De Profundis (Unabridged)

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Written during his time in Reading Gaol, De Profundis is Oscar Wilde’s moving letter to Lord Alfred Douglas, whose relationship with Wilde led to the poet’s imprisonment. Here Wilde repudiates Lord Alfred and reflects on his ordeal, acknowledging how the depths of his sorrow have helped liberate him towards a fuller, freer wisdom. Brimming with beautiful passages, De Profundis is a profound and inspiring treatise on the meaning of suffering. Simon Russell Beale is one of Britain’s leading stage and screen actors. He is an Assoc. Artist of the National Theatre and RSC, and has played starring roles for both companies. For the BBC, he has performed in Legacy, Spooks and Henry IV Parts 1 and 2, which won him a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor. His films include My Week with Marilyn and The Deep Blue Sea directed by Terence Davies.
Item number NA0210
Barcode 9781843799139
Release date 10/2/2015
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 5
Non-Classical Artist Beale, Simon Russell
Disc: 1
Introduction by Merlin Holland00:00:00
1 Introduction by Merlin Holland 00:08:49 Holland, Merlin
De Profundis (Unabridged)00:00:00
2 De Profundis 00:06:26 Beale, Simon Russell
3 I remember, for instance, in September '93… 00:07:12 Beale, Simon Russell
4 When I tell you that between the autumn of 1892… 00:08:50 Beale, Simon Russell
5 On our return to London those of my friends… 00:09:18 Beale, Simon Russell
6 On my return to London next day I remember… 00:08:58 Beale, Simon Russell
7 I spoke of your conduct to me on three successive 00:09:28 Beale, Simon Russell
Disc: 2
De Profundis (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 You concluded your letter by saying… 00:08:05 Beale, Simon Russell
2 While I am staying with you at Salisbury you are t 00:06:36 Beale, Simon Russell
3 You thought again that in sending a lawyer's lette 00:07:05 Beale, Simon Russell
4 Hate blinds people. You were not aware of that. 00:07:12 Beale, Simon Russell
5 The key of the situation rested entirely with your 00:08:55 Beale, Simon Russell
6 How clearly I saw it then, as now, I need not tell 00:06:52 Beale, Simon Russell
7 The second piece of news followed shortly afterwar 00:09:25 Beale, Simon Russell
8 But at the time I wrote to you I felt that for bot 00:07:03 Beale, Simon Russell
Disc: 3
De Profundis (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Three more months go over… 00:08:13 Beale, Simon Russell
2 I have spoken to you at length on this point in or 00:00:44 Beale, Simon Russell
3 Ah! had you been in prison – I will not say throug 00:06:58 Beale, Simon Russell
4 And the end of it all is that I have got to forgiv 00:08:23 Beale, Simon Russell
5 Of course I know that to ask for alms on the highw 00:08:20 Beale, Simon Russell
6 Many men on their release carry their prison along 00:06:54 Beale, Simon Russell
7 Sorrow, then, and all that it teaches one… 00:09:00 Beale, Simon Russell
8 This new life, as through my love of Dante… 00:06:30 Beale, Simon Russell
Disc: 4
De Profundis (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Christ's place indeed is with the poets. 00:07:36 Beale, Simon Russell
2 I bore up against everything with some stubbornnes 00:07:37 Beale, Simon Russell
3 The song of Isaiah, 'He is despised…' 00:07:34 Beale, Simon Russell
4 And while in reading the Gospels… 00:08:03 Beale, Simon Russell
5 Those whom he saved from their sins… 00:06:32 Beale, Simon Russell
6 I hope to live long enough, and to produce work of 00:07:09 Beale, Simon Russell
7 To each of us different fates have been meted out… 00:09:16 Beale, Simon Russell
8 And the curious thing to me is that you should… 00:05:46 Beale, Simon Russell
Disc: 5
De Profundis (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Does it ever occur to you what an awful position… 00:06:08 Beale, Simon Russell
2 As if it had been possible for me to gradually dro 00:07:20 Beale, Simon Russell
3 I know she puts the blame on me. I hear of it… 00:07:37 Beale, Simon Russell
4 I remember as I was sitting in the dock on the occ 00:07:41 Beale, Simon Russell
5 I know of nothing in all Drama more incomparable… 00:06:51 Beale, Simon Russell
6 I am told by More Adey in his letter that last sum 00:06:31 Beale, Simon Russell
7 The second thing about which I have to speak to yo 00:06:21 Beale, Simon Russell
8 I hope that our meeting will be what a meeting bet 00:05:06 Beale, Simon Russell
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