Aurelius: Meditations (Unabridged)

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Item number NA436012
Barcode 9781843793601
Release date 5/1/2010
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Booklet Author Steen, Duncan
Disc: 1
1 Book 1 00:04:09 Steen, Duncan
2 From Sextus, a benevolent disposition… 00:04:51 Steen, Duncan
3 In my adoptive father I observed mildness of tempe 00:05:35 Steen, Duncan
4 To the gods I am indebted for having good grandfat 00:04:03 Steen, Duncan
5 Book 2 – Composed among the Quadi on the River Gra 00:05:58 Steen, Duncan
6 Theophrastus, in his comparison of evil actions… 00:04:55 Steen, Duncan
7 Though you should be going to live three thousand 00:04:45 Steen, Duncan
8 Book 3 – This written in Carnuntum. 00:07:29 Steen, Duncan
9 Labour not unwillingly, nor without regard… 00:05:04 Steen, Duncan
10 Throw away then all else but hold to these few thi 00:06:14 Steen, Duncan
11 Book 4 00:06:17 Steen, Duncan
12 Death is such as birth is, a mystery of nature… 00:05:36 Steen, Duncan
13 If souls continue to exist, how does the air give 00:05:57 Steen, Duncan
14 Consider, for example, the times of Vespasian. 00:07:38 Steen, Duncan
Disc: 2
1 If any god told you that you die tomorrow… 00:04:55 Steen, Duncan
2 Book 5 00:06:30 Steen, Duncan
3 A prayer of the Athenians… 00:06:24 Steen, Duncan
4 About what am I now employing my own soul? 00:05:36 Steen, Duncan
5 Things themselves do not touch the soul… 00:06:05 Steen, Duncan
6 The intelligence of the universe is social. 00:05:16 Steen, Duncan
7 Book 6 00:06:23 Steen, Duncan
8 Some things are hurrying into existence… 00:06:41 Steen, Duncan
9 If any man should propose to you the question… 00:05:58 Steen, Duncan
10 Asia, Europe are minute corners of the universe… 00:06:41 Steen, Duncan
11 Be continually mindful of all the kinds of men… 00:04:55 Steen, Duncan
12 Book 7 00:06:16 Steen, Duncan
13 The ruling faculty – your reason – does not distur 00:07:44 Steen, Duncan
Disc: 3
1 From Plato: The man who has an elevated mind… 00:05:29 Steen, Duncan
2 Do not look around you to discover other men's rul 00:05:07 Steen, Duncan
3 How do we know if Telauges was not superior…? 00:05:05 Steen, Duncan
4 Book 8 00:06:14 Steen, Duncan
5 When you rise from sleep with reluctance… 00:06:10 Steen, Duncan
6 It is satisfaction to a man to do the proper works 00:05:46 Steen, Duncan
7 Does Panthea or Pergamus now sit by the tomb of Ve 00:06:24 Steen, Duncan
8 Say nothing more to yourself than what the first a 00:06:59 Steen, Duncan
9 Book 9 00:06:45 Steen, Duncan
10 Among the animals which have not reason… 00:06:40 Steen, Duncan
11 Hasten to examine your own ruling faculty… 00:05:49 Steen, Duncan
12 You can remove out of the way many useless things… 00:04:07 Steen, Duncan
13 But perhaps you will say, the gods have placed the 00:05:27 Steen, Duncan
Disc: 4
1 Book 10 00:07:32 Steen, Duncan
2 When you have assumed these names… 00:06:12 Steen, Duncan
3 Inquire of yourself as soon as you wake from sleep 00:05:43 Steen, Duncan
4 Constantly consider how all things such as they no 00:06:20 Steen, Duncan
5 To him who is penetrated by true principles… 00:04:32 Steen, Duncan
6 Book 11 00:06:17 Steen, Duncan
7 As those who try to stand in your way when you are 00:05:44 Steen, Duncan
8 If any have offended against you, consider first… 00:05:49 Steen, Duncan
9 There are four principal aberrations of the superi 00:07:03 Steen, Duncan
10 Book 12 00:06:23 Steen, Duncan
11 In the application of your principles… 00:06:45 Steen, Duncan
12 Cast away opinion and you are saved. 00:07:13 Steen, Duncan
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