Cyprus: Between Greek East and Latin West

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“Full throated, full bodied, full of joy, these singers breathe passionate life into a rare and rarefied repertory. You’ll be willingly transported to their magical island. Bravo.” —Susan Hellauer (Anonymous 4) The Crusades brought to Cyprus French kings, whose imported musical traditions flourished alongside those of their Greek subjects. The vibrancy of their Mediterranean soundscape is captured in this recording, which traverses the diverse range of sacred music heard during the fifteenth century in Nicosia’s Orthodox and Catholic cathedrals: Greek and Latin hymns celebrating the divine patronage of St. Hilarion of Gaza, lavish prayers for French royalty set to Ars Nova polyphony from the codex Torino J.II.9, and virtuosic Byzantine chants by Constantinopolitan and Cypriot composers. Vocal ensemble Cappella Romana combines passion with scholarship in its exploration of early and contemporary music of the Christian East and West. Its name refers to the medieval Greek concept of the Roman oikoumene (inhabited world), which embraced Rome and Western Europe as well as the Byzantine Empire of Constantinople (“New Rome”) and its Slavic commonwealth.
Item number CR416-CD
Barcode 888295318198
Release date 3/3/2017
Category Choral
Number of units 1
Choir Cappella Romana
Conductor Lingas, Alexander
Disc: 1
Letare, Ciprus florida [Office of St. Hylarion, re00:04:00
1 Letare, Ciprus florida 00:03:59 Lingas, Alexander Cappella Romana
Gemma florens - Hec est dies gloriosa00:05:00
2 Gemma florens - Hec est dies gloriosa 00:04:51 Lingas, Alexander Cappella Romana
Sticheron Prosomoion for St. Hilarion in Mode 400:03:00
3 Sticheron Prosomoion for St. Hilarion in Mode 4 00:03:07 Lingas, Alexander Cappella Romana
Sticheron Doxastikon for St. Hilarion in Mode 200:07:00
4 Sticheron Doxastikon for St. Hilarion in Mode 2 00:03:47 Lingas, Alexander Cappella Romana
Magni patris - Ovent Cyprus Palestina00:03:00
5 Magni patris - Ovent Cyprus 00:03:09 Lingas, Alexander Cappella Romana
Trisagion of Orthros00:03:00
6 Trisagion of Orthros 00:03:05 Lingas, Alexander Cappella Romana
Kalophonic Hymn to the Trinity00:12:00
7 Kalophonic Hymn to the Trinity 00:12:07 Lingas, Alexander Cappella Romana
St. Hylarion Mass00:14:00
8 St. Hylarion Mass: Kyrie 00:03:54 Lingas, Alexander Cappella Romana
Gloria 1000:04:00
9 Gloria No. 10 00:04:08 Lingas, Alexander Cappella Romana
St. Hylarion Mass00:14:00
10 St. Hylarion Mass: Alleluia 00:03:57 Lingas, Alexander Cappella Romana
11 St. Hylarion Mass: Sequence 00:05:37 Lingas, Alexander Cappella Romana
Communion Verse for Saints00:05:00
12 Communion Verse for Saints 00:04:53 Lingas, Alexander Cappella Romana
Short Kratema00:05:00
13 Short Kratema 00:05:29 Lingas, Alexander Cappella Romana
Da, magne pater -Donis affatim perfluit orbis00:02:00
14 Da, magne pater - Donis affatim perfluit orbis 00:02:29 Lingas, Alexander Cappella Romana
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