Cifras selectas de guitarra: Guitar Muic by Santiago de Murcia

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During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, hundreds of guitar music prints and booklets were produced throughout France and Italy, many of which are still extant. However, the instrument’s country of origin, Spain, only has nine remaining books for the instrument from this time. Half of these solo works come from the guitar composer Santiago de Murcia (1673-1737). His fourth book, Cifras selects de guitarra from 1722, includes a variety of Spanish variations and only resurfaced a few years ago in Santiago de Chile. The original intent of this release was to record only pieces from this recently discovered book, and a large portion of works chosen for this release are indeed from this literature. Other works are also included, however, as the producers became more and more curious about the versions of these songs contained in other books. The ensemble Private Musicke was founded in 1998. The majority of their repertoire hails from the early Renaissance to the late Baroque, and the ensemble frequently performs in viol consort formation. Their previous recordings have won numerous awards from Gramophone, BBC Music, and more.
Item number ACC 24316
Barcode 4015023243163
Release date 9/30/2016
Category Chamber Music
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Pitzl, Pierre
Ensemble Private Musicke
Disc: 1
Otros canarios00:02:00
1 Canarios por la A 00:04:09 Pitzl, Pierre Private Musicke
Zarambeques o muecas00:02:14
2 Zarambeques por la C 00:03:41 Pitzl, Pierre Private Musicke
3 Marsellas por la B 00:03:08 Pilz, Daniel Oman, Daniel
Preludio por la E00:02:00
4 Preludio por la E 00:01:52 Pitzl, Pierre
5 Passacalles por la E 00:06:20 Pitzl, Pierre
La Azuzena por la E00:05:00
6 La Azuzena 00:02:03 Pitzl, Pierre Private Musicke
Los Impossibles00:01:58
7 Los Impossibles 00:03:21 Pitzl, Pierre Private Musicke
Baylad caracoles00:02:00
8 Baylad Caracoles 00:02:15 Pitzl, Pierre Private Musicke
Passacalles por la B00:05:00
9 Pasacalles de Compasillo por la B 00:05:11 Pitzl, Pierre
10 Jácaras 00:04:15 Pitzl, Pierre Private Musicke
Jacaras de el Torneo00:02:00
11 Jácaras de el Torneo 00:01:26 Pitzl, Pierre Private Musicke
12 Preludio por la + 00:01:22 Pitzl, Pierre
13 Passacalles por la + 00:07:01 Pitzl, Pierre
14 Resumen de acompañar la parte con la guitarra: Men 00:00:58 Pitzl, Pierre
15 Resumen de acompañar la parte con la guitarra: Zar 00:00:53 Pitzl, Pierre
16 La Jotta 00:01:52 Pitzl, Pierre Private Musicke
17 Marionas por la B 00:04:29 Pitzl, Pierre Private Musicke
Canarios por la A00:03:00
18 Canarios por la A 00:03:18 Pitzl, Pierre Private Musicke
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