Apollo & Dionysus: Sounds from Classical Antiquity (EMAP, Vol. 5)

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The Greek and Roman cultures of classical antiquity have left an indelible mark on European society. The Greek 'muse' is the origin of our concept of 'music', and ancient Greek culture included concert performances with a listening audience, hundreds of years before the rest of the continent. This fifth and final volume in Delphian's landmark collaboration with the European Music Archaeology Project - as showcased in a recent 4-page feature in Gramophone Magazine - includes pieces based on fragments of musical notation, found by archaeologists carved into stone or written on papyrus and dated to between 300 BC and 300 AD, as well as new music created to give a contemporary voice to the instruments of the period. Reconstructed by experts drawing on the latest archaeological research, these include the aulos – a double-reed instrument played in pairs and often depicted as belonging to the retinue of the god Dionysus – and the hydraulis, or Roman water organ.
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Barcode 801918341885
Release date 1/4/2019
Category Classical Music
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Classical Artist Various Artists
Disc: 1
Invocation of the Muse (arr. S. Conner for voice a00:07:00
1 Invocation of the Muse 00:06:31 Conner, Stef Conner, Stef
From Berlin manuscript 6870 (20–22)00:01:00
2 From Berlin Manuscript 6870 (20–22) 00:00:56 Willberg, Justus Till, Rupert
Plagiaulos variations (after Bellermann 101)00:01:00
3 Plagiaulos Variations, Pt. 1 (After Bellermann 101 00:01:12 Armstrong, Callum
Low and Sweet00:03:00
4 Low & Sweet 00:03:15 Kenny, John
12th Pythian Ode (arr. B. Brown and S. Conner for 00:05:00
5 12th Pythian Ode 00:05:17 Brown, Barnaby Conner, Stef
From Bellermann 9800:01:00
6 From Bellermann 98 (Dodekásemos) 00:00:29 Willberg, Justus Till, Rupert
7 Tiaso (Introduction) 00:02:37 Sutkowska, Olga
Study on Bellermann 10000:01:00
8 Study on Bellermann 100 (Tetrásemos) 00:00:59 Willberg, Justus
Study on Bellermann 10100:01:00
9 Study on Bellermann 101 (Oktokaidekásemos) 00:01:29 Willberg, Justus
Gallops and Fanfares00:02:00
10 Gallops & Fanfares 00:02:23 Kenny, John
Delphic Paean (arr. B. Brown and S. Conner for voi00:04:00
11 Delphic Paean 00:03:56 Brown, Barnaby Conner, Stef
Study on Bellermann 9900:01:00
12 Study on Bellermann 99 (Allos Dodekásemos) 00:01:24 Willberg, Justus
Plagiaulos variations (after Bellermann 101)00:01:00
13 Plagiaulos Variations, Pt. 2 (After Bellermann 101 00:02:20 Armstrong, Callum
Study on Bellermann 9800:02:00
14 Study on Bellermann 98 (Dodekásemos) [Phrygian] 00:00:54 Willberg, Justus
15 Study on Bellermann 98 (Dodekásemos) [Lydian] 00:00:52 Willberg, Justus
16 Tiaso (First Episode) 00:01:41 Sutkowska, Olga
From Bellermann 10400:01:00
17 From Bellermann 104 (Kolon Hexásemon) 00:00:38 Willberg, Justus
Quodlibet on Bellermann 100 and 8000:01:00
18 Quodlibet on Bellermann 100 & 80 00:00:43 Willberg, Justus
From Michigan manuscript inv. 125000:01:00
19 From Michigan Manuscript Inv. 1250 00:00:44 Willberg, Justus
Tiaso: Second Episode00:03:00
20 Tiaso (Second Episode) 00:02:31 Till, Rupert Sutkowska, Olga
21 aulo_dia 00:04:33 Armstrong, Callum Sutkowska, Olga
Aulos variations (after Bellermann 98)00:07:00
22 Aulos Variations, Pt. 1 (After Bellermann 98) 00:03:13 Armstrong, Callum
From Berlin manuscript 6870 (13-15)00:01:00
23 From Berlin Manuscript 6870 (13–15) 00:01:01 Willberg, Justus
On an Armenian Folk Tune00:01:00
24 On an Armenian Folk Tune (1) 00:00:59 Willberg, Justus Till, Rupert
Aulos variations (after Bellermann 98)00:07:00
25 Aulos Variations, Pt. 2 (After Bellermann 98) 00:03:47 Armstrong, Callum
On an Armenian Folk Tune00:01:00
26 On an Armenian Folk Tune (2) 00:01:27 Willberg, Justus
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