BAUM, L.F.: Marvelous Land of Oz (The) (Abridged)

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Item number NA295012
Barcode 9789626349502
Release date 2/1/2009
Category Young Adult
Number of units 2
Non-Classical Artist Ross, Liza
Disc: 1
1 The Marvelous Land of Oz – In the Country of the G 00:04:49 Ross, Liza
2 Tip decided that the best place to locate Jack… 00:05:13 Ross, Liza
3 They entered the house. 00:03:55 Ross, Liza
4 Tip turned toward the road… 00:04:14 Ross, Liza
5 They journeyed on until they came to the edge of a 00:05:19 Ross, Liza
6 'Whoa!' shouted Tip… 00:04:13 Ross, Liza
7 At daybreak Tip rubbed the sleep from his eyes… 00:07:05 Ross, Liza
8 Then the soldier with the green whiskers… 00:04:45 Ross, Liza
9 At this moment the soldier returned… 00:03:58 Ross, Liza
10 Meanwhile Tip had walked half the distance… 00:06:58 Ross, Liza
11 The Scarecrow and Jack Pumpkinhead were still play 00:05:49 Ross, Liza
12 After an hour's ride… 00:06:32 Ross, Liza
13 Now, General Jinjur – the commander of the Army of 00:04:39 Ross, Liza
14 Presently, the Tin Woodman raised his head… 00:03:52 Ross, Liza
15 'I was born an ordinary Woggle-Bug…' 00:07:03 Ross, Liza
Disc: 2
1 After proceeding happily on their way… 00:06:00 Ross, Liza
2 Approaching the gateway of the Emerald City… 00:05:47 Ross, Liza
3 'It seems to me,' began the Scarecrow… 00:05:25 Ross, Liza
4 When the adventurers reassembled upon the roof… 00:04:31 Ross, Liza
5 'This,' said the Gump, in a squeaky voice… 00:06:24 Ross, Liza
6 Then Tip's fears were proven to be well founded… 00:06:28 Ross, Liza
7 Tip crawled from under the sofas… 00:06:07 Ross, Liza
8 Next morning they had cause to congratulate themse 00:02:54 Ross, Liza
9 Upon her throne of finely wrought gold sat Glinda… 00:06:19 Ross, Liza
10 The Army of Glinda the Good looked very grand… 00:06:28 Ross, Liza
11 Of course old Mombi had no intention of being foun 00:06:04 Ross, Liza
12 'You are my prisoner now,' said Glinda… 00:07:09 Ross, Liza
13 Mombi did not care what became of Tip… 00:02:41 Ross, Liza
14 When news reached the ears of Queen Jinjur… 00:06:25 Ross, Liza
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