Cousin Kate (Unabridged)

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When young and beautiful governess Kate Malvern finds herself unemployed, she is taken in by Minerva Broome, the aunt she has never met, and whisked away to the majestic country home of Staplewood. However, things are not as they seem: strange things start to happen in the manor and Staplewood soon turns from an inviting stately house to a cold and gloomy mansion with a dreadful secret! One of Georgette Heyer’s later novels, Cousin Kate sees the author take a more experimental turn as she blends the Regency romance genre with the suspenseful style of Gothic horror. National Theatre actress Jilly Bond has read over 220 audiobooks in 15 years. Her award-winning recordings include Bertie, May & Mrs. Fish, which was an Observer ‘Audiobook of the Week’ and Journeys through Italy, a Sunday Times ‘Audiobook of the Year’. She has utilized her knowledge of European languages for books set in World War II Germany, Russia and France, including Helen Dunmore’s The Siege and The Betrayal. Cousin Kate is her first recording for Naxos AudioBooks.
Item number NA0182
Barcode 9781843798576
Release date 10/1/2014
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 10
Classical Artist Bond, Jilly
Disc: 1
Cousin Kate (Unabridged)11:57:15
1 Cousin Kate 00:06:12 Bond, Jilly
2 Miss Malvern dried her eyes, and sighed… 00:06:18 Bond, Jilly
3 Kate's eyes danced. 00:07:23 Bond, Jilly
4 Observing the look of anxiety on his face… 00:06:47 Bond, Jilly
5 At this disclosure, the younger Mr. Nidd… 00:06:38 Bond, Jilly
6 Chapter 2 00:07:36 Bond, Jilly
7 Mr. Nidd, enjoying the spring sunshine… 00:08:18 Bond, Jilly
8 At this point, Sarah, perceiving that her nursling 00:07:24 Bond, Jilly
9 This, however, proved to be unnecessary… 00:09:11 Bond, Jilly
Disc: 2
Cousin Kate (Unabridged)11:57:15
1 Chapter 3 00:07:18 Bond, Jilly
2 The slowing down of the chaise as it approached… 00:06:59 Bond, Jilly
3 The young housemaid rose from her knees by Kate's 00:06:55 Bond, Jilly
4 His companion came forward, bowing, and smiling. 00:05:40 Bond, Jilly
5 The cod's head was removed with a loin of veal… 00:08:08 Bond, Jilly
6 Chapter 4 00:08:32 Bond, Jilly
7 She followed him down the steps to the stone bridg 00:07:29 Bond, Jilly
8 He reddened, hunching a shoulder… 00:07:21 Bond, Jilly
9 He spurred forward to meet the two riders… 00:06:40 Bond, Jilly
Disc: 3
Cousin Kate (Unabridged)11:57:15
1 Chapter 5 00:08:01 Bond, Jilly
2 During the following week she had plenty of cause… 00:07:04 Bond, Jilly
3 She went off, heartened by the prospect of a party 00:06:10 Bond, Jilly
4 Dinner was very long, and very elaborate… 00:09:03 Bond, Jilly
5 Chapter 6 00:09:31 Bond, Jilly
6 Rendered vaguely uneasy by this speech… 00:09:02 Bond, Jilly
7 Whatever Kate may have thought of this ruthless ma 00:06:47 Bond, Jilly
8 Kate regarded her with painful intensity. 00:08:01 Bond, Jilly
9 Chapter 7 00:08:10 Bond, Jilly
10 His smouldering eyes travelled slowly to her face… 00:06:48 Bond, Jilly
Disc: 4
Cousin Kate (Unabridged)11:57:15
1 Except for one or two flickers of lightning… 00:06:17 Bond, Jilly
2 One of the few adjuncts of the dandy… 00:07:48 Bond, Jilly
3 Chapter 8 00:06:40 Bond, Jilly
4 She was thinking of this passage when Torquil’s vo 00:07:50 Bond, Jilly
5 There was a pause, during which he frowned down… 00:07:27 Bond, Jilly
6 Feeling that this, the second rebuke she had recei 00:07:22 Bond, Jilly
7 Chapter 9 00:08:55 Bond, Jilly
8 By the time the doctor had come to the end of his 00:07:39 Bond, Jilly
9 Lady Broome had taken off her dress… 00:07:59 Bond, Jilly
10 She had never been more thunderstruck… 00:05:52 Bond, Jilly
Disc: 5
Cousin Kate (Unabridged)11:57:15
1 Chapter 10 00:06:34 Bond, Jilly
2 Torquil who had been sitting in brooding silence… 00:07:51 Bond, Jilly
3 However, having discharged her spleen… 00:07:23 Bond, Jilly
4 In some perplexity Kate looked at his down-bent he 00:05:52 Bond, Jilly
5 Chapter 11 00:07:03 Bond, Jilly
6 Kate proceeded on her way, wishing that there were 00:06:26 Bond, Jilly
7 She left him glowering, just as Dr Delabole came h 00:07:42 Bond, Jilly
8 She was roused from her meditations by the sound o 00:05:10 Bond, Jilly
9 She digested this in silence, until some time afte 00:06:28 Bond, Jilly
10 Chapter 12 00:08:57 Bond, Jilly
Disc: 6
Cousin Kate (Unabridged)11:57:15
1 In the middle of his ruminations, the waiter came 00:07:29 Bond, Jilly
2 She said earnestly: 'Mr. Nidd, pray don't encourag 00:07:04 Bond, Jilly
3 Philip did not immediately answer, but after a sho 00:07:25 Bond, Jilly
4 Since she knew this to be his own age… 00:06:03 Bond, Jilly
5 Chapter 13 00:07:22 Bond, Jilly
6 She was obliged to acknowledge the truth of this s 00:06:08 Bond, Jilly
7 The gates of Staplewood were within sight… 00:06:09 Bond, Jilly
8 She discouraged Ellen’s ghoulish desire to cite al 00:07:49 Bond, Jilly
9 Chapter 14 00:07:15 Bond, Jilly
10 Left alone with his guest, Sir Timothy offered her 00:09:50 Bond, Jilly
Disc: 7
Cousin Kate (Unabridged)11:57:15
1 He was shaken by soft laughter. 00:07:25 Bond, Jilly
2 In point of fact, he was not, at that moment… 00:08:07 Bond, Jilly
3 Mr. Templecombe picked up the brandy decanter… 00:07:12 Bond, Jilly
4 Philip was silent for a moment, heavily frowning. 00:07:16 Bond, Jilly
5 Chapter 15 00:08:03 Bond, Jilly
6 He uttered this apology with the air of one… 00:07:32 Bond, Jilly
7 His clasp tightened on her hands. 'It isn't safe f 00:06:49 Bond, Jilly
8 He had listened intently to her… 00:07:21 Bond, Jilly
9 A quiver of revulsion ran through her… 00:07:41 Bond, Jilly
Disc: 8
Cousin Kate (Unabridged)11:57:15
1 Chapter 16 00:07:06 Bond, Jilly
2 He had picked up the carving knife… 00:06:25 Bond, Jilly
3 He had listened to her in attentive silence… 00:06:46 Bond, Jilly
4 It was nearly half an hour later when Kate escaped 00:05:47 Bond, Jilly
5 She gave him a look of heartfelt relief… 00:08:25 Bond, Jilly
6 Chapter 17 00:06:12 Bond, Jilly
7 Philip, of course, would say that she did not care 00:05:56 Bond, Jilly
8 Entering the breakfast-parlour half an hour later… 00:08:03 Bond, Jilly
9 Chapter 18 00:05:37 Bond, Jilly
10 Pennymore was so much revolted by this playful… 00:06:31 Bond, Jilly
11 She was reclining on a Carolinian day-bed… 00:07:55 Bond, Jilly
Disc: 9
Cousin Kate (Unabridged)11:57:15
1 My aunt said I was a great deal too nice… 00:08:10 Bond, Jilly
2 She would have risen, as she spoke, but Lady Broom 00:07:32 Bond, Jilly
3 Lady Broome frowned down at her in utter incompreh 00:09:11 Bond, Jilly
4 Chapter 19 00:08:59 Bond, Jilly
5 Torquil's angry eyes held his for a dangerous mome 00:08:46 Bond, Jilly
6 After this awful pronouncement, she led the way… 00:09:11 Bond, Jilly
7 Kate threw her a speaking glance… 00:07:52 Bond, Jilly
8 He rose, and came forward to meet her… 00:09:15 Bond, Jilly
9 Dr. Delabole has done what he could to convince Sc 00:08:12 Bond, Jilly
Disc: 10
Cousin Kate (Unabridged)11:57:15
1 Chapter 20 00:07:45 Bond, Jilly
2 She was silenced by having a kiss planted firmly o 00:07:06 Bond, Jilly
3 She was looking deeply troubled when she entered h 00:06:32 Bond, Jilly
4 A ringing slap from Sarah made her utter a whimper 00:07:24 Bond, Jilly
5 The body was still covered by the silk shawl… 00:03:34 Bond, Jilly
6 The big kitchen seemed to her to be crowded… 00:08:40 Bond, Jilly
7 Chapter 21 00:06:34 Bond, Jilly
8 That drew a smile from him. He said: 'I shouldn't 00:07:11 Bond, Jilly
9 Not daring to trust herself to say more, she went 00:07:55 Bond, Jilly
10 'No, I don't think so. If that had been so, he mus 00:09:32 Bond, Jilly
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