BURNETT, F. H.: Little Lord Fauntleroy (Abridged)

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Item number NA246012
Barcode 9789626344606
Release date 7/1/2007
Category Young Adult
Number of units 2
Reader Gallagher, Teresa
Disc: 1
1 Cedric knew that his papa had been an Englishman … 00:06:01 Gallagher, Teresa
2 In the midst of their conversation, Mary appeared. 00:06:38 Gallagher, Teresa
3 Mrs Errol looked, in the simple black dress … 00:04:48 Gallagher, Teresa
4 Mr. Havisham had an idea that perhaps it would be 00:05:07 Gallagher, Teresa
5 The door opened and Mrs. Errol came in. 00:04:34 Gallagher, Teresa
6 Cedric and his mother came back soon after. 00:05:17 Gallagher, Teresa
7 It was during the voyage that Cedric's mother told 00:05:11 Gallagher, Teresa
8 Later, Mr. Havisham presented himself at the Castl 00:04:43 Gallagher, Teresa
9 It was late in the afternoon when little Lord Faun 00:04:44 Gallagher, Teresa
10 The Earl shook his hands with him … 00:06:36 Gallagher, Teresa
11 Dinner was announced. Cedric left his chair. 00:06:13 Gallagher, Teresa
12 When Lord Fauntleroy wakened in the morning … 00:06:56 Gallagher, Teresa
Disc: 2
1 Mr Mordaunt had called today to speak to him … 00:03:42 Gallagher, Teresa
2 Fauntleroy had been standing between his grandfath 00:04:12 Gallagher, Teresa
3 When he was gone, Fauntleroy, who had accompanied 00:04:26 Gallagher, Teresa
4 On the following Sunday morning … 00:06:23 Gallagher, Teresa
5 The little boy could not help wondering why it was 00:05:19 Gallagher, Teresa
6 It was only about a week after that ride … 00:05:01 Gallagher, Teresa
7 One evening there was a grand dinner party … 00:05:05 Gallagher, Teresa
8 Mr. Havisham had been expected in the afternoon … 00:05:03 Gallagher, Teresa
9 When Mr. Hobbs' young friend left him … 00:07:13 Gallagher, Teresa
10 Almost everybody in England who read the newspaper 00:04:54 Gallagher, Teresa
11 Not many days after that, a visitor was announced 00:05:05 Gallagher, Teresa
12 Of course, as soon as the story of Lord Fauntleroy 00:04:47 Gallagher, Teresa
13 Surprising as it may appear, it did not take nearl 00:03:55 Gallagher, Teresa
14 When the Earl left the room after the interview … 00:04:29 Gallagher, Teresa
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