Crossman & Bilotta: The Life Before Us

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Bearing musical witness to the versatile talents of two acclaimed northern California-based composers, The Life Before Us combines works from John G. Bilotta and Allan Crossman. Bilotta’s cycle of Yeats Songs, performed by baritone Andrew R. White, highlights five of the poet’s shorter lyrics in predominantly bi-tonal or atonal settings. His collection of Renaissance Songs is based on the work of several Elizabethan poets, including John Donne and Thomas Lodge. They’re brilliantly delivered by tenor Justin Marsh. Bilotta draws on two American poets, Carl Sandburg and Edna St. Vincent Millay, for “Lost” and “Prayer to Persephone,” two songs united by a single poetic theme and elegantly performed by soprano Cass Panuska accompanied by pianist Hadley McCarroll, who are also featured on The Hippocampus’ Monologue, the closing aria from the first act of Bilotta’s opera Rosetta’s Stone. Allan Crossman’s ten songs on The Life Before Us include four inspired by the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca and an international array of others: from Ireland (James Joyce), Germany (Hermann Claudius and Ricarda Huch), Russia (Alexander Scriabin), and America (Louis Phillips), performed by mezzo-soprano Megan Stetson and bass Richard Mix, with the composer himself at the piano. Crossman’s three-movement Sonata fLux, with pianist Keisuke Nakagoshi, flows from the energetic “Moto Atlantico” through the vibrating “fLight of the Firefly” to the swirling fluidity of “Rondo a Pollock” - inspired, as its title suggests, by Jackson Pollock’s ‘action painting’ technique - and brings the eclectic program to an impressive conclusion.
Item number NV6153
Barcode 896931004534
Release date 4/13/2018
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Classical Artist White, Andrew R.
Disc: 1
Yeats Songs00:09:00
1 Yeats Songs: I. The Lover Pleads with His Friend f 00:01:46 McCarroll, Hadley White, Andrew R.
2 Yeats Songs: II. The Moods 00:01:14 McCarroll, Hadley White, Andrew R.
3 Yeats Songs: III. A Drinking Song 00:00:37 McCarroll, Hadley White, Andrew R.
4 Yeats Songs: IV. The Old Men Admiring Themselves i 00:01:22 McCarroll, Hadley White, Andrew R.
5 Yeats Songs: V. Maid Quiet 00:02:24 McCarroll, Hadley White, Andrew R.
Renaissance Songs00:05:00
6 Renaissance Songs: I. Prisoners 00:00:58 McCarroll, Hadley Marsh, Justin
7 Renaissance Songs: II. The Silver Swan 00:01:00 McCarroll, Hadley Marsh, Justin
8 Renaissance Songs: III. Aubade 00:00:56 McCarroll, Hadley Marsh, Justin
9 Renaissance Songs: IV. Bitter-Sweet 00:01:05 McCarroll, Hadley Marsh, Justin
10 Renaissance Songs: V. A Fancy 00:00:50 McCarroll, Hadley Marsh, Justin
10 Songs00:18:00
11 10 Songs: No. 1, New Songs 00:00:57 Crossman, Allan Stetson, Megan
12 10 Songs: No. 2, New Songs 2 00:02:26 Crossman, Allan Stetson, Megan
13 10 Songs: No. 3, Dream 00:02:00 Crossman, Allan Mix, Richard
14 10 Songs: No. 4, Water 00:01:38 Crossman, Allan Stetson, Megan
15 10 Songs: No. 5, Landscape 00:01:51 Crossman, Allan Stetson, Megan
16 10 Songs: No. 6, Deep in the Heavens 00:00:52 Crossman, Allan Stetson, Megan
17 10 Songs: No. 7, That Windless Hour 00:01:41 Crossman, Allan Stetson, Megan
18 10 Songs: No. 8, Poem of Ecstasy 00:02:24 Crossman, Allan Mix, Richard
19 10 Songs: No. 9, The Leaves Murmur in the Wind 00:01:38 Crossman, Allan Stetson, Megan
20 10 Songs: No. 10, My Entire Life Before Me 00:02:08 Crossman, Allan Mix, Richard
Piano Sonatina00:00:00
21 Piano Sonatina: I. Grazioso e leggero 00:01:31 Rojahn, Karolina
22 Piano Sonatina: II. Adagietto 00:01:02 Rojahn, Karolina
23 Piano Sonatina: III. Con brio 00:00:58 Rojahn, Karolina
Piano Sonatina No. 200:04:00
24 Piano Sonatina No. 2: I. Languido 00:01:06 Rojahn, Karolina
25 Piano Sonatina No. 2: II. Delicato 00:01:33 Rojahn, Karolina
26 Piano Sonatina No. 2: III. Volando 00:00:46 Rojahn, Karolina
Piano Sonatina No. 300:04:00
27 Piano Sonatina No. 3: I. Giocoso 00:00:51 Rojahn, Karolina
28 Piano Sonatina No. 3: II. Andantino 00:02:00 Rojahn, Karolina
29 Piano Sonatina No. 3: III. Furioso 00:00:40 Rojahn, Karolina
Rosetta's Stone00:00:00
30 Rosetta's Stone: The Hippocampus' Monologue 00:03:40 McCarroll, Hadley Panuska, Cass
2 Songs on American Poetry00:05:00
31 2 Songs on American Poetry: No. 1, Lost 00:02:19 McCarroll, Hadley Panuska, Cass
32 2 Songs on American Poetry: No. 2, Prayer to Perse 00:03:00 McCarroll, Hadley Panuska, Cass
Sonata Flux00:16:00
33 Sonata flux: I. Moto atlantico 00:06:12 Nakagoshi, Keisuke
34 Sonata flux: II. Flight of the Firefly 00:04:36 Nakagoshi, Keisuke
35 Sonata flux: III. Rondo à Pollock 00:05:06 Nakagoshi, Keisuke
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