CONRAD, J.: Nostromo (Abridged)

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Item number NA687112
Barcode 9789626348710
Release date 6/1/2008
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 6
Non-Classical Artist Anthony, Nigel
Disc: 1
1 Part First – The Silver of the Mine 00:05:15 Anthony, Nigel
2 Early on the morning of that day… 00:07:30 Anthony, Nigel
3 All the morning Nostromo had kept his eye… 00:06:27 Anthony, Nigel
4 He had come on purpose to Sulaco… 00:05:26 Anthony, Nigel
5 The Minister of War then… 00:03:56 Anthony, Nigel
6 At that time Nostromo had been already… 00:05:48 Anthony, Nigel
7 Mrs. Gould knew the history of the San Tome mine… 00:05:41 Anthony, Nigel
8 By the time he was twenty, Charles Gould… 00:05:32 Anthony, Nigel
9 The latest phase in the history of the mine… 00:03:43 Anthony, Nigel
10 During the last few days… 00:04:58 Anthony, Nigel
11 Thus the great personage had spoken… 00:05:42 Anthony, Nigel
12 Don Pepe, when 'down from the mountain'… 00:04:15 Anthony, Nigel
13 The waterfall existed no longer… 00:04:15 Anthony, Nigel
14 But that perhaps, could only be visible… 00:05:26 Anthony, Nigel
15 He sat down. During the respectful, appreciative b 00:05:26 Anthony, Nigel
Disc: 2
1 Part Second – The Isabels 00:05:43 Anthony, Nigel
2 Sulaco, pastoral and sleepy, with its opulent Camp 00:07:04 Anthony, Nigel
3 When the business was concluded… 00:05:07 Anthony, Nigel
4 Perhaps it was in the exercise of his calling… 00:05:02 Anthony, Nigel
5 At that moment young Scarfe of the railway staff e 00:05:53 Anthony, Nigel
6 Meantime, Antonia had risen, and, crossing the roo 00:06:07 Anthony, Nigel
7 The horseman had passed below them. 00:06:12 Anthony, Nigel
8 The chief magistrate, an easy-going and popular of 00:07:34 Anthony, Nigel
9 A profound stillness reigned in the Casa Gould. 00:06:13 Anthony, Nigel
10 Suddenly she seemed to divine Decoud's tremendous 00:05:36 Anthony, Nigel
11 Decoud finished his thought… 00:04:59 Anthony, Nigel
12 Martin Decoud's favourite sister… 00:04:42 Anthony, Nigel
13 He turned again to his pocket-book. 00:04:24 Anthony, Nigel
Disc: 3
1 'Late at night we formed a small junta…' 00:05:36 Anthony, Nigel
2 'I am not running away, you understand…' 00:07:03 Anthony, Nigel
3 Nostromo slowly crossed the large kitchen. 00:07:11 Anthony, Nigel
4 Downstairs in the big kitchen… 00:05:03 Anthony, Nigel
5 The sea in the gulf was as black as the clouds abo 00:05:47 Anthony, Nigel
6 'Shall we rest, Capataz?' he proposed… 00:04:00 Anthony, Nigel
7 The light of the bit of candle… 00:04:56 Anthony, Nigel
8 These words were in strange contrast… 00:07:22 Anthony, Nigel
9 Sotillo, as Nostromo had surmised, was in command… 00:07:14 Anthony, Nigel
10 Hirsch, when ordered forward by Nostromo… 00:07:07 Anthony, Nigel
11 Nostromo ceased bailing… 00:05:28 Anthony, Nigel
12 Part Third – The Lighthouse 00:05:44 Anthony, Nigel
13 It was not from any liking for the doctor… 00:06:05 Anthony, Nigel
Disc: 4
1 Captain Mitchell, pacing the wharf… 00:06:21 Anthony, Nigel
2 Captain Mitchell had just the time to glance… 00:04:08 Anthony, Nigel
3 He gave orders for the prisoner to be unbound… 00:05:47 Anthony, Nigel
4 Directly they were alone… 00:07:05 Anthony, Nigel
5 Dr. Monygham slipped off the window-sill… 00:07:52 Anthony, Nigel
6 The doctor, arriving with his sharp, jerky walk… 00:07:11 Anthony, Nigel
7 The only thing that was not changed… 00:04:19 Anthony, Nigel
8 During the night the expectant populace… 00:04:18 Anthony, Nigel
9 The declining sun had shifted the shadows… 00:05:57 Anthony, Nigel
10 At about that time, in the Intendencia of Sulaco… 00:06:47 Anthony, Nigel
11 Nostromo woke up from a fourteen hours' sleep… 00:05:45 Anthony, Nigel
12 He flitted along the shore like a pursued shadow… 00:04:12 Anthony, Nigel
13 Dr. Monygham had received a shock. 00:04:47 Anthony, Nigel
Disc: 5
1 Nostromo's heart seemed to force itself… 00:05:54 Anthony, Nigel
2 The Capataz had mastered the fury… 00:06:12 Anthony, Nigel
3 Distracted between doubts and hopes… 00:06:01 Anthony, Nigel
4 Hirsch, with his arms tied behind his back… 00:06:35 Anthony, Nigel
5 Below, the troops fell in silently… 00:05:37 Anthony, Nigel
6 Nostromo's prolonged silence made the doctor uneas 00:05:59 Anthony, Nigel
7 Nostromo had paused then began again… 00:05:16 Anthony, Nigel
8 Nostromo approached the Albergo d'Italia Una. 00:06:03 Anthony, Nigel
9 The next day was quiet in the morning… 00:06:23 Anthony, Nigel
10 He took several puffs at his cigar… 00:07:42 Anthony, Nigel
11 Nostromo had, indeed, found the lighter's boat… 00:07:37 Anthony, Nigel
Disc: 6
1 The end of Don Martin Decoud… 00:05:09 Anthony, Nigel
2 The sun was two hours above the horizon… 00:06:26 Anthony, Nigel
3 Sulaco outstripped Nostromo's prudence… 00:06:56 Anthony, Nigel
4 When uncle and niece had gone away… 00:06:14 Anthony, Nigel
5 'Thanks to Nostromo,' repeated Dr. Monygham. 00:06:38 Anthony, Nigel
6 Nostromo had been growing rich very slowly. 00:06:13 Anthony, Nigel
7 Directly his schooner was anchored… 00:06:52 Anthony, Nigel
8 He looked at her. 00:04:46 Anthony, Nigel
9 She nestled close to him. 00:04:23 Anthony, Nigel
10 On the day Mrs. Gould was going… 00:06:18 Anthony, Nigel
11 Linda had gone straight to the tower. 00:06:22 Anthony, Nigel
12 It was thus that, cloaked and monastically hooded… 00:07:30 Anthony, Nigel
13 From the moment he fired at the thief… 00:04:17 Anthony, Nigel
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