Deon Nielsen Price: Radiance in Motion

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Cambria Master Recordings is pleased to announce Radiance In Motion – the title of a new album by Deon Nielsen Price. The album takes its name from David C. Roy’s kaleidoscopic kinetic wooden wall sculpture, Radiance, whose image is featured in the album artwork. Following a devastating fire that destroyed the original manuscripts, several of the works on this recording are renditions from copies that fortunately surfaced in private libraries throughout the United States and Europe. Like that piece of mechanical art, the music propels us to experience splendorous musical sounds with varied colors and timbre. The musical works invite our thoughts and feelings to past, present and future events. Earlier Cambria albums featuring music by Deon Nielsen Price include Oneness, (Violin Concerto for Oneness and Angel Trio); New Friends, Old Friends, (folk ballet: Toads and Diamonds); Dancing on the Brink of the World (orchestral, National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine); Clariphonia: Music of the 20th Century on Clarinet; SunRays II (chamber music); and SunRays (To the Children of War, poetry by Maya Angelou).
Item number CD1236
Barcode 021475012367
Release date 1/4/2019
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Taylor, Darryl
Classical Composer Price, Deon Nielsen
Price, Deon Nielsen
Disc: 1
Interruptions II00:11:00
1 Interruptions II 00:08:45 Toren-Immerman, Limor Wrobel, Nora Chiang Ollivier, Sylvie
Watts 1965 A Remembrance00:09:00
2 Watts 1965, a Remembrance 00:08:56 Au, Mary Inoue, Chika Inoue, Chika
2 Songs on Texts by Walt Whitman00:08:00
3 2 Songs on Texts by Walt Whitman: No. 1, Song of t 00:05:13 Taylor, Darryl Kato, Roland
4 2 Songs on Texts by Walt Whitman: No. 2, The Hermi 00:03:06 Taylor, Darryl Kato, Roland
Love Songs00:05:00
5 Love Songs: No. 1, The Connection 00:02:51 Taylor, Darryl Price, Deon Nielsen
6 Love Songs: No. 2, Love 00:02:30 Taylor, Darryl Price, Deon Nielsen
4 Medieval Songs00:05:00
7 4 Medieval Songs: No. 1, Reis Glorios 00:01:15 Taylor, Darryl Price, Deon Nielsen
8 4 Medieval Songs: No. 2, Pus Sabers 00:02:35 Taylor, Darryl Price, Deon Nielsen
9 4 Medieval Songs: No. 3, Salve, Virgo Regina 00:01:15 Taylor, Darryl Price, Deon Nielsen
10 4 Medieval Songs: No. 4, Alegria 00:01:01 Taylor, Darryl Price, Deon Nielsen
Spiritual Songs00:13:00
11 Spiritual Songs: No. 1, Believe! 00:00:51 Taylor, Darryl Price, Deon Nielsen
12 Spiritual Songs: No. 2, Whither Can I Go from Your 00:02:57 Taylor, Darryl Price, Deon Nielsen
13 Spiritual Songs: No. 3, The Light of Man 00:03:30 Taylor, Darryl Price, Deon Nielsen
Ancient Carols00:08:00
14 Ancient Carols: I. Sions Daughter 00:01:37 Newton, Gregory Grimes, David
15 Ancient Carols: II. Dors Dors 00:03:04 Newton, Gregory Grimes, David
16 Ancient Carols: III. Wonder Tidings 00:03:05 Newton, Gregory Grimes, David
Villa di Fontani00:12:00
17 Villa di Fontani: I. Serenade 00:03:23 Newton, Gregory Grimes, David
18 Villa di Fontani: II. Radiance 00:04:55 Newton, Gregory Grimes, David
19 Villa di Fontani: III. Mechanical Art 00:03:50 Newton, Gregory Grimes, David
3 Faces of Kim00:08:00
20 3 Faces of Kim: No. 3, Fearful 00:05:17 Price, Deon Nielsen Price, Berkeley
21 Augury 00:07:58 Price, Deon Nielsen Gregory, Lisa Berlacher Gregory, M. Kent
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