Austen, J.: The Watsons / Sanditon (Unabridged)

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Item number NA428112
Barcode 9789626342817
Release date 7/1/2010
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Classical Artist Bentinck, Anna
Disc: 1
1 The first winter assembly in the town… 00:05:11 Bentinck, Anna
2 'You do not know Penelope. There is nothing she wo 00:05:27 Bentinck, Anna
3 'Your account of this Tom Musgrave, Elizabeth…' 00:05:28 Bentinck, Anna
4 'We must not all expect to be individually lucky,' 00:04:41 Bentinck, Anna
5 The girls, dressing in some measure together… 00:04:51 Bentinck, Anna
6 'I think, Miss Emma, I remember your aunt very wel 00:04:57 Bentinck, Anna
7 The party passed on. 00:05:34 Bentinck, Anna
8 At the conclusion of the two dances, Emma found he 00:04:49 Bentinck, Anna
9 At the end of these dances, Emma found they were t 00:04:57 Bentinck, Anna
10 'We had quite lost you,' said Mrs. Edwards, who fo 00:04:48 Bentinck, Anna
11 Emma and Mrs. Blake parted as old acquaintances… 00:04:15 Bentinck, Anna
12 The next morning brought a great many visitors. 00:03:41 Bentinck, Anna
13 Emma thanked him, but professed herself very unwil 00:04:28 Bentinck, Anna
Disc: 2
1 'Now, my dear Emma,' said Miss Watson… 00:05:39 Bentinck, Anna
2 As their quietly sociable little meal concluded, M 00:05:02 Bentinck, Anna
3 With much concern they took their seats… 00:05:35 Bentinck, Anna
4 To say that Emma was not flattered by Lord Osborne 00:04:56 Bentinck, Anna
5 'I shall be sorry for the doorkeeper…' 00:04:52 Bentinck, Anna
6 Emma was the first of the females in the parlour a 00:05:22 Bentinck, Anna
7 Dinner came, and except when Mrs. Robert looked at 00:04:31 Bentinck, Anna
8 He recollected himself, and came forward… 00:05:10 Bentinck, Anna
9 The ladies were not wanting in civil returns… 00:05:03 Bentinck, Anna
10 The clock struck nine while he was thus agreeably 00:03:51 Bentinck, Anna
11 To Emma, the change was most acceptable… 00:03:54 Bentinck, Anna
Disc: 3
1 Chapter 1 00:04:43 Bentinck, Anna
2 'Excuse me, sir,' replied the other. 00:04:30 Bentinck, Anna
3 A twinge or two, in trying to move his foot… 00:02:52 Bentinck, Anna
4 'Our coast too full!' repeated Mr. Parker. 00:04:24 Bentinck, Anna
5 Chapter 2 00:04:44 Bentinck, Anna
6 Sanditon was a second wife and four children to hi 00:05:14 Bentinck, Anna
7 Chapter 3 00:05:59 Bentinck, Anna
8 Till within the last twelvemonth, Mr. Parker had c 00:05:16 Bentinck, Anna
9 Chapter 4 00:03:06 Bentinck, Anna
10 'My dear, we shall have shade enough on the hill…' 00:04:25 Bentinck, Anna
11 They were now approaching the church… 00:04:55 Bentinck, Anna
12 Chapter 5 00:03:13 Bentinck, Anna
13 He read: My dear Tom, we were all much grieved… 00:03:56 Bentinck, Anna
14 'Well,' said Mr. Parker, as he finished. 00:02:41 Bentinck, Anna
15 Chapter 6 00:04:24 Bentinck, Anna
16 She went on however towards Trafalgar House… 00:04:18 Bentinck, Anna
17 'My dear Madam, they can only raise the price…' 00:03:30 Bentinck, Anna
18 Chapter 7 00:03:51 Bentinck, Anna
Disc: 4
1 How Clara received it was less obvious… 00:04:59 Bentinck, Anna
2 I have read several of Burns's poems with great de 00:04:07 Bentinck, Anna
3 Charlotte could think of nothing more harmless to 00:03:32 Bentinck, Anna
4 'Aye my dear, that's very sensibly said,' cried La 00:05:03 Bentinck, Anna
5 Chapter 8 00:04:22 Bentinck, Anna
6 Though he owed many of his ideas to this sort of r 00:03:06 Bentinck, Anna
7 Chapter 9 00:04:35 Bentinck, Anna
8 'The West Indians,' she continued, 'whom I look up 00:04:41 Bentinck, Anna
9 'Invalids indeed. I trust there are not three peop 00:04:15 Bentinck, Anna
10 Chapter 10 00:05:45 Bentinck, Anna
11 Mr. and Mrs. Parker and Charlotte had seen two pos 00:06:02 Bentinck, Anna
12 'l am much obliged to you,' replied Charlotte. 'Bu 00:03:50 Bentinck, Anna
13 'Keep you awake perhaps all night,' replied Charlo 00:03:28 Bentinck, Anna
14 Chapter 11 00:03:47 Bentinck, Anna
15 Mrs. Griffiths had preferred a small, retired plac 00:03:52 Bentinck, Anna
16 Chapter 12 00:04:40 Bentinck, Anna
17 lt was a close, misty morning and, when they reach 00:05:48 Bentinck, Anna
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