Ancient Egypt: The Glory of the Pharaohs (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0052
Barcode 9781843795001
Release date 4/1/2012
Category Young Adult
Number of units 2
Non-Classical Artist Boulton, Nicholas
Disc: 1
1 Hail to thee, O Nile! 00:04:38 Boulton, Nicholas
2 Archaeological excavations have shown… 00:07:19 Boulton, Nicholas
3 In the beginning there was no sky… 00:05:17 Boulton, Nicholas
4 The cleverest of these new beings… 00:05:11 Boulton, Nicholas
5 In those days when Gods and men walked the earth… 00:06:10 Boulton, Nicholas
6 While Sekhmet slept, Ra Atum went out… 00:07:17 Boulton, Nicholas
7 Now as the years passed… 00:04:23 Boulton, Nicholas
8 When Isis learned of the murder of her beloved lor 00:06:18 Boulton, Nicholas
9 When Isis returned from Ra Atum… 00:04:14 Boulton, Nicholas
10 In the one day when Osiris had been allowed to com 00:03:42 Boulton, Nicholas
11 All the while Isis seethed with anger… 00:06:16 Boulton, Nicholas
12 It is not known exactly when the two kingdoms… 00:05:26 Boulton, Nicholas
13 A new city named Memphis was built on the border… 00:04:57 Boulton, Nicholas
Disc: 2
1 In his History of Egypt, Manetho says… 00:06:49 Boulton, Nicholas
2 All the actions that a person performed in life… 00:04:50 Boulton, Nicholas
3 For the next thousand years all pharaohs were buri 00:03:43 Boulton, Nicholas
4 One of the greatest problems in the early days… 00:05:35 Boulton, Nicholas
5 The rule of the Old Kingdom lasted nearly 500 year 00:06:09 Boulton, Nicholas
6 Amenemhet's pyramid is particularly fascinating… 00:06:06 Boulton, Nicholas
7 One of thE Major differences with the previous era 00:07:26 Boulton, Nicholas
8 Ramesses XI, who ruled from 1098 to 1070 BCE… 00:07:01 Boulton, Nicholas
9 In 1400 BCE the three pyramids at Giza… 00:06:04 Boulton, Nicholas
10 The Ptolemies ruled for the next 300 years… 00:06:10 Boulton, Nicholas
11 Then at the end of the 18th century… 00:06:18 Boulton, Nicholas
12 Young sent his findings to a French scholar in Par 00:06:15 Boulton, Nicholas
13 But the growth of this new science could not repla 00:02:10 Boulton, Nicholas
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