:05:59 Homewood, Bill
13 When they were all gone she bent forward… 00:06:45 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 6
1 Chapter 13: About the Zu-Vendi People 00:06:02 Homewood, Bill
2 The best bred people in the country are, as I thin 00:05:28 Homewood, Bill
3 Zu-Vendis has had its king-makers as well as Engla 00:06:08 Homewood, Bill
4 The law of the country is, on the whole, mild and 00:05:45 Homewood, Bill
5 And now comes a question which I find some difficu 00:04:32 Homewood, Bill
6 Chapter 14: The Flower Temple 00:06:36 Homewood, Bill
7 As soon as we were seated the driver called out… 00:06:07 Homewood, Bill
8 Overcome at so awe-inspiring a sight, the vast lov 00:06:55 Homewood, Bill
9 As we appeared there was a murmur through the vast 00:04:14 Homewood, Bill
10 There is silence upon the face of the Earth and th 00:05:26 Homewood, Bill
11 As he spoke a wonderful and a beautiful thing happ 00:05:31 Homewood, Bill
12 Then Sorais made answer in her deep quiet tones… 00:05:03 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 7
1 Chapter 15: Sorais' Song 00:05:48 Homewood, Bill
2 On other days we would pay visits to the country s 00:06:36 Homewood, Bill
3 Next day we were much more lively… 00:05:36 Homewood, Bill
4 That night, when in fear and trembling we attended 00:05:25 Homewood, Bill
5 Another source of imminent danger to us was the ri 00:08:24 Homewood, Bill
6 Chapter 16: Before the Statue 00:06:48 Homewood, Bill
7 'Thou sayest thou dost love me,' she said in a low 00:07:21 Homewood, Bill
8 I found the old warrior leaning on Inkosi-kaas as 00:06:04 Homewood, Bill
9 This reading and signing of the laws took a long t 00:06:52 Homewood, Bill
10 Chapter 17: The Storm Breaks 00:04:49 Homewood, Bill
11 From the direction of the quarters of the maids of 00:05:17 Homewood, Bill
12 At last, whether it was her gaze, or the perfume i 00:06:00 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 8
1 I gained audience of the Queen without trouble. 00:07:27 Homewood, Bill
2 Here we heard from Alphonse, who was deeply aggrie 00:07:40 Homewood, Bill
3 Chapter 18: War! Red War! 00:07:08 Homewood, Bill
4 This incident was unimportant enough in itself… 00:06:13 Homewood, Bill
5 Just then Sir Henry joined us, and Good arrived, t 00:06:04 Homewood, Bill
6 Throughout this long and eloquent address Good had 00:06:56 Homewood, Bill
7 Up she rose and, descending from the throne… 00:07:06 Homewood, Bill
8 'And I tell ye strangers - all save Bougwan…' 00:06:33 Homewood, Bill
9 Chapter 19: A Strange Wedding 00:07:04 Homewood, Bill
10 Now, as it happened, Agon had been hurried away th 00:06:57 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 9
1 It may, perhaps, be remembered… 00:04:45 Homewood, Bill
2 Well, that night Good and I messed as I have said 00:04:35 Homewood, Bill
3 Chapter 20: The Battle of the Pass 00:05:58 Homewood, Bill
4 The main body of the army reached the neck about d 00:06:31 Homewood, Bill
5 And at last up came the red sun… 00:06:28 Homewood, Bill
6 And so, notwithstanding all that we could do, the 00:07:08 Homewood, Bill
7 Just then we saw the smaller bodies of cavalry sta 00:05:51 Homewood, Bill
8 Chapter 21: Away! Away! 00:06:36 Homewood, Bill
9 Leaving Umslopogaas to hold the horses, I hobbled 00:07:06 Homewood, Bill
10 On, clattering through the sleeping streets. 00:07:46 Homewood, Bill
11 Chapter 22: How Umslopogaas Held the Stair 00:06:10 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 10
1 Just then, to my astonishment, the Zu-Vendi office 00:07:21 Homewood, Bill
2 For a moment the black-bearded Nasta stood with bo 00:06:56 Homewood, Bill
3 A gasp of wonder and astonishment rose from all th 00:06:58 Homewood, Bill
4 I laughed, or rather tried to. 00:07:06 Homewood, Bill
5 Chapter 23: I Have Spoken 00:05:40 Homewood, Bill
6 'Methinks my sister the Queen hath forgotten the c 00:06:58 Homewood, Bill
7 And I thank thee, my Lord Incubu… 00:06:16 Homewood, Bill
8 It is a week since I wrote the above, and now I ta 00:06:59 Homewood, Bill
9 Chapter 24: By Another Hand 00:05:17 Homewood, Bill
10 'At last,' he gasped, with an attempt at a smile… 00:05:52 Homewood, Bill
11 Since then things have gone very well with us. 00:05:21 Homewood, Bill
12 Note by George Curtis Esq. 00:02:39 Homewood, Bill
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