Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (Unabridged)

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Childe Harold's Pilgrimage is a fascinating portrait of 19th c. Europe – disillusioned and ravaged by the wars of the post-revolutionary and Napoleonic eras. Our protagonist, whose breathtaking journey eerily echoes Byron's own life story, forgoes his destiny back home for the exciting unknown – the nature of humanity and the transformative effects of travel burst through the pages in four powerful cantos of Spenserian stanzas. Here is the poem that set Byron on his meteoric rise to fame in London society. Jamie Parker is best known for his roles in the films The History Boys and Valkyrie and the TV drama Van Gogh: Painted with Words, among others. His theatre credits include Henry IV Parts I & II and Henry V at Shakespeare’s Globe and Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead at the Haymarket Theatre. He has also read Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd for Naxos AudioBooks.
Item number NA0137
Barcode 9781843797418
Release date 7/1/2015
Category Poetry
Number of units 4
Classical Artist Parker, Jamie
Disc: 1
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage 00:03:08 Parker, Jamie
2 Canto the First 00:07:52 Parker, Jamie
3 Come hither, hither, my little page… 00:08:20 Parker, Jamie
4 Behold the hall where chiefs were late convened! 00:07:31 Parker, Jamie
5 Awake, ye sons of Spain! awake! 00:07:54 Parker, Jamie
6 At every turn Morena's dusky height… 00:07:27 Parker, Jamie
7 But ne'er didst thou, fair mount… 00:07:38 Parker, Jamie
8 Foiled, bleeding, breathless, furious to the last… 00:05:25 Parker, Jamie
9 What exile from himself can flee? 00:06:05 Parker, Jamie
10 Canto the Second 00:05:46 Parker, Jamie
11 Here let me sit upon this mossy stone… 00:05:09 Parker, Jamie
Disc: 2
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 White is the glassy deck, without a stain… 00:07:49 Parker, Jamie
2 Fair Florence found, in sooth with some amaze… 00:07:31 Parker, Jamie
3 Ambracia's gulf behold, where once was lost… 00:07:02 Parker, Jamie
4 Richly caparisoned, a ready row… 00:07:58 Parker, Jamie
5 Childe Harold at a little distance stood… 00:07:23 Parker, Jamie
6 Glanced many a light caique along the foam… 00:05:19 Parker, Jamie
7 The flying Mede, his shaftless broken bow… 00:05:23 Parker, Jamie
8 Canto the Third 00:07:12 Parker, Jamie
9 Where rose the mountains, there to him… 00:06:14 Parker, Jamie
10 Ah! then and there was hurrying to and fro, 00:05:56 Parker, Jamie
11 The Psalmist numbered out the years of man… 00:05:34 Parker, Jamie
Disc: 3
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 He who ascends to mountain-tops, shall find… 00:08:11 Parker, Jamie
2 By Coblentz, on a rise of gentle ground… 00:08:26 Parker, Jamie
3 Is it not better, then, to be alone… 00:08:02 Parker, Jamie
4 Clear, placid Leman! thy contrasted lake… 00:08:46 Parker, Jamie
5 Clarens! by heavenly feet thy paths are trod… 00:05:19 Parker, Jamie
6 But let me quit man's works, again to read… 00:05:52 Parker, Jamie
7 Canto the Fourth 00:07:25 Parker, Jamie
8 In youth she was all glory, – a new Tyre… 00:07:23 Parker, Jamie
9 The moon is up, and yet it is not night… 00:06:33 Parker, Jamie
10 Peace to Torquato's injured shade! 00:07:48 Parker, Jamie
Disc: 4
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 I leave to learned fingers, and wise hands… 00:08:31 Parker, Jamie
2 The roar of waters! – from the headlong… 00:08:00 Parker, Jamie
3 O thou, whose chariot rolled on… 00:07:16 Parker, Jamie
4 Can tyrants but by tyrants conquered be… 00:07:51 Parker, Jamie
5 Tully was not so eloquent as thou… 00:07:11 Parker, Jamie
6 Who loves, raves – 'tis youth's frenzy… 00:08:09 Parker, Jamie
7 But I have lived, and have not lived in vain… 00:07:11 Parker, Jamie
8 Full swells the deep pure fountain… 00:08:10 Parker, Jamie
9 But where is he, the pilgrim of my song… 00:07:29 Parker, Jamie
10 Oh! that the Desert were my dwelling-place… 00:06:02 Parker, Jamie
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