Chaucer, G.: Canterbury Tales (The) - The Knyghtes Tale (Middle English) (Unabridged)

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Release date 9/1/2006
Category Poetry
Number of units 2
Disc: 1
1 The Knyghtes Tale: lamque domos patrias… 00:03:34 Bebb, Richard
2 The eldest lady of hem alle spak… 00:04:15 Bebb, Richard
3 The rede statue of Mars, with spere and targe… 00:03:47 Bebb, Richard
4 This passeth yeer by yeer, and day by day… 00:03:48 Bebb, Richard
5 This Palamon answerde, and seyde ageyn… 00:03:59 Bebb, Richard
6 This Arcite ful proudly spak ageyn… 00:04:28 Bebb, Richard
7 How greet a sorwe suffreth now Arcite! 00:03:56 Bebb, Richard
8 Up-on that other side Palamon… 00:05:40 Bebb, Richard
9 The Second Part: Whan that Arcite to Thebes comen 00:04:35 Bebb, Richard
10 Wel coude he hewen wode, and water bere… 00:04:25 Bebb, Richard
11 Now wol I torne un-to Arcite ageyn… 00:03:30 Bebb, Richard
12 Whan that Arcite had songe, he gan to syke… 00:03:49 Bebb, Richard
13 This Arcite, with ful despitous herte… 00:04:32 Bebb, Richard
14 The destinee, ministre general… 00:05:07 Bebb, Richard
15 This worthy duk answerde anon agayn… 00:05:51 Bebb, Richard
16 ‘To speke of royal linage and richesse…’ 00:03:40 Bebb, Richard
17 The Third Part: I trowe men wolde deme it necligen 00:04:44 Bebb, Richard
18 The statue of Venus, glorious for to see… 00:02:40 Bebb, Richard
Disc: 2
1 Ther saugh I first the derke imagining… 00:03:48 Bebb, Richard
2 Now to the temple of Diane the chaste… 00:04:26 Bebb, Richard
3 And right so ferden they with Palamon… 00:04:51 Bebb, Richard
4 This Theseus, this duk, this worthy knight… 00:05:02 Bebb, Richard
5 Whan thorisoun was doon of Palamon… 00:04:48 Bebb, Richard
6 The fyres brenne up-on the auter clere… 00:06:16 Bebb, Richard
7 The preyere stinte of Arcita the stronge… 00:04:41 Bebb, Richard
8 The Fourth Part: Greet was the feste in Athenes th 00:05:32 Bebb, Richard
9 The voys of peple touchede the hevene… 00:05:12 Bebb, Richard
10 Som tyme an ended ther is of every dede… 00:04:43 Bebb, Richard
11 Duk Theseus, with al his companye… 00:03:03 Bebb, Richard
12 Swelleth the brest of Arcite, and the sore… 00:05:41 Bebb, Richard
13 Now wol I speken forth of Emelye… 00:04:40 Bebb, Richard
14 Tho cam this woful Theban Palamoun… 00:06:04 Bebb, Richard
15 By process and by lengthe of certeyn yeres… 00:05:10 Bebb, Richard
16 Thanne is it wisdom, as it thinketh me… 00:05:16 Bebb, Richard
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