Birds in Town and Village (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0091
Barcode 9781843795964
Release date 12/1/2012
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 6
Classical Artist Jason, Neville
Disc: 1
1 Introduction 00:03:05 Jason, Neville
2 Chapter 1: Birds in Town and Village 00:05:51 Jason, Neville
3 Chapter 2 00:07:03 Jason, Neville
4 On my second day at the village it happened to be 00:07:55 Jason, Neville
5 Chapter 3 00:09:50 Jason, Neville
6 All these corvine birds, which the gamekeeper purs 00:07:00 Jason, Neville
7 One of the first birds I went out to seek… 00:07:25 Jason, Neville
8 Chapter 4 00:07:46 Jason, Neville
9 The unsullied beauty and solitariness of this spot 00:07:00 Jason, Neville
10 The tree-pipit has a comparatively short song… 00:04:22 Jason, Neville
11 Chapter 5 00:05:03 Jason, Neville
12 But where, during the days when the vociferous cuc 00:07:08 Jason, Neville
Disc: 2
1 At length during this period there occurred an eve 00:08:48 Jason, Neville
2 Later on I saw it again on half-a-dozen occasions… 00:11:12 Jason, Neville
3 Chapter 6 00:06:42 Jason, Neville
4 All those birds that had finished rearing their yo 00:09:02 Jason, Neville
5 Chapter 7 00:08:54 Jason, Neville
6 To return to my experience on the common. 00:08:30 Jason, Neville
7 As all or most singing birds learn their songs… 00:03:37 Jason, Neville
8 The most curious example of mimicry I have yet met 00:07:30 Jason, Neville
9 Chapter 8 00:07:07 Jason, Neville
10 What I have just said, that the peculiar instinct… 00:07:23 Jason, Neville
Disc: 3
1 I will conclude this digression and dissertation… 00:04:18 Jason, Neville
2 Chapter 9 00:07:22 Jason, Neville
3 My colloquy with my enemy on the common… 00:08:50 Jason, Neville
4 It is true that the local authorities in some coun 00:08:02 Jason, Neville
5 How falsely does that man see Nature… 00:06:13 Jason, Neville
6 It is the same in death from cold. 00:06:50 Jason, Neville
7 Chapter 10 00:05:36 Jason, Neville
8 Chapter 11 00:06:19 Jason, Neville
9 One morning in July I was in my sitting-room… 00:05:00 Jason, Neville
10 Exotic Birds for Britain 00:09:48 Jason, Neville
11 That these large kinds thrive so well with us… 00:09:18 Jason, Neville
Disc: 4
1 There is another point which should not be overloo 00:07:27 Jason, Neville
2 When considering the character of our bird populat 00:09:13 Jason, Neville
3 There is one objection some may make to the scheme 00:08:23 Jason, Neville
4 Moorhens in Hyde Park 00:07:24 Jason, Neville
5 Such a fact as this – and numberless facts just as 00:06:39 Jason, Neville
6 Kew is exceptionally favoured for the reason menti 00:05:30 Jason, Neville
7 The Eagle and the Canary 00:09:24 Jason, Neville
8 As I sit writing these thoughts… 00:06:26 Jason, Neville
9 After all, then, what a little I have been able to 00:06:31 Jason, Neville
10 Chanticleer 00:06:19 Jason, Neville
11 It was very dark and quiet when I woke… 00:05:36 Jason, Neville
Disc: 5
1 By and by I found myself paying special attention… 00:08:30 Jason, Neville
2 To return to the ten cockerels… 00:09:59 Jason, Neville
3 In An Old Garden 00:05:16 Jason, Neville
4 That sad day of very small things for the sportsma 00:06:34 Jason, Neville
5 Greater than all these inhabitants of the garden… 00:06:02 Jason, Neville
6 To return to the birds. 00:06:31 Jason, Neville
7 That small song has served to remind me… 00:08:27 Jason, Neville
8 Birds in a Cornish Village I. Taking Stock of the 00:06:15 Jason, Neville
9 At the beginning of December… 00:06:48 Jason, Neville
Disc: 6
1 II: Do Starlings Pair for Life? 00:08:18 Jason, Neville
2 Until one observes starlings in this close way… 00:07:35 Jason, Neville
3 III: Village Birds in Winter 00:05:05 Jason, Neville
4 But for the poor starling there is little joy… 00:04:38 Jason, Neville
5 IV: Increasing Birds in Britain 00:08:34 Jason, Neville
6 The wood-pigeon is another species… 00:04:07 Jason, Neville
7 V: The Daw Sentiment 00:08:15 Jason, Neville
8 It has thus come about that of all the Corvidae… 00:06:18 Jason, Neville
9 VI: The Story of a Jackdaw 00:10:41 Jason, Neville
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